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  1. I have mine attached to my automobile policy, the insurance company was actually pretty good about adding it on for personal use. I'm just now allowed to carry more than 12 people or collect a fare.
  2. No, High No and No I rode transit for the entirety of the 1990s and never once saw a driver announce a stop, ever. You were expected to figure it out yourself like an adult or ask for help. If the automatic announcement system isn't working, oh well. Passengers should research where they are going and not rely on the driver except in circumstances where the passenger is unable to determine their location on their own.
  3. Anyone else follow the Lakers ? S.S. ALPENA opened up shipping season on the lakes this week, celebrating 80 years of Steam Power
  4. William Mazmanian passed away in August 2021. He had planned to convert 525 to an RV and bring it to his Florida residence but I didn't hear back from him after his winter 2020 vacation and unsure if 525 made it to Florida. Driver Training was conducted on ex GRT 2306 when it retired from the region.
  5. Tell them they are in the wrong profession if they think privacy exists.
  6. The Alexander Dennis buses are not by any means Motorcoach. The MCI is also just a transit bus in a D45 shell. GO 31 Guelph to Union is something like 100k
  7. I remember they retired 317,318 and 319 because they were "too small"
  8. That's the TTC's new bus due to Budget cut backs. It was a good deal for the city since it's already red
  9. I have been inside, they have quite the operation going on inside those walls.
  10. Can you please tell us which foamer gave you the false invite so that we know not to trust him anymore ???
  11. TC60102N

    Buses for sale

    Are we sure this is the NYCMTA one ?? the windshield is completely different unless it got into a wreck
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