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  1. Should be 2235,2240,2249,2250,2251,2253,2255,2260,2261 and 2266 left 2252 and 2254 were retired on Friday
  2. Well, they have had a bus shortage since 2003 so....
  3. I met @TheAverageJoe
  4. Supervisor is probably 2282 S\He posts the most real info about GRT
  5. Do you mean 27C ? 27F goes through Yorkdale and Keele Street which is not approved for double deckers* *Reliable Source tells me 8300s are being treated as a 8100 for dispatch purposes until further notice
  6. They use a really big ugly cutaway with a rear door and a LED destination sign
  7. They still refuse to call it 52A and 52B eh
  8. Delete your Facebook and all social media. They check it.
  9. 2320 was on the 52 on Thursday around 11am
  10. I have an awful headache from trying to convert that email to proper english language, however if I have somehow managed to understand the email then I suppose I will be spending my spare time photographing LRT construction until I have a case for court
  11. Are there any pictures ? maybe I will head down there today
  12. I used to make the turn from McKay onto South and then onto Center with a Prevost H345 all the time back in my charter days. And even take it down Henry and Elliot down to Ainslie sometimes. I never once rode a curb or took out a sign post. As for the turn on the route 58, GM New looks, Classics, D40LF (all generations-92,94 and 22) Orion 1 and 5 and 6 and 7 all have made that turn over the years. You have to turn wide or else you drive the bus into the yard of that one house after the turn. I agree that some of the turns in the transit system are not ideal for buses, but as a professional driver you should be able to drive a bus without hitting or bumping anything. If my memory serves me correctly, the Orion 1 buses almost never ran on the 58 anyway.
  13. Well if you are so knowledgeable, please enlighten us so that even here in London we can be GRT experts
  14. Under what logic would GRT have to reroute Cambridge bus routes because of an Xcelsior ? Maybe they just need new drivers who can actually drive a bus?
  15. CTV news reported that the new ION rail vehicles may not be ready on time for the target opening day. Who could have predicted such a thing?