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Found 7 results

  1. FlyerD901

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Looks like TTC is looking for manufacturers for a future bus order. Future TTC Bus order Document request list Here R32PA16809 - FUTURE BUS PROCUREMENT OF TTC BUSES The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is seeking an expression of interest in order to identify and obtain information from firms interested in participating with future bus purchases. The TTC currently operates and maintains a fleet of approximately 2,000 buses to support the movement of its customers across the Greater Toronto Area. A move to steady state procurement has been implemented and the TTC plans on purchasing approximately 120 buses annually.
  2. According to page 153 on the December 14, 2017 Board Meeting report, there is a project titled "2019 Conventional bus expansion" under the 2018 New Capital Program that highlights the replacement of 32 High Floor Buses with 32 double-decker Low Floor buses. What we DON'T KNOW at this moment: 1) Transit Centre (besides RTC because a chunk of them are going there for sure.) 2) Route specifics (aside from 601/555 linegroup) 3) Destination sign 4) Colour scheme 5) Seats 6) Height and configurations (including the engine, doors, seating arrangement) 7) Which Orions will be replaced ((Please no speculation on any of the above until the RFP comes out)) What we DO know at this moment: 1) Alexander Dennis will be providing the double deckers (since they're the only successful makers in North America thus far)
  3. hello guys , I'm a student at university and actually I'm looking for canadian people to answer a quick questionnaire which topic is life in canada ( culture, music, art, movies, aviation...) . so if you are interested in , and have time to read it please check the links below and if you have questions feel free to contact me by message . https://framaforms.org/life-in-canada-1-1524846147 https://framaforms.org/life-in-canada-2-1524846322 Thank you guys
  4. Doppelkupplung

    Best sounding buses

    This is SUPER geeky, but I had to make it. I'm sure I share this with some of you out there, older and younger members, but the way a bus sounds is very important to me. Certain things can make me love or hate a bus, and sound is pretty much at the top of the list. Be it an awesome sounding axle, a dirty exhaust or a savage jake brake, it always helps. Now being a younger and inexperienced member I know that my interests are tailored towards newer buses, Cummins ISL/L/9/M/X/B etc., and even the DDS50/60 etc, (that's about it; anything older I genuinely dislike, especially the 6V92), but I'm curious to hear what your interests are when it comes to sound. To each their own opinion, so post videos or comments of your favorite sounding buses. As a matter of fact, I listen to audioclips of good ones while I work; it really helps. I'll start us off with a few: As you may know, or be able to tell, I'm a ZF fanboy, so here are a few. Listen with bass on if can: First pull off: I've recently discovered a popular French bus, Heulizez, which makes the GX337h, which sounds quite punchy. Listen from 3:29: And we can't forget Allison. Love the shifts into 5th and 6th on these things, never disappoints: from 0:54 to 1:30: Let's hear what you've got!
  5. Ontario is providing up to $13 million to Brampton and York Region to buy 14 electric buses and four charging systems over the next 2 years. Ontario's strategy to cut greenhouse gas pollution to 15 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020, 37 per cent by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050. SOURCE: Government of Ontario Climate Change Action Plan
  6. Here's an odd one. The Bruce Peninsula now has a privately operated transit system based out of Wiarton, Ontario (that's about 20 Min NW of Owen Sound). They currently have one route, and they are using an ex Hamilton bus (apparently its a full sized transit bus!). A smaller cutaway will soon run another route to the popular Sauble Beach as well. They are also planning a connection to the Chi Cheemaun ferry stop at Tobermory. http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/2017/06/08/transit-bus-service-on-bruce-peninsula Their fleet information describes them as having a 38 passenger transit bus, and its supposedly ex HSR. Anyone know what that might be... D40LF? https://brucepeninsulatransit.com/other-services/ Given that I spend a lot of my summer up on the Bruce, I will be on the lookout for this new operation, and hope to report more soon.
  7. I mainly have made electronics videos for the past 2 years, but sometimes I upload bus videos. Here is todays upload of sound recordings of Golden Gate Transit's 2003 Orion V's.