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Found 6 results

  1. Due to several detours in Downtown Baltimore, I managed to get some really good composed shots: Here's the rest from my afternoon out:
  2. I have a question about the Central Ohio Transit Authority's (COTA) 1983 Flxible Metro "A" series buses (model 40102-6T, units 8201-8265)? These have the serial nos. DD094903 to DD094967, but, since they still carried Grumman nameplates on them would that mean these were actually the last 870s instead of being among the first Metros built? The unit numbers themselves also suggest this might've been a backlogged order. It is true, though, that the change of company name from Grumman Flxible Corporation (GFC) to just The Flxible Corporation didn't occur until October 7, 1983 according to official Flxible documentation sent to NHTSA. New Jersey Transit's (units PA1300-PA1449 and 1450-1464) and MTA Maryland's Flxible Metros (units 8301-8380) were backlogged until late October and November 1983 respectively, mere weeks after GFC became the "new" Flxible, so these units already had Flxible nameplates. ~Ben
  3. http://omot.org/roster/flxlist/m40096.html This link at OMOT.org needs to be fixed. Apparently it has not been fixed in many years since. In the meantime I am making a complete database of Flxible Metro production (all units from 1983 to 1995) including every single model (30096, 30102, 35096, 35102, 40096 and 40102). ~Ben
  4. Does anyone know how the Flxible Metro buses acquired their low-frequency exhaust drone sound that comes into play with the revving engine (be it by Cummins or Detroit Diesel)? Lack of resonation, perhaps? Too many examples I can think of to list here... so I'll draw out some examples: TriMet #1701-1808, 1901-1910, 1809-1816 and 1817-1843 WMATA #9701-9785, 9801-9818, 9819-9835 VTA (San Jose, CA) #9201-9291, 9301-9355 Maryland MTA #9401-9425 and 9431-9435 (ZF transmission), 9426-9430 (Voith transmission) The best known case of any Flxible Metro with this exhaust drone at all speeds is with any 1992 to 1996 model equipped with the Cummins L10E, L10G or M11E engines. Often times the exhaust plumbing is not resonated to block that part of the sound out. ~Ben
  5. Here is some vintage Flxible Metro literature on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/...#ht_1089wt_1111 (prepared for New Jersey Transit Bus Operations, Inc., serial #s 95169-95333; coach #s PA1300-PA1449, 1450-1464; NJDOT #s 37000-37164) Model series: 40102-6T Year of manufacture: 1983 http://www.ebay.com/...#ht_1594wt_1111 (prepared for Southern California Rapid Transit District, serial #s 100552-100554 and 100762-100763; coach #s 1800-1804) Model series: 40102-6C (CNG) Year of manufacture: 1989 However, I'd like to find these versions of the Flxible Metro literature for TriMet buses (front cover would say "Prepared for Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon") and the following serial #s would apply: Serial #s 103378-103485 and 103506-103515 (coach #s in order of serial #s: 1701-1778, 1789-1808, 1901-1910, 1779-1788) Model series: 40102-6C (serial #s 103378-103475, 103506-103515), 30102-6C (serial #s 103476-103485) Year of manufacture: 1992 Serial #s 103486-103493 (coach #s 1809-1816) Model series: 40102-6C (LNG) Year of manufacture: 1992/93 Serial #s: 105019-105055 (coach #s 1817-1843, 1844-1853) Model series: 40102-6M (serial #s 105019-105045), 40102-4D (serial #s 105046-105055) Year of manufacture: 1994 ~Ben
  6. Could anyone here please verify as to whether or not these are the correct powertrains on these former Santa Clara VTA buses? 1600-1818 = 1981 Grumman Flxible 870 "B" 40102-6-1 (Detroit Diesel 6V92TAC 253 hp + Allison V730) 1501-1584 = 1984 Flxible Metro "A" 40102-6T (Detroit Diesel 6V92TAC 253 hp + Allison V730) 8601-8640 = 1986 Flxible Metro "B" 30096-6C (Cummins L10 240 hp + Voith DIWA D863.2-W7) 8641-8649 = 1986 Flxible Metro "B" 35102-6C (Cummins L10 270 hp + Voith DIWA D863.2-W7) 8650-8693 = 1986 Flxible Metro "B" 40102-6C (Cummins L10 270 hp + Voith DIWA D863.2-W7) 9001-9020 = 1991 Flxible Metro "B" 40102-6C (Cummins L10 270 hp + Voith DIWA D863.2-W7) (transit seating) 9021-9034 = 1991 Flxible Metro "B" 40102-6C (Cummins L10 270 hp + Voith DIWA D863.2-W7) (suburban seating) 9201-9291 = 1992 Flxible Metro "C" 40102-6C (Cummins L10E CELECT 280 hp + Voith DIWA D863.2-W7) (engines changed to Cummins ISM EPA1999 units in 2002) 9301-9350 = 1994 Flxible Metro "D" 40102-6M (Cummins M11E CELECT 280 hp + Voith DIWA D863.2-W7) 9351-9355 = 1994 Flxible Metro "D" 40102-6? (experimental buses that were resold within a year or two) (please help me on the powertrain) Thank you, Ben Edge (ClassicBusFan81)
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