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Found 4 results

  1. I was looking on the SF Muni page, and had found that their AN440 had B500R transmissions. I did some more looking, and many other AN440s and AN440LFs had this same configuration. Does anyone know why they would be configured B500Rs, when other companies such as the Los Angeles MTA and Boston's MBTA (as well as Paul Revere Transp.) have found B400R transmissions sufficient?
  2. This is my first post on this website, so here goes (forgive me if this isn't the right place to post it). I've been a fan of transit and buses for many years now; I think it goes back to when I was a kid and growing up riding the bus just about everywhere. Now I've grown to the point where I want to be a bus collector and gather a series of buses, both past and present. Now the one I'm looking for in particular has been rather hard to find. I'm looking for a Neoplan AN460 still intact that hasn't been torn apart yet or scrapped in a junkyard. I've looked all over, eBay, Transit Sales, Bargain Bus News, and many other used bus sales websites, but to no success. Out of the many buses I've looked and seen over the years, this one has always stood out to me is it was a common bus I rode in Pittsburgh back in 2011-2013 before they were retired and now owning one for me would serve a nostalgic purpose. Does anyone out there know of any person, place, or transit agency that might still have one and is looking to sell it in the future or is up for sale right now?
  3. Does anyone remember the quality of the Neoplan AN440 series? They were made in both T-drive and V-drive configurations. The very first Neoplan AN440s to show up in the USA were ordered by Atlanta, GA's MARTA, and these (of the V-drive configuration) used Detroit Diesel 8V71N engines and Allison V730 transmissions. That was in 1981, the year Neoplan USA was established. In 1982, SEPTA of Philadelphia, PA signed a multi-year contract with Neoplan USA to deliver 1000 buses between 1982-89. They were of the T-drive configuration, and so were equipped with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engines and Allison HT740 transmissions (from 1982-83; the 1984-85 models used the slightly improved Allison HT747 transmissions, and the 1986-89 models used ZF 4HP590 transmissions). In 1983, LACMTA (then SCRTD) of Los Angeles, CA, took delivery of 415 AN440A-T buses with the same powertrain as the SEPTA Neoplans (the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA and Allison HT747, for units #3300-3689; #3690-3714, from 1984, used the Allison HT748 ATEC). Four years later, they would order 90 AN440A-V units, #1100-1189, with the same Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DDEC engine, but being a V-drive layout, used the Allison V731 ATEC transmission. In 1986, MTA of Baltimore, MD, took delivery of just 10 AN440A-T models, ID's #3701-3710. All 10 had Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engines, but the first 5 units, #3701-3705, used Allison HT747 transmissions while the second part of the order, #3706-3710, used Voith D863.2 transmissions (which was usually only available if the engine were a Cummins L10). In 1991, Jacksonville Transit of Jacksonville, FL, took delivery of 20 AN440A-V models, ID's #9101-9120, with the same powertrain as the Los Angeles 1100 series Neoplans. It should also be known that Neoplan initially supplied its own axles (both front and rear) before switching to Rockwell (later Meritor) and ZF axles. I wonder what the rear end ratios are as to the Neoplan axles used in the 1980s. ~Ben
  4. Here's a Neoplan USA VIN for you: 1N9TA16A8XL013121 Points to a 1999 Neoplan AN440A or AN460A with a Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine. ~Ben
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