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Found 2 results

  1. While returning from Winnipeg I had the chance to stop in Grand Forks, North Dakota to check out their transit system. Cities Area Transit, or CAT, serves Grand Forks with a fleet of roughly a dozen or so fixed-route buses. One bus, 114, is operated on behalf of East Grand Forks, MN and used exclusively on the EGF route. CAT runs a basic hub system with Columbia Mall and the downtown Metro Transit Center serving as the two main transfer points. The CAT fleet consists of four 2010 New Flyer units, two hybrid DE35LFR, 103-104, and two D35LFR, 105-106. 2003 Gillig LF 29', 31, 2004 Gillig LF 29', 42, 2009 ARBOC 91, 2011 ARBOC 112, 2011 Ford/Goshen 113, and EGF ARBOC 114. Recently retired units are 974-977, New Flyer D35LF. 974 was sitting outside the garage, allegedly it was sold back in 2011 according to their TDP so I'm not sure what the deal is with it. Here are some photos of their fleet, as well as their transfer center and a bus stop sign:
  2. I haven't been on here in awhile but here are a few updates going on with CAT: Retired Vehicles *0406 has been returned to Coach Crafters. *All 3000s have been retired except 3005, 3007, and 3027. Those 3 units along with ALL 0600s have been rehabbed by Coach Crafters USA. *1002T-1006T, 1110T-1115T, 1118T, 1122T-1123T (Paratransit Fleet) have been retired. New Bus Orders *Gillig 35' Advantages #1830-1849 (1846-1847 are 29' Gillig Trolley replicas branded for the DOT Express Shuttle) have been delivered and in active service. *Funds were reprogrammed to order 6 All-Electric Gilligs (three 35' & three 40') as opposed to the 8 that were supposed to be piggybacked off of Charlotte Area Transit System's order. *Paratransit: 28 new paratransit cutaways numbered 1801-1828. Built on a GMC 4500 chassis with a 6.0L Gas Engine and the bodies are Glaval Titan II bodies. Routes: *The 8 Liberty Shuttle has been merged with the DOT Express shuttle only making the 5D.
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