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Found 3 results

  1. MAX BRT

    IndyGo (Indianapolis)

    INDIANAPOLIS – More than a dozen articulated buses will begin hitting Indianapolis streets on Monday. The 60-foot-long IndyGo buses are 20 feet longer than the service’s traditional vehicles. The articulated buses hold more people and bend in the middle, making it easier to navigate city streets. The 17 articulated buses are nothing new to Indianapolis—the city had such transports in the mid-80s, but they were retired in the 90s. The units are refurbished, and can accommodate 40 percent more passengers. IndyGo will introduce the buses on Route 39 and Route 8—its busiest routes. Read more: http://fox59.com/201.../#ixzz2kg8kJack -- Anyone know where these refurbished artics came from?
  2. MAX BRT

    Kokomo City-Line

    BUSES ARE FREE TO RIDE! That means less waiting at stops--QUICKER BUSES! The city of Kokomo's City Line bus service now serves 275 stops.The free bus service, known informally as "the trolley," has undergone a long-awaited expansion, bringing almost all areas of the city within close proximity of a bus stop. Bus service runs Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., is fully accessible to the disabled and offers free Wi-Fi. The service has been free to ride since the city reinstated bus service in 2010 after a 46-year hiatus. Two new buses, purchased at a cost of nearly $900,000, are now on the streets. Federal transportation funds picked up 80 percent of the cost. Dozens of new bus stops cover the city. "This is the largest 'free-to-the-rider' public transportation system in the state," Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight said. "This expansion just indicates how popular and needed this service is." Far more riders have used the trolley over the past three years than anyone imagined, a point made by the Mayor at the expansion announcement: "In fact, we experienced nearly 20 times the ridership the transportation consultants had predicted," he says. Goodnight said he's not concerned about budgeting factors forcing the system to begin charging. "I'm not going to charge people to ride, the same way I'm not going to charge kids to use the swingsets in the parks," he said. "This is a priority for us." Abbie Smith, president of the United Way of Howard County, praised her predecessors at the local chapter for "sticking with it and getting the job done," when it came to advocating for public transportation. "You'd be hard pressed to find a better return on your investment than public transportation," Smith said. "This is not a recreational system; this is something people need to go to doctor's offices, to go to school, and to go to jobs." In the past few days, ridership has increased from around 1,100 riders a day to around 1,300, and that number is expected to go up as people become familiar with the new routes. Mayor Goodnight says when it comes to money for mass transit, Kokomo is no different from any other Indiana city. "The systems paid for just like every other transportation system is in the state. It's basically a four to one match with Federal Transportation dollars." That means federal funds pick up three fourths of the cost of running the system. Because Kokomo has no debt, it can pay its part without a problem. http://www.masstrans...begin-operating http://www.wishtv.co...olley-expanding
  3. MVTArider

    TRANSPO (South Bend/Mishawaka, IN)

    While returning from a family reunion I was able to stop in South Bend for some photos of the TRANSPO system. They had 1999 Gillig Phantoms and 2002-2004 Low Floors. I did not see any newer buses around. Given the funding problems that transit systems in Indiana have faced lately, I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't planning on adding any new buses soon either. Photos are here: http://www.flickr.co...57628840414075/ Some of the shots aren't as nice due to the very bright lower winter sun angle, and the shadows.