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  1. Hey everyone, to keep up with the retirements of the OCTA New Flyer C40LFR, I provided a separate thread so we know which ones are retired at the moment, and which ones are still active presently. The replacements for these buses are Gillig Low Floor Plus CNG buses all to be delivered by next year at the time of writing. Retired C40LFRs Santa Ana Base 5502, 5504, 5505, 5506, 5507, 5508, 5510, 5511, 5512, 5515, 5516, 5517, 5518, 5520, 5521, 5522, 5523, 5524, 5526, 5527, 5528, 5532, 5533, 5536, 5538, 5539, 5542, 5545, 5547, 5548, 5549, 5551, 5552, 5565, 5567, 5569, 5570, 7583, 7584, 7588 Irvine (Keolis) Base 5123, 5554, 5555, 5556, 5557, 5558, 5559, 5560, 5561, 5562, 5563, 5564, 5572, 5573, 5574, 5576, 5577, 5578, 5579, 5580, 5582, 5583, 5584, 5585, 5588, 5589, 5590, 5592, 5594, 5595, 5599, 5601, 5602, 5603, 5604, 5605, 5606, 5607, 5608, 5609, 5610, 5613, 5614, 5620, 5621, 5622, 5623, 5624, 5626, 5627, 5628, 5629, 5630, 5632, 5634, 5641, 5642, 5647 Anaheim (Keolis) Base 5644, 5645, 5648, 5653, 5654, 5655, 5656, 5657, 5659, 5660, 5663, 5665, 5666, 5668, 5669, 5670, 5676, 7501, 7505, 7510, 7512, 7513, 7515, 7516, 7520, 7526, 7528, 7533, 7534, 7566, 7574 I believe units 5537, 5562, 5575, 5579, 5581, 5593, 5596, 5597, 5598, 5652, 5658, 5664, 5671, 5672, 5673, 7503, 7509, 7510, 7525, 7553 are being decommissioned as they haven’t entered service in a while. Units 5586, 5587, 5615, 5617, 5618, and 5625 are all training buses for Keolis and are based out of Anaheim. They are blank with no titles or unit numbers shown. Auction Dates: October 21, 2022: 5559, 5605 February 10, 2023: 5556, 5560, 5577, 5578, 5594, 5595, 5599, 5601, 5608, 5622, 5641, 5657, 7505, 7512, 7513, 7526 March 10, 2023: 5508, 5555, 5645, 5659, 5660, 5666 April 7, 2023: 5508, 5510, 5512, 5515, 5521, 5528, 5533, 5545, 5547, 5645, 5659, 5660, 5669, 5674, 7528 May 5, 2023: 5505, 5507, 5511, 5516, 5524, 5527, 5542, 5645, 5654, 7501 June 2, 2023: 5502, 5504, 5506, 5548, 5557, 5588, 5620, 5629, 5630 June 30, 2023: 5532, 5536, 5538, 5549, 5552, 5567, 5569, 5570 July 28, 2023: 5532, 5569, 5585, 5592, 5606, 5610, 5632, 5634, 5647, 5653, 5656, 5668, 7515 August 25, 2023: 5569 Spetember 22, 2023: 5569, 5592, 7584 October 20, 2023: 5387, 5518, 5522, 5523, 5565, 5569, 5592, 7520, 7584, 7588 5569 still hasn’t found an owner yet even after being auctioned off five times now. 5666 now with LA Charter Bus Lines as 3630 5515 now with Transit Systems 5605 and 5622 have now been scrapped On a separate note, XN40 units 5701 through 5750 have been transferred over to Keolis Irvine Base to replace some C40LFRs there, and XN40 units 5815 through 5839 have been transferred over to Keolis Anaheim Base where they have replaced some of the C40LFRs while the Gillig Low Floor Plus CNG buses are still being delivered.
  2. Hey everyone, to keep up with the retirements of the LACMTA NABI Metro 45Cs and 60-BRTs, I provided a separate thread so we know which ones are retired at the moment, and which ones are still active presently. The replacements for the 45Cs are unknown yet, but presumably BYDs as the Silver Line Compobuses are starting to be repainted into the iconic orange Metro Local livery while the buses from BYD are currently on delivery to Metro. The 60-BRTs might also be replaced by BYDs, but the ones that are used on the Orange Line replacement are the XE60s. Retired NABI Compobuses (2008-2013, 8100-8649) 8100-8216, 8218-8338, 8340-8341, 8344, 8348, 8363, 8400, 8402, 8409, 8517 Retired NABI 60-BRTs (2007-2008, 9500s) I don’t think any are retired at the moments but I will update it accordingly Metro recently repainted some of it’s Silver Line Metro 45Cs which including 8352, 8358 and some others. I believe they are based out of Division 13 now Sadly I don’t have auction dates for these buses, but will update accordingly if sources are found Majority of the retired NABI Compobuses are scrapped 8517 was involved in a recent crash when a hijacker took control of the bus. The suspect boarded the bus and the victim (bus driver) was held at gunpoint. The suspect forced the bus driver to drive to multiple locations. The hijacker then ran multiple lights before crashing into the side of the Ritz-Carlson Hotel. The suspect was later arrested, having kept the gun onboard the bus
  3. Looks like TTC is looking for manufacturers for a future bus order. Future TTC Bus order Document request list Here R32PA16809 - FUTURE BUS PROCUREMENT OF TTC BUSES The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is seeking an expression of interest in order to identify and obtain information from firms interested in participating with future bus purchases. The TTC currently operates and maintains a fleet of approximately 2,000 buses to support the movement of its customers across the Greater Toronto Area. A move to steady state procurement has been implemented and the TTC plans on purchasing approximately 120 buses annually.
  4. According to page 153 on the December 14, 2017 Board Meeting report, there is a project titled "2019 Conventional bus expansion" under the 2018 New Capital Program that highlights the replacement of 25 High Floor Buses with 32 double-decker Low Floor buses. What we DON'T KNOW at this moment: 1) Destination sign 2) Seats (I know they went with Lazzerini but I forgot which type). 3) Height and configurations (including the engine, doors, seating arrangement) 4) Which Orions will be replaced What we DO know at this moment: 1) Alexander Dennis will be providing the double deckers (since they're the only successful makers in North America thus far) 2) Colour scheme 3) Transit Centre (besides RTC because a chunk of them are going there for sure.) 4) Route specifics (aside from 601/555 linegroup)
  5. Have 43-XXX buses hybrid for STM?
  6. Hello Transit Enthusiast World! I know everyone here loves everything to do with public transportation or we wouldn't be on this forum; public transportation is an interest I hold dear as well. I have a particular passion for creating transit operator point-of-view (POV) videos on YouTube of bus and rail systems for the enjoyment of transit enthusiasts everywhere; I also record some time-lapse videos of scenic road trips I take. To share my work with the CPTDB community I will be posting links to videos in this thread whenever new content gets posted to my channel. Many videos were created before this thread started, so I'll start posting those in order, and then add the new stuff as it gets published. I know it's cliché, but if you enjoy these types of transportation videos and want to support their continued creation the best thing you can do is subscribe to my channel on YouTube, hitting that elusive 1K subscriber mark would also allow me to begin recouping some production costs from YouTube, so any help getting there would be great! Creating these videos requires a lot of negotiation with transit agencies, obtaining film permits and film agreements, providing liability insurance, covering travel expenses, etc., so your support is much appreciated! Visit the Grand River Travel & Transportation channel on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@GrandRiverTravelTransportation
  7. Hello all! I was in Hamilton the other day and I found what I'm thinking to be, Ex Oakville 5106 or an Ex Barrie 2004 D40LF. I also saw something quite rare, and hard to find. I don't know which system ordered this bus, but it is sitting in Crazy Cravings awaiting conversion!
  8. Hi y'all, so i got some destination signs off of some busses for sale. I got 4 signs in total for sale: Luminator Matrix Max 7x90 Flip-Dot Side sign Luminator Horizon Titan 24x200 LED Front Sign (Ex-OCTRANSPO Orion VII NG) Luminator Horizon 8x96 LED Side Sign (Ex-TTC Orion VII NG HEV) Luminator Horizon 16x48 LED Rear Sign (Ex OCTRANSPO Orion VII NG) Any inquiries send me an email at bryc3.bw@gmail.com or @t.o_transit_photos on instagram. Happy new years and stay safe! Also forgot to say that yes I am willing to ship out signs cross-country
  9. I am asking this because when I was growing up, most of WMATA's 1990-1995 Flxible Metros, 1992 Orion Vs, and 1995 NABI American Ikarus 436.06 artics already had the newer circular LED taillights and after I was seeing pictures of what they looked like in the original paint scheme before getting overhauled, they had completely different taillights especially the style of the taillight.
  10. Public Transit in Mexico Leon, Guanajuato MX ______________________________________________ OPTIBUS Leon was the first city in Mexico to create a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Optibus is nicknamed "La Oruga" by locals because the articulated buses look like big green Caterpillars. This is one of their newest buses.
  11. This is my first post on this website, so here goes (forgive me if this isn't the right place to post it). I've been a fan of transit and buses for many years now; I think it goes back to when I was a kid and growing up riding the bus just about everywhere. Now I've grown to the point where I want to be a bus collector and gather a series of buses, both past and present. Now the one I'm looking for in particular has been rather hard to find. I'm looking for a Neoplan AN460 still intact that hasn't been torn apart yet or scrapped in a junkyard. I've looked all over, eBay, Transit Sales, Bargain Bus News, and many other used bus sales websites, but to no success. Out of the many buses I've looked and seen over the years, this one has always stood out to me is it was a common bus I rode in Pittsburgh back in 2011-2013 before they were retired and now owning one for me would serve a nostalgic purpose. Does anyone out there know of any person, place, or transit agency that might still have one and is looking to sell it in the future or is up for sale right now?
  12. Hello all, Does anyone know where to get model TTC Transit buses like this? Doesn't matter what model. I am currently trying to make a model TTC garage. Just wondering if anyone else has these and are willing to sell them or say where they got them. I already know about the model fishbowls and have a couple.
  13. Hey y’all, I'm trying to find me some old busses, mainly to find old flipdot Luminator signs (Horizons work too). If anyone knows on potential leads on where to find some, that’d be greatly appreciated
  14. Anaheim Resort Transit, the transit provider of the anaheim, and disneyland resorts! ART has recently orded K11M's, my PFP is actually #6003. I was surprised when i saw it
  15. Mine is obviously 14 Glencairn. I just saw 1001 go by on it. It's because I live on Glencairn Ave. and see the 14 go by everyday, and it's been my dream to drive a 14 since i was little. Mount Dennis, here I come!
  16. Here is our first episode of the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfDjNU6S2lE Any other race ideas using transit only we could consider?
  17. I mainly have made electronics videos for the past 2 years, but sometimes I upload bus videos. Here is todays upload of sound recordings of Golden Gate Transit's 2003 Orion V's.
  18. A while back I put in an FOIP request to the City of Edmonton for a few route maps in the Mill Woods area for the past few years at the time. I thought I'd share it here today, since it popped up in my mind that I have an account on the forum. Enjoy. Mill Woods routes.zip
  19. Hi, new member here. It would be great if somebody could explain the Run Number, Trip ID, etc... of the STM.
  20. I found this old RTS bus laid up near Paddy's Pond outside St. John's, Newfoundland, I was wondering what company it used to belong to.
  21. I know that #643 was initially preserved, but then scrapped in 2011. Have any of these buses been preserved? Are there any at museums? Has the MTHA held on to any of these? I remember these buses from when I was a little kid. They ran on the #21 Crestview, plus a few routes out of Charleswood.
  22. hello guys , I'm a student at university and actually I'm looking for canadian people to answer a quick questionnaire which topic is life in canada ( culture, music, art, movies, aviation...) . so if you are interested in , and have time to read it please check the links below and if you have questions feel free to contact me by message . https://framaforms.org/life-in-canada-1-1524846147 https://framaforms.org/life-in-canada-2-1524846322 Thank you guys
  23. Ontario is providing up to $13 million to Brampton and York Region to buy 14 electric buses and four charging systems over the next 2 years. Ontario's strategy to cut greenhouse gas pollution to 15 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020, 37 per cent by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050. SOURCE: Government of Ontario Climate Change Action Plan
  24. Here's an odd one. The Bruce Peninsula now has a privately operated transit system based out of Wiarton, Ontario (that's about 20 Min NW of Owen Sound). They currently have one route, and they are using an ex Hamilton bus (apparently its a full sized transit bus!). A smaller cutaway will soon run another route to the popular Sauble Beach as well. They are also planning a connection to the Chi Cheemaun ferry stop at Tobermory. http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/2017/06/08/transit-bus-service-on-bruce-peninsula Their fleet information describes them as having a 38 passenger transit bus, and its supposedly ex HSR. Anyone know what that might be... D40LF? https://brucepeninsulatransit.com/other-services/ Given that I spend a lot of my summer up on the Bruce, I will be on the lookout for this new operation, and hope to report more soon.
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