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  1. Hey be on the look out for 4478 it was off the road since March 16 and is now back on the road. It was off the road because it didn't have a shield either.
  2. One of the new 2020 NovaBus LFS, just arrived Monday! Not sure how many we are getting this time around, right now we have 2, 2001/2002 with rumour that we're getting 4 more but I can't be sure! Got a look inside, has some differences than the 2015-2017s do but I won't ruin the surprise for you guys!
  3. There's only 2. 1830 and 1831 both gas powered.
  4. What was the PRcode being displayed along with the route. I know our Nova Buses in Barrie will show that little bus when I display Happy Halloween
  5. Just came back from refurb looks like.
  6. We can't jump to conclusions as to what's going on with 1709. The only way I see it being written off is if the frame is bent and twisted and I doubt hitting a pick up truck would do that, those buses are built pretty strong from what I hear and 1709 was only on the road less than a month before this collision happened! 66102,66202,68406,68506,69007,69107 are done. Sounds like 60109 is getting refurbed right now, I saw one of the 1200 XD40s in white scheme which means it just came back from refurb I wanna say it's 1202 that just came back. I think 69709 was refurbed I believe it's got the
  7. Cimon8000 I got to drive this bus today for training. Drives very very nice!! Very smooth and pretty quick pick up. Taken in the garage before we left for the day.
  8. Novas could be artic or 40 footers, I'm just going by what I was told by someone I know who's in fleet services. So if those are Beaumont buses why do they say ets on them? Shouldn't it say Beaumont on them?
  9. No because Beaumont wouldn't have ets on it. It's one of our new units. Were running out of 4000's so I guess they're using 6906-6951 for this order I believe we're supposed to get 45 new units this year.
  10. Just 22 or are 23 and 24 in service too? Last I heard 23 and 24 were at the yard.
  11. Been in the between the tents since I drove it back in May for a charter. Wasn't on the road since early may. I drove it late May. Maybe its back go only charter use.
  12. Hers was hard to understand for words. Eaux Claires you could never understand. I like this one much better. Less annoying lol.
  13. I heard recently that 3 Nova buses are coming to Orillia Transit fleet this November. Would be nice to see that :-)
  14. Probably dead. 4901 isn't the greatest of artics. Usually they park them inside on a letter track by the shops.
  15. 6011 6012 are being flat decked to get repairs
  16. 80% memo said. Also 6011 6012 got towed to get repaired ets cant tow them had to flat deck them.
  17. As of Sunday April 10th 2016 All buses that are equipped with smart bus will be in full use even if it's not on a smart bus route and one day soon the 4 will be smart bus as well. Too much milage sheesh I've seen 4800s from regular service with almost 500,000k.
  18. Wonder if 9208 Is still sitting there. Friend of mine who drives for OT says 9107 and 9208 we're bought by a private owner east of Orillia on a farm somewhee. I took a drive there last spring and couldn't find anything. If anyone has updates please let me know even about new buses service changes etc.
  19. Had anyone seen the electric buses lately. I tried looking on that new site transit55 and they haven't been seen for quite some time.
  20. sad to see this one go to scrap... hopefully they got to 62 64 and 65 in time. from what I heard 63 is retired too.
  21. On a friday afternoon they wouldnt be doing driver training with the artics. They only do artic training on Sundays when the artics are not running. Only thing I can see it there for is a driver is really lost or they are doing a test drive with it or it was out doing accident replacement depending on what time you spotted it there. Odds are it was a test drive
  22. Yes I was on time and I was off in my own little world yesterday lol. I didn't notice a lot of people. I noticed you downtown I honked and waved. I think that was my first trip the 1257 from mwtc or was it the 1612 trip?
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