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  1. I will be in the Hamilton area for a month, is there any other routes where the grande west buses operate other than the 18?
  2. This is why I do not go take my last rides on the final day of service. I took my last rides/photos the day before and enjoyed every minute of it. No massive crowds, foamers and chasers.
  3. I live right in the area where the collision occurred, and you surprised at how many near misses I see, I saw this one guy a week ago who was impatient.. went over to the streetcar lane then merged back into Rees street. From what I heard for this incident, the blue civic just went straight at 4422. The driver of the civic seems okay but the passenger not so lucky, jaws of life had to be used to get her out of the blue civic.
  4. TTC 4422 will be out for a bit... A blue Honda civic going the wrong way hit it head on @ Queens Quay and Rees
  5. I wanted to say this for a long time.... The GTA section of the board has seriously gone downhill to the point of just no return, from personal insults, to going off track, and irrelevant comments. A good example would the two posts above me.. one member just posts something that has little or no value and another member replies saying "Not Needed" not going to put names here but I am sure most people here are smart enough to figure this out, This is not just this one incident but I have seen it many times over the last few months and it just adds to the problem. My suggestion i
  6. I can not say I am a true rail fan, but I do enjoy riding trains, I recently did a Montreal to Halifax, overnight sleeper and enjoyed every minute of it. The Canadian is something I like to do as a bucket list item. Yes that is what I was thinking... to do the Vancouver to Toronto direction, since I live in Toronto. Btw pardon my ignorance but what does a "scanner" do and what is it for?
  7. I am planning on going on the Canadian for the first time this year Toronto-Vancouver or Vancouver to Toronto sometime in Oct. From reading various blogs and watching various youtube videos, this line is prone to delays. How many delays should I expect? should I plan to be delayed for at least 24hours to be on the safe side? Any other tips to make this trip more enjoyable?, for example what to bring etc.... Any insights would be appreciated.
  8. This is coming from someone who works at HR dept, but then again knowing how TTC likes to throw money away, this very well may happen, especially repainting the OG Orion VII. Time will tell.
  9. I was told the 7900 and 8000s will be repainted once the 1000's series are complete. Also some of the 1700's might go through rebuild. Don't quote me on this I heard this from a family member who works at TTC. It is in no way confirmed or accurate.
  10. For those interested there are 3 of the Orion vii on 92 woodbine south should be easy to find for those last rides
  11. Can anyone tell me which cabins in the renissance sleepers have showers in them? also which train trips on the ottawa-quebec city route operate renissance cars? thanks
  12. 8441,42,44 and 45 are on their way to Scarborough. Spotted them on the 401 near Bayview few moments ago.
  13. Don’t know if this is a real sighting or not but 8701 is on 29 Dufferin as per the trackers.
  14. Meh the new ato system causes more delays than manual operations. I now plan extra time to get to work now because of these delays. i know this is beyond ttcs control but pm commute was worse Injury at track level at Queen Stn and trespasser at Wellesley stn within 10 mins of each other.
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