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Found 2 results

  1. Honolulu "The Bus" (Honolulu, HI) 1993 TMC RTS-08 WFD VIN codes to be verified: Units 51-62 are model T70-608 (35' x 96") Units 201-283 are model T80-208 (40' x 102") Powertrain (both): Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DDEC (277 hp) with Allison V731R ATEC transmission Units 51-62 51: 1TURDT9A1PR829318 52: 1TURDT9A1PR829383 53: 1TURDT9A3PR829384 54: 1TURDT9A5PR829385 55: 1TURDT9A7PR829386 56: 1TURDT9A9PR829387 57: 1TURDT9A0PR829388 58: 1TURDT9A2PR829389 59: 1TURDT9A9PR829390 60: 1TURDT9A0PR829391 61: 1TURDT9A2PR829392 62: 1TURDT9A4PR829393 Units 201-283 201: 1TUMDT9A4PR829162 202: 1TUMDT9A8PR829181 203: 1TUMDT9AXPR829201 204: 1TUMDT9A6PR829244 205: 1TUMDT9A8PR829245 206: 1TUMDT9AXPR829246 207: 1TUMDT9A1PR829247 208: 1TUMDT9A3PR829248 209: 1TUMDT9A5PR829249 210: 1TUMDT9A3PR829251 211: 1TUMDT9A5PR829252 212: 1TUMDT9A7PR829253 213: 1TUMDT9A9PR829254 214: 1TUMDT9A0PR829255 215: 1TUMDT9A2PR829256 216: 1TUMDT9A4PR829257 217: 1TUMDT9A6PR829258 218: 1TUMDT9A8PR829259 219: 1TUMDT9A4PR829260 220: 1TUMDT9A6PR829261 221: 1TUMDT9A8PR829262 222: 1TUMDT9AXPR829263 223: 1TUMDT9A1PR829264 224: 1TUMDT9A3PR829265 225: 1TUMDT9A5PR829266 226: 1TUMDT9A7PR829267 227: 1TUMDT9A9PR829268 228: 1TUMDT9A0PR829269 229: 1TUMDT9A7PR829270 230: 1TUMDT9A9PR829271 231: 1TUMDT9A0PR829272 232: 1TUMDT9A2PR829273 233: 1TUMDT9A4PR829274 234: 1TUMDT9A6PR829275 235: 1TUMDT9A1PR829295 236: 1TUMDT9A3PR829296 237: 1TUMDT9A5PR829297 238: 1TUMDT9A7PR829298 239: 1TUMDT9A4PR829338 240: 1TUMDT9A6PR829339 241: 1TUMDT9A2PR829340 242: 1TUMDT9A4PR829341 243: 1TUMDT9A6PR829342 244: 1TUMDT9A8PR829343 245: 1TUMDT9AXPR829344 246: 1TUMDT9A1PR829345 247: 1TUMDT9A3PR829346 248: 1TUMDT9A5PR829347 249: 1TUMDT9A7PR829348 250: 1TUMDT9A9PR829349 251: 1TUMDT9A5PR829350 252: 1TUMDT9A7PR829351 253: 1TUMDT9A9PR829352 254: 1TUMDT9A0PR829353 255: 1TUMDT9A2PR829354 256: 1TUMDT9A4PR829355 257: 1TUMDT9A6PR829356 258: 1TUMDT9A8PR829357 259: 1TUMDT9AXPR829358 260: 1TUMDT9A1PR829359 261: 1TUMDT9A8PR829360 262: 1TUMDT9AXPR829361 263: 1TUMDT9A1PR829362 264: 1TUMDT9A3PR829363 265: 1TUMDT9A5PR829364 266: 1TUMDT9A7PR829365 267: 1TUMDT9A9PR829366 268: 1TUMDT9A0PR829367 269: 1TUMDT9A2PR829368 270: 1TUMDT9A4PR829369 271: 1TUMDT9A0PR829370 272: 1TUMDT9A2PR829371 273: 1TUMDT9A4PR829372 274: 1TUMDT9A6PR829373 275: 1TUMDT9A8PR829374 276: 1TUMDT9AXPR829375 277: 1TUMDT9A1PR829376 278: 1TUMDT9A3PR829377 279: 1TUMDT9A5PR829378 280: 1TUMDT9A7PR829379 281: 1TUMDT9A3PR829380 282: 1TUMDT9A5PR829381 283: 1TUMDT9A7PR829382 ~Ben
  2. "When you look at the size of Honolulu (and) you look at the transportation problem they're seeking to solve, BRT is almost certainly a better investment," Taylor said Friday in a telephone interview with KITV4. For Taylor, whose research examines travel behavior, transportation finance, as well as politics and planning, the superiority of BRT boils down to the amount of ridership Honolulu's rail project is expected to draw. According to the rail project's final environmental impact statement, the 20-mile, elevated system from East Kapolei to the Ala Moana Shopping Center will see 116,300 trips per day on an average weekday by the year 2030. While the overall number of projected riders appears impressive, Taylor says it's not nearly enough to offset the tremendous capital cost needed to build the system, as well as the additional expenditures required to operate and maintain it. Taylor said heavy rail is much better suited for large, metropolitan cities like Tokyo, New York and London, which generate extremely large numbers of riders. The professor points to Mexico City as yet another example, where trains 10 cars deep run on 90-second headways with "crush-loads" at almost all hours of the day. "These investments are essential to keep these very large, very densely developed cities functioning effectively, and so they're often the best investment that can be made," explained Taylor. "You have to take all that capital cost for the system, and you have to divide it over the riders you have." Read more: http://www.kitv.com/...l#ixzz2AKKK7sHd Taylor said with bus rapid transit, the system can expand as demand for public transportation increases. However, he cautions the cost of such systems tend to escalate with the construction of exclusive lanes for express buses. "A big part of it is the amount of right of way that's exclusive," he said. "The more it's exclusive, the faster operation you have, but the more you have to pay for it." Taylor's research shows one of the greatest factors in determining a transit system's appeal is the ease with which riders can get to a transit line, whether it's BRT or rail. If a rider needs to go through various steps like walking, driving or transferring to get to a final destination, the less likely he or she is to use public transportation. "So, making the vehicle a little bit faster is not nearly as important as having a cutting down of the wait time," he said. ------- In other words, "More Buses please! Lets have a bus come by every 10 minutes, on every route!"
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