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Found 16 results

  1. Hi y'all, so i got some destination signs off of some busses for sale. I got 4 signs in total for sale: Luminator Matrix Max 7x90 Flip-Dot Side sign Luminator Horizon Titan 24x200 LED Front Sign (Ex-OCTRANSPO Orion VII NG) Luminator Horizon 8x96 LED Side Sign (Ex-TTC Orion VII NG HEV) Luminator Horizon 16x48 LED Rear Sign (Ex OCTRANSPO Orion VII NG) Any inquiries send me an email at bryc3.bw@gmail.com or @t.o_transit_photos on instagram. Happy new years and stay safe! Also forgot to say that yes I am willing to ship out signs cross-country
  2. I am asking this because when I was growing up, most of WMATA's 1990-1995 Flxible Metros, 1992 Orion Vs, and 1995 NABI American Ikarus 436.06 artics already had the newer circular LED taillights and after I was seeing pictures of what they looked like in the original paint scheme before getting overhauled, they had completely different taillights especially the style of the taillight.
  3. Hey y’all, I'm trying to find me some old busses, mainly to find old flipdot Luminator signs (Horizons work too). If anyone knows on potential leads on where to find some, that’d be greatly appreciated
  4. Hey folks, Thought I'd start a new discussion regarding the King Street transit pilot project being tested in downtown Toronto, since it would stray considerably from general streetcar news and discussion, as well as any other TTC discussion. Starting November 12th, 2017, the City of Toronto will initiate the project between Bathurst Street and Jarvis Street. The project's main aims are to increase efficiency of transit along that particular stretch of King St., primarily improving the service of the 504 King Streetcar in the downtown core. The 504 King is the busiest streetcar route that the TTC offers, with over sixty five thousand in daily ridership. People and Transit are being given priority over vehicle traffic. Until this weekend, this stretch of King street was notorious for its awful efficiency both from transit and traffic perspectives. With over twenty thousand vehicles using the street for relatively local trips (which can be done via parallel streets), transit was getting clogged up. This resulted in uneven spacing between streetcars and the notorious "walking is faster than the TTC" statement. As of the 12th of November, cars are no longer permitted to drive straight through any intersections between Bathurst Street and Jarvis Street. They will only be allowed to turn right, and in few cases left as well, thus removing the use of King as a main thoroughfare. Exceptions to this include TTC vehicles, construction/service vehicles, emergency services, as well as taxis which are only permitted to drive through at certain times of the day. TTC streetcar stops have been moved to the opposite side of the intersections with protected waiting areas. Cyclists are permitted to continue through intersections as usual, abiding by the existing regulations. This project is a cost-effective way of easing traffic congestion along one of the main transit corridors in downtown Toronto, and there are further plans to implement this on other streets, such as Queen and Dundas Sts. Further plans are in place to construct public spaces along King in place of the on-street parking. These spaces would include, but are not limited to: bicycle parking, sidewalk cafes, open seating etc. Here are some links for you all to take a look at: Main Page: https://web.toronto.ca/city-government/planning-development/planning-studies-initiatives/king-street-pilot/ Overview: https://web.toronto.ca/city-government/planning-development/planning-studies-initiatives/king-street-pilot/king-street-transit-pilot-overview/ Informative Posters: https://web.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/968e-Police-Postcard_AODA.pdf Informational Brochures: https://web.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/9096-King-Street-Brochure_Oct25_Web.pdf So let's see what you all think of it? Questions? Suggestions/Criticisms? Or even your own adjustments? Let the discussion begin!
  5. Here's a Columbia Transportation thread! A few notes: 2114-2118 have not been seen/tracked in a while. They may be headed to scrap 2143 is now the Manhattanville shuttle Bus, and tracks as 2115. It is NOT an NYU bus anymore @Orion6025 @GojiMet86 @Articulated @Cathay 888 @TTC T6H-5307N 2252 @Young or one of the other editors, could you change the status of 2143 from an NYU bus to a Columbia bus (Both operated by Academy, link here: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Academy_Bus_Lines#Fleet_Roster) Thanks!
  6. For Here i will slowly update the info transport in Malaysia,If You have a question,You can ask me here
  7. Société de transport de Montréal ,pictures ,license plate
  8. Hey everyone, I want to ask owners of used buses, or just anyone how do you know if a transit company are going to sale their buses. I know there are dealerships but this one transit I know is most likely to retire their 98 D40LF' and 2003 C40LF's probably within the next few years. But, how can someone in the market for a used bus get notified of buses being sold. And in addition, how could anyone buy a brand new bus directly from the manufacturer like New Flyer, or Gillig for example. Thanks for reading.
  9. Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130566211@N02/ The following albums were updated on March 25 2016 YRT Nova Bus LFS TTC Orion 07.501 EPA10 TTC Orion 07.501 NG TTC Orion 07.501 HEV TTC Orion 07.501 NG HEV TTC Orion 07.501 TTC Streetcars TTC Nova Bus LFS TTC Nova Bus LFS Artic TTC NFI D40LF Coaches
  10. My new website! I will try to update it every week. New site address- Enjoy! Feel free to post replies on here about what you think of it!
  11. I couldn't find anything on this "photography forum" on school buses. I spotted this very old Crown school bus in good shape (from first looks) near Pier 70 in SF. I actually took this picture through the gate (which was quite difficult) and cropped it. Does anyone know what model this is at first looks?
  12. Welcome to BusPro. Here you will find mostly transit in Metro Vancouver aka Translnk and some BC Transit photos too Here is my link to flickr Update 2 Times week depending on whtas going on. Flickr Link https://www.flickr.com/photos/89977771@N05/ Also follow my Youtube to channel with at least one new video a month. Youtube Link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuREXwFPs3njP7IjPtnuLIA Thanks for taking the time and enjoy
  13. samTrans Retired Bus Info for the Wiki 1985 Neoplan AN460: Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TA; Transmission: ZF Ecomat 4HP600 1983 and 1984 Gillig Phantoms: Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TA; Transmission: Allison HTB-740 1980 Flyer D900 and D901: Engine: Cummins VTB-903; Some were sold to SF MUNI circa 1994. (600R series)
  14. Hey all, I created a Youtube Channel a few years ago and i've left it dormant for the longest time. I used to have Videos of STM Subways, but sadly, got deleted. I currenty have fifteen videos, feel free to subscribe, like and or comment on my videos. Ciao:) New Arrivals! http://www.youtube.c...?v=58Qe0Eedptk. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Cm2QFQdu-hI The following videos are filmed at Osgoode and Rosedale, both are TR, Toronto Rockets.
  15. Mexican Motorcoach Buses Photos of motorcoaches used by charter & intercity bus companies in Mexico. Today, most motorcoaches in Mexico are from DINA, Marcopolo, Volvo, & Irizar. MCI & VanHool are very rare but do make appearances. ******************************************* This DINA Viaggio is from a Mexican charter bus company called Big State City. I took this photo back in summer 2010. Autopista Mexico Federal 49 (Cuota) Ciudad Jimenez, Chihuahua ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ A charter bus company called "Turismo Paba" owns this Irizar I5. I found this bus in Leon back in summer 2010. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ This migth be the only MCI bus deep inside Mexico (not including the border areas) that I have seen so far (who knows, I must of missed some when I wasnt looking). I found this MCI E4500 from Turimex Internacional traveling on Mexico Federal Highway 49 in the state of Durango. I think this was near the town of Cuencame.
  16. Hello to all trolley bus enthusiasts, I have some Q's that needs A's, and I'll apologize in advance if this thread already exists. 1. What is the average age of these buses in a TA? 2. What is the FTA recommend age of the buses? 3. How much is the cost in setting up the infrastructure of the trolley bus? 4. Apart from SEPTA, MBTA, SF MUNI, Europe & Translink, who else has them? 5. Apart from the ETS, who used to have this kind of service? Any Responses to these questions would be very helpful.
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