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  1. This statement is false
  2. That's the TTC's new bus due to Budget cut backs. It was a good deal for the city since it's already red
  3. I have been inside, they have quite the operation going on inside those walls.
  4. POSTING ON BEHALF OF SOMEONE ELSE The COMPLETE front end of a 1968 GM Old Look from Kitchener Public Utilities Commission #661 The seller has the complete front of a GM Old Look including the lights and windows, she also has all the interior lighting from the passenger area, a box of various parts (heaters, controls etc) as well as the exterior side wall section of the bus between the front and rear doors. Interior Poles are included, two passenger seats (from another bus - a GM New Look) The chrome bumper is also included Please D.M. for pictures/contact and make an offer, The seller intends to sell everything to one person and will not break up the items Located 25min West of Kitchener
  5. Can you please tell us which foamer gave you the false invite so that we know not to trust him anymore ???
  6. Are we sure this is the NYCMTA one ?? the windshield is completely different unless it got into a wreck
  7. SuperLo Double Deckers are scheduled to operate specific trips out of Union Station that have higher documented passenger volume levels. They operate on the 16,18 and 21 branches every single day at Union. Minimum 253 buses, Up to 500 D45CRT was most certainly does not meet the Province's Parameters for a Low Floor Fully Accessible bus, nor does it meet GO Transit's luggage requirements Source: MCI rep
  8. Sign In to Download Enjoy! KITCHENER_HISTORY.pdf
  9. Hello! I am doing a project on the history of public transit in Cambridge. I am searching for anyone with information, photographs and maps that could be scanned and used in an online tool for all to see. I am also searching for any stories or memories regarding Kitchener Transit that will be used in the same online tool for all enthusiasts and historians alike to enjoy. Thank You please email me at braniffj@gmail.com as I don't often check the CPTDB updates...
  10. 1 - Side Rollsign Mechanism (No front cover) 1 - Side Rollsign Mechanism (No front cover) 1 - Side Rollsign Mechanism (No front cover) 1 - Side Rollsign Mechanism (No front cover) 1 - Side Rollsign Box (missing motor) 1 - Balios Electronic LED Sign Set ( Keypad, Front,Side) removed from a Brampton Transit fishbowl (Working when removed, stored for years) 1 - Linen TTC Front Rollsign (Black/White) Version #L29N from Lansdown Garage (some water marking on left side) 1 - YRT Miller Front Sign 1 - YRT Miller Front Sign 1 - Sarnia Transit Front Sign 1 - Sarnia Transit Side Sign 1 - Oshawa Transit rollsign section for the addition of new routes 6B, 7,21 etc never installed in a bus 1 - Dayton RTA (Miami Valley RTA) driver rear sheild from a RTS 1 - Kitchener Transit Temporary Bus Stop sign 1 - TTC Subway Error Code List & Remedy List from inside the cab. Please PM me your offers, pick up is Local Pick Up in Cambridge or we can negotiate a delivery charge to anywhere in Ontario within reason. Items will be stroked off as they are sold. Please allow up to a week for a reponse. I also have a front Toronto PCC Rollsign set with the front mechanism and hand cranks that I am open to offers on...you can try
  11. Should be 2235,2240,2249,2250,2251,2253,2255,2260,2261 and 2266 left 2252 and 2254 were retired on Friday
  12. Well, they have had a bus shortage since 2003 so....
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