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Found 3 results

  1. Apparently Clallam Transit got some new Hybrid mini buses according to this article and I wonder if #629 is one of them in the attached image....: http://www.clallamtransit.com/news.html . I would guess 629 is one of them as there are photos of #624 in the above link. Also, during my recently visit to Port Angeles last month, I found some Gillig Low Floors numbered 611 up to 615 which are not listed on the Wiki. I visited Port Angeles back in September of 2012 as well and did not see any Gilligs numbered higher than #608 which is also the highest listed on the Wiki page. So if anyone has any more information, it would be greatly appreciated. http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Clallam_Transit
  2. Could you please verify all five of these VIN numbers for these Orion I's that were operated by Clallam Transit (Port Angeles, WA)? 581 (1984 Orion I 01.504): 2B1129277E6894990 (if 6V71N engine) or 2B1129776E6894990 (if 6V92TA engine) 582 (1984 Orion I 01.504): 2B1129273E6895991 (if 6V71N engine) or 2B1129772E6895991 (if 6V92TA engine) 583 (1990 Orion I 01.507): 2B1139779L6002595 584 (1992 Orion I 01.508): 2B1169777N6003125 585 (1992 Orion I 01.508): 2B1169779N6003126 Thank you, Ben
  3. http://www.angelfire.com/ca/TORONTO/builders/orion1.html Is there any proof as to why the same order number of 177 was used for both Clallam Transit's and Jefferson Transit's orders of the 1984 Orion I? Both orders are for 35 foot long buses (Clallam's being of the older design while Jefferson's was of the then-current design). Could this mean consequently that both sets of two buses (581-582 for Clallam and 848-849 for Jefferson) came with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engines and Allison HT747 transmissions? ~Ben
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