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  1. Do any of you "insiders" know when this is likely going to happen, if at all? I take the bus to work and back 2-3 times/week, I hate hate hate using tickets and transfers, and obviously that level of ridership doesn't make sense to have a monthly pass. I also use GO on occasion so I do have a Presto card.

    Also, even though the GRT page says there is co-fair for GO in place, none of the 3 drivers I've asked have any idea how it works. Can I pay 50 cents, show my presto card, to get from home to the GO train or bus? Or home again for the same rate after using GO?

    It's a shame because MiWay/GO work great in this regard when travelling to the airport..


  2. Is it just me or is 201 southbound on Sundays frequently running late some cases by up to 10 minutes (and missing transfers at Forest Glen as a result?) I noticed it yesterday mid afternoon, and my daughter ALMOST missed her 12 transfer a couple hours earlier on her way to work. She started leaving half an hour early "just in case" because a couple weeks ago when she was shifted on a Sunday the 201 was 15 minutes late and she ended up being late for work.

    Kind sucks when buses are late on a sunday schedule because the frequency is so terrible.

  3. Is it not a bad idea to train new drivers during busy runs especially morning commuters? A bunch of people nearly missed their transfers this morning at Forest Glen when a 22 trainee was running almost 5 minutes behind schedule. I get the need to train people but not at the risk of people being late for work. Maybe evening routes or mid-day where it's less likely that a missed transfer could cost someone a reprimand at work?

    Luckily all the buses stuck around after the trainer radiod them but the 12 left 2 minutes late and some days that can mean the 12 missing connections at Fairview.

  4. GRT should really have been on the ball and had presto ready to go on their buses. It would be so much more efficient on both their operations and for the convenience of their riders to be able to use Presto.

    I hope instead of a period pass they use the declining fair model like GO uses of the course of a month. There are often months when a monthly pass isn't worth it but I sometimes just buy one for the convenience of not having to mess around with transfers.

  5. Does anyone know if there will be Prestocard balance checkers at the Kitchener VIA station in time for the Dec 19 launch? I have a card but I need to activate it by tapping it to a device, but I don't intend to make a trip (and really, where can I go with the initial $10 balance without putting it into negative which locks the card?). I can't add more to it until it's activated.

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