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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve grown up in the Bay Area and nearly every part of it around me has its government run transit company operate Gillig buses except San Francisco’s Muni and the same thing goes for like Sacramento and Monterey but yeah I get the fact that the same transit companies use articulated buses from new flyer but I’m talking 40 foot buses so why is it that most california transit companies operate Gillig?
  2. I've been doing a few trips after school to areas where Dumbarton Express runs. The service connects areas such as Palo Alto, Fremont, and Union City via the Dumbarton Bridge. At one point the majority of the fleet consisted of "piggy back ordered" 1992 Flxible Metro "C" 40102-6C Suburbans. Those are all retired, but now the fleet consists entirely of Gillig Phantoms (for now). If you haven't noticed, I've already started a wiki page for this service. http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Dumbarton_Express 2002 Gillig Phantom C29D102N4 Suburbans: Ex-SamTrans 2003 Gillig Phantom C20D102N4 Suburbans: Ex-SamTrans 1998 Gillig Phantom C21D102N4 (same as my profile picture): Ex-LADOT, Exx-Hertz 1996 Gillig Phantom 40102TBS50:
  3. Does anyone have some recent information about Mendocino Transit's (a.k.a. MTA) bus fleet? They bought a couple 1982 Gillig Phantoms when they were brand new, but that is all the CPTDB Wiki has to offer. There are a couple pictures online featuring some of the fleet, which are Gillig Phantoms with roll signs (unknown manufacturing dates), Gillig Advantages, and Ford's. They are located in Ukiah, CA.
  4. Are there any buses with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA's still running in California?
  5. Is anyone able to verify the validity of these VIN numbers for the 1992 and '93 TMC RTS II WFD buses delivered to Long Beach Transit of Long Beach, CA? Model number (both sets): RTS II WFD T80-608 (V-drive) Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TAC DDEC Transmission: Allison V731R ATEC 9201-9220 (delivered spring 1993) 9201: 1TULDT9A3NR828996 9202: 1TULDT9A3NR829047 9203: 1TULDT9A5NR829048 9204: 1TULDT9A7NR829049 9205: 1TULDT9A3NR829050 9206: 1TULDT9A5NR829051 9207: 1TULDT9A7NR829052 9208: 1TULDT9A9NR829053 9209: 1TULDT9A0NR829054 9210: 1TULDT9A2NR829055 9211: 1TULDT9A4NR829056 9212: 1TULDT9A6NR829057 9213: 1TULDT9A8NR829058 9214: 1TULDT9AXNR829059 9215: 1TULDT9A6NR829060 9216: 1TULDT9A8NR829061 9217: 1TULDT9AXNR829062 9218: 1TULDT9A1NR829063 9219: 1TULDT9A3NR829064 9220: 1TULDT9A5NR829065 9301-9320 (delivered fall 1993) 9301: 1TULDT9AXPR829209 9302: 1TULDT9A1PR829289 9303: 1TULDT9AXPR829310 9304: 1TULDT9A1PR829311 9305: 1TULDT9A3PR829312 9306: 1TULDT9A5PR829313 9307: 1TULDT9A7PR829314 9308: 1TULDT9A9PR829315 9309: 1TULDT9A0PR829316 9310: 1TULDT9A2PR829317 9311: 1TULDT9A6PR829319 9312: 1TULDT9A2PR829320 9313: 1TULDT9A4PR829321 9314: 1TULDT9A6PR829322 9315: 1TULDT9A8PR829323 9316: 1TULDT9AXPR829324 9317: 1TULDT9A1PR829325 9318: 1TULDT9A3PR829326 9319: 1TULDT9A5PR829327 9320: 1TULDT9A7PR829328 Thank you, Ben
  6. Kern Regional Transit provides commuter bus service in Kern County. Kern County is located in central California. This transit agency serves the valley, desert, & mountain communities of the county. Connections are also available to city of Bakersfield & to Edwards Air Force Base. Additionaly, there is one route that connects the Antelope Valley in neighboring Los Angeles County. This is one of their ElDorado National Transmark RE buses. As you can see it was traveling southbound on highway 99 to the city of Bakersfield. Here we see an ElDorado National AeroElite bus. These buses are used on their commuter routes. This bus was traveling eastbound on highway 58 in the desert region of the county.
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