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Found 5 results

  1. Grande West CEO talks about his company and the Vicinity bus. http://www.theglobea...sfile&slug=9256 Sounds like they expect it to be certified for the US market before 2014 is over. For more info about the Vicinity bus, read this: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/international-business/asian-pacific-business/canadian-bus-manufacturer-takes-a-different-route/article16925804/
  2. I've been looking through schedules for BC Transit's extremely obscure Health Connections services (different from Northern Health Connections). They are almost never included in riders guides, and some operate as infrequently as once a month, but are available for the general public to use. I'm wondering if anyone has either seen or used these services? I have only ever seen a single BC Transit Health Connections bus. While driving past Costco in Kamloops this past summer, I drove past a Community Shuttle with no bike rack on the front that had a digital display that simply simply said "Kamloops." While I can't be a hundred percent certain that this was a health connections bus, and I failed to check the time to see if lined up with the scheduling of any of the services from Kamloops, I am fairly certain this was a health connections bus as there was no number on the board. I'm going to try tracking down a health connections bus next time I'm in either Princeton or Kamloops, as they are fairly frequent in both of those places. The entire service baffles me somewhat - in some cases, the service provided by BC Transit Health Connections operates on the same day as a limited regional service, leaving a mere hour later. For example, South Okanagan-Similkameen Route 50 Princeton-Penticton operates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, leaving Princeton at 7:15AM is repeated as a Health Connections bus only forty-five minutes later at 8:00AM. This wouldn't be a surprise if Route 50 operated more frequently, but the health connection bus has the exact same route, stops and schedule (other than being offset by 45 minutes). If anyone in the communities served by BC Transit Health Connections knows anything about these bizarre and obscure public buses or has any photos they could share, I would hugely appreciate it.
  3. Due the ferry schedule change the route 90 trips at 6:21 am and 7:20 am trips will now depart 20 minutes early until April 6th, 2017: https://bctransit.com/sunshine-coast/news/article?nid=1403647349229
  4. The following BC Transit Buses were spotted in Quesnel this past week: 2157, 2169, 2175, 2176, 2314, C998, C620,
  5. Hi Everyone, I am thinking of building an "All Time Roster" for BC Transit to show all series of buses operated by BC Transit including Vancouver, Victoria, and the Small Communities under the "BC Transit" link for British Columbia. This would make it much easier to search out each series of bus as they are split up between several different properties. Of course, for the Vancouver units that were under the takeover by CMBC / Translink, they would be listed as such in the notes Column: For example, for a 1982 GM T6H-5307N from BC Transit - Vancouver P4101 would show in the notes as "To Coast Mountain Bus Company" with proper links and naming.
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