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  1. So I heard 1801 is on LBT property... Any confirmation?
  2. Do you have a facebook? You can join "Fans Of Los Angeles Metro Rail" or "Southern Cal Transit Fans" fb groups, there tends to be a lot of info in those two groups.
  3. Caught former Passport bus 1209 repainted into the regular livery. Sharp looking coach. Wish it didn't have the wheelcovers though.
  4. I heard the 1500's artics are back in service, right? Shame, I liked seeing the Diesels out in full force since school is still out...
  5. Caught this at the Vermont/Athens Station about a week ago.
  6. With the ports now resolving their dispute, these are finally being delivered again. 1001 and 1002 are already on property. I caught this one when it was testing on the Green Line in November2014.
  7. Is it safe to say that all 2700's have been refurbished and repainted?
  8. Something from my instagram. Foothill Transit F1617 on the 707 (Silver Streak) entering the El Monte Busway near Union Station. Image preview:
  9. They could also be NABI 60BRT's Yep... I should consider a picture hosting website.
  10. Ramirez


    25 feet... Image preview:
  11. 4? Wow that sucks... __________________________________ "3 Downtown Long Beach Station" Bleh. At least the MTA 60B doesn't include "station" on their updated Owl headsigns.
  12. It's kind of sad seeing more Torrance Transit Xcelsiors than Phantoms left... How many are left by the way?
  13. Oops, my bad. I have some free time this week, so expect some changes...
  14. Oh my, it's a beauty. Nice photos DE40LFR.
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