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Found 3 results

  1. http://www.angelfire.com/ca/TORONTO/builders/orion1.html I'm hoping we can create a database of complete serial numbers for the 1982-84 Orion I deliveries. These serial numbers have the line sequence number representing characters 12-14 in the VIN number, which started at serial no. 457 (C5356457 goes to Markham Transit #2016, delivered 5/1982) and ended at serial no. 999 (E5563999 goes to Whitehorse Transit #14, delivered 7/1984). The first U.S.-built Orion I carried the serial number C6001449 (goes to Pacific Transit System #D10, delivered 7/1982). However, the 1982 Orion Is delivered to Toronto Transit Commission (8730-8739) may not have had the line sequencing in their serial numbers. You can see, when you read the info in the link above, that it gets rather messy when you read the serial numbers for the Grey Goose Bus Lines deliveries... even the line sequencing in these serial numbers is out of order in places. Confirmed serial numbers are listed for units 125 (D5493730) and 160 (D6702732, possibly one of the few U.S.-built Orion Is to go to Canada) among these deliveries, both delivered to said agency in September/October 1983. For example, let's figure out if these University of Virginia bus serial numbers are correct: 5139 - D6659661 5239 - D6669674 5337 - D6670675 ~Ben
  2. Here's some Orion I VIN numbers from this link: http://notes.brandon.ca/tenders.nsf/0965fee38275b21186256ab0006ab633/2a3410cb38be0308862575080075ff51/$FILE/For%20Sale%20by%20Tender%20-%20Transit%20Buses.pdf #34 - 2B1129274C5414536 Model: 01.504 (35 foot) Year: 1982 Delivered: 11/1982 Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V71N Transmission: Allison MT644 #35 - 2B1169K74K5001955 Model: 01.508 (40 foot) Year: 1989 Delivered: 7/1989 Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Transmission: Allison HTB748 Other: Initially delivered to Toronto Transit Commission as #9360 with Cummins L10G CNG engine and ZF ECOMAT 4HP500 transmission; initially resold to GO Transit as #1713 with original ZF transmission replaced by Allison HTB748 transmission (and also sent to Calgary Transit where it was demonstrated as #8510); when re-resold to Brandon Transit in 1998 as #35, the L10G engine was replaced by the 6V92TA engine. #39 - 2B1169275H5001665 Model: 01.508 (40 foot) Year: 1987 Delivered: 8/1987 Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V71N Transmission: Allison HT747 #41 - 2B1139775K5002257 Model: 01.507 (36 foot) Year: 1989 Delivered: 9/1989 Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Transmission: Allison HTB748 #43 - 2B1139777M5002957 Model: 01.507 (36 foot) Year: 1991 Delivered: 11/1991 Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Transmission: Allison HTB748 ~Ben
  3. http://cptdb.ca/wiki...ber_Explanation I have more engine code letters deserving to be seen on the page in the link above: N = Navistar T444E (7.3L) R = Cummins C8.3 S = Cummins L10-280E T = Cummins B5.9 U = Cummins M11-280E W = Cummins B5.9G Thank you, Ben
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