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Found 3 results

  1. Due to several detours in Downtown Baltimore, I managed to get some really good composed shots: Here's the rest from my afternoon out:
  2. If you live in the Baltimore & vicinity area, you know the Beltway (Interstate 695) is one of the most congested highways in the state of Maryland and believe me its not too far from the longest average travel time-per-mile in the United States. Their is delays at midday and peak hours every weekday. The immediate turns, awkward placement of off- and on-ramps, and most indecisive drivers is unbearable for even the most skilled drivers in the world. The State Highway Administration and state of Maryland has constructed and nearly due to open the new express lane on Interstate 95 from White Marsh to the Beltway; ironically. But an express lane on the Beltway is a project that can most benefit the city/county area and state definitely. Now what this have to do with the MTA Maryland? Well like Los Angeles's Interstate 10 and HOV lane from the El Monte/Foothills area to downtown LA and the Harbor Freeway from downtown to Artesia/Southern Southern LA, the LACMTA's "Silver Line" takes cars off the roads and decrease the travel time it took that rider to get there by car. Like the "Silver Line" bus rapid transit service, this routing will travel the Beltway from the northern loop (White Marsh) to the southern loop (Lansdowne). End-to-end basically Interstate 95 north of the "Fort McHenry Tunnel" and Interstate 95 south of it. Length of Express Lane service & BRT service: ----------------------------------------------------------- Miles - 28.46 Kilometers - 45.43 Stations are as follows (From north to south): ----------------------------------------------------------- JFK Memorial Highway Junction (I-95 & I-695 (north of tunnel) Interchange and future Park & Ride Lot) Overlea Belair Road Parkville Harford Road Cromwell Bridge Road Cromwell Bridge Road Towson Dulaney Valley Road (future Park & Ride Lot on "Goucher College" campus) Charles Street Charles Street Jones Falls Expressway Joppa Road Pikesville Reisterstown Road Old Court (connect to Metro Subway via walk bridge to platform) Milford Mill Liberty Road Security Boulevard Security Boulevard Baltimore National Pike U.S. Route 40 Catonsville Frederick Road UMBC Wilkens Avenue Arbutus Junction (I-95 & I-695 (south of tunnel) interchange and future Park & Ride Lot) U.S. Route 1/Lansdowne Station (new MARC station w/ overhead walkway over "Inner Loop" traffic to shopping center & platforms to "Camden Line") Harbor Tunnel Thruway Hollins Ferry Road
  3. The MTA Maryland has long been a diesel fuel propelled organization like many others. But like Washington Metrobus, Ride-On, New York MTA, and Boston's MBTA they chose alternative sources to be environmentally friendly, save on fuel consumption, and price of cost-per-mile on buses. Like many who alternated diesel with CNG fuel has have success for the past years. I believe the MTA Maryland is choosing not to study that alternative because of the LNG project that fell through with the Flxible Metro D "LNG" model in the mid-1990s. We know now that liquefied gas can easily evaporate and not recommended for anyone who has no experience behind the helm. Since then natural gas has stepped-up to be efficient and properly handled, as well, more technological studies behind it. The MTA Maryland is ready to make the next big step with the Red Line project completion around 2019-21 and to propell Baltimore from the underdog position to the recognized household names. Alternative fuel source definitely stands out from the regulars and can prove efficient to the city.
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