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  1. This is really interesting. The only question I have is how much indoor space can Birchmount hold?
  2. Senator O'Connor College School, North York Class of 2010 (Gr 11). You too! Too bad you graduated before the new building =]. I bet you remember Cosentino (>_<), Anozie (>_<), Herold, Lavelle, Jalsevac (who moved to Hong Kong recently), and Manoli .
  3. It looks like Bell "refreshed" its look. Out are the two beavers, Frank and Gordon, and whom some will miss. Bell Sympatico is now Bell Internet and Bell ExpressVu is now Bell TV. The new logo follows the simplicity trend (Mmm... Where have I seen that before?). IMO, the trend is overrated, and I wish they could've kept the "communications head" emblem. Their new "er" campaign also seems pretty irrelevant to "Bell", and it just doesn't make sense. Perhaps they could've done something like this-
  4. Balloons float, and sometimes they pop.
  5. Yeah, so I'm doing a science project for school and I'm doing a survey whether or no to go for locally grown foods, and I thought I'd take advantage of this forum's poll option . Any help is appreciated and feel free to add your opinions . Thanks!
  6. 7835 on the 24. It was accelerating weirdly today, like an HEV VII. The gears were still shifting and it was picking up speed but the engine stayed at the max torque the whole time. That officially makes it my favourite VII =).
  7. Why did the TTC stop using treadles on the newer HFs?
  8. You saw the question. Personally, I like DDR... I play it on the Keyboard also (Stepmania/Flash Flash Revolution).
  9. Chill out. This guy looks new, he joined December 1, 2007. And, yes I like Malvern buses.
  10. I'll probably be one of the last ones to ride an NG VII. I haven't even riden an 8000 or 1000 series bus yet. And last year was my first time riding on a TTC D40LF
  11. MT 97 Vs and TTC 96 Vs have push bars. How come that the MT 97s make the "hiss" noise when the doors close (like the TTC 91 V treadles), and the TTC 96 Vs don't?
  12. I believe the sign for the Classic is much shorter in length, which may play a role of its positioning and why it's being tested.
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