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  1. There have abeen a few MC-12s from the US in town, most likely from the Toronto-Buffalo-NYC through bus operation. They may have been using them as overloads if they were short coaches. GCTC still operates MC-9Specials. Uwe
  2. Apparently you didn't get to ride Trolley #160 yesterday. It was warmer outside then in the bus. Zero heat!!! In fact it was so cold I thought they had the air conditioner running and all the windows open. You could see your breath!!! Not one single person took off their hats or gloves. They just sat and shivered. One more year and they will all be gone....yippeee!!! I for one can hardly wait to see that last trolley crushed and the wire cut down. BTW, when is oil suppose to hit $500 a barrel? Just curious.
  3. Looks like an ex-TNM&O 102D3. They were the only subsiduary in the US to operate manual transmissions. Uwe
  4. I ride the 3 everyday and to be honest, this morning was pretty good. However, every other day has been horrific and its not just the rookie drivers but even the senior drivers. Aren't you just the little ray of sunshine. I talk to the drivers everyday and I have yet to hear anything negative from them. The only consistent negativity I keep hearing is from the people on this discussion board. And why? ETS is getting rid of your beloved trolleys...oh boo hoo. If you know all the answers Mike then why don't you go forward to ETS management with them. I sure they would love to have your input to make ETS a wonderful place to work.
  5. All the trolleys should have sat in storage or the junk yard because they were/are crap. They are unreliable and jerky. And if you want to compare trolley underutilization I believe Toronto's, Calgary's, Ottawa's etc. trolley utilization is zero...so ETS beats that easily. However, I don't think that the trolley system was what is being discussed but the whole ETS system....is that not correct CaptainTrolley?
  6. We're the world's most underutilized fleet. I thought you knew that. Captain Tractor....Just out of curiousity how did you arrive at the above statement? What stats did you use and which other cities did you compare it to? Seems to me you would say anything negative against ETS because they are getting rid of your beloved trolleys. Very pathetic. And before James or anyone else jumps down my throat I will apologize if you can prove to me, with statistics, what you are saying is true...that ETS is the world's most underutilized fleet.
  7. I didn't miss that chapter. In fact I deliberately omitted commenting on it since it is so minute that its not worth mentioning and I believe all the wind turbines are in southern Alberta...and they power the C-Train in Calgary (hahaha..yeah right!!) And not once did I ever mention to get rid of all electricity production. I actually think that more can be done to produce green electricity in northern Alberta (solar, wind, geothermal, methane from landfills, etc.). I would love to retrofit my house with solar panels and wind turbines but right now the cost is way too high (even with all the dividends I get from the oil and gas industry...just kidding) Thanks for pointing out to me that we have lots of coal. It still is a finite source regardless if the supply lasts 10 years or 200 years. And also I use to work for Syncrude...and City Admin is correct...it is Oil Sands. If you don't believe me check out Syncrudes website.
  8. And in Alberta we produce our electricity how???? That's right...burning fossil fuels. In case you missed that chapter in school, coal is a fossil fuel. Edmonton's trolley system wasn't perfectly good, was it? Far from it. Just for information, according to my contacts, the trolley wire at Mitchell Garage has all been removed.
  9. What a wonderful attitude you have. If transit runs out of diesel then the city will come to a stand still even with trolleys.
  10. Spruce Grove Route 197 this morning 4586 4598 4594 4600 4595
  11. McCoy markets this type of coach as an EconoCoach (see http://www.gomccoy.com/charter.php) as an inexpensive upgrade to a School Bus and some units are not washroom equipped. Uwe
  12. Greyhound Canada owns the GrayLine franchises in Ottawa (purchased from PWT) and Toronto (via acquisition of GrayCoach (Stagecoach)). Some of the GCTC coaches are lettered for this. At one point Greyhound Canada also owned the GrayLine franchises in Vancouver and Victoria (via Laidlaw) and the Calgary/Banff/Edmonton/Jasper franchises via a sale by Brewster (of which were sister companies under dial up until the mid-90s). The western franchises are now owned by the same company that runs the RockyMountaineer. Uwe
  13. Trentway-Wagar is a subsiduary of Coach Canada (which is essentially a holding company and trademark name). All operating licenses are still under TWW. Uwe
  14. Before the Coach USA purchase, Trentway-Wagar used a 4-digit numbering system. At a point in time, you added 33 (may be wrong) to the first two digits of the fleet number to get the purchase year of the vehicle. Customers found out about the system and TWW abandonned the practice. The fifth number, at the front, was/is used for the following: 5XXXX is Toronto-Montreal linerun equipment. 6XXXX used to be Toronto-New York pool linerun equipment (TWW does not pool its equipment anymore). After the Coach purchase, 8XXXX was use as the prefix to denote Coach Canada equipment. There is still some equipment running without the 8 prefix (337Xs DL3s and 339X Prevost H3-45s to name a few). Uwe
  15. Megabus doesn't do much too help the Toronto-New York run. VIA, GO Transit, Coach Canada, Can-Ar, ONTC will see the surge in traffic. Uwe
  16. Tell me how you really feel James. It was hard to figure out based on your biased opinion of me. First, I did a little research and discovered that Edmonton has 5 park and ride locations with approximately 2,800 stalls. So approximately 3,000 people in those vehicles. So how many of those are from out of town? 10%, 20% or more. The answer is 25%. So the taxes you and I and everyone else in Edmonton pays goes to provide parking for out of town people for free!! $2 a day...still too cheap. Doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that parking for free or $2 at the park and ride or $10+ downtown per day is cheaper. If people want to drive their cars from their house to park in a parking lot so that they can go to work they should pay big time for that. The reason they use the park and ride is so they do not have to pay elsewhere. So your friends that live out of town should perhaps get their politicians to put pressure on the Alberta government and get regional transit moving and leave their cars at home. And as Mr. Parsons points out, get rid of the park and ride and build high density housing instead. Century Park is a prime example. Once that is completed in a few years there will be approximately 5,000 people living in that area and its right next to the LRT station...no park and ride needed. As for Southgate... the owners of that mall hate transit and did not want to give up any of their precious parking stalls to put in a park and ride. It had nothing to do with ETS and nothing to do with the city...it was all Southgate.
  17. People should make more use of the buses to get to the LRT stations instead of expecting to find a parking spot. I personally think they should get rid of all the park and ride sites.
  18. Came in off the 9:30 from Montreal this morning. Ex-Suburban. Uwe
  19. TWW 83929. Most likely a unit transferred from a Coach USA operation. Uwe
  20. The services out of the terminal are an interline with Shortline, with Shortline equipment, and are seperate from the Megabus operation. As indicated, the Megabus schedules are out of the Royal York. Scheduling of DDs seems to be on high demand days. Uwe
  21. PWT started operating the Airport Express in 1993. They won the tender from the Greater Toronto Airport Authority to run the service. Uwe
  22. Stagecoach purchase GrayCoach (that operated the GrayLine Franchise in Toronto). GrayCoach was the original operator of the Toronto-Sudbury route. In 1990, the TTC sold GrayCoach to Stagecoach in 1990 and Trentway-Wagar was sold to its management (Trentway was ONLY doing Charters at this point, which may have included overloads for Voyageur, Greyhound, GrayCoach) . In 1993, GrayCoach (Stagecoach) went bankrupt, but before that, the routes from Toronto to Sudbury and NorthBay were sold to Ontario Northland. The bankrupt GrayCoach (Stagecoach) was picked up by Greyhound Canada. Trentway-Wagar sold to Coach USA in 1998. Coach USA was bought by Stagecoach around 1999-2000, this is when Stagecoach came back to the North American Market. So in short, TWW never ran scheduled service between Sudbury and Toronto. Uwe
  23. New services applied for are: - Guelph, Walkerton and Hanover via Highway 6 and County Road from Guelph to Harriston through Elora, Alma, Salem, Drayton, and Palmerston, thence via Highway 9 to Walkerton and Highway 4 to Hanover - Listowel and Kitchener via Tralee, Dorking, Macton Corners, Linwood, Crosshill, St. Clements, Heidelburg and Wagners Corners, and the City of Waterloo - Wingham and Listowel via Highway 86. Alternative route between Listowel, Crosshill via Atwood, Newry, Milverton, Newton and Millbank - Bluevale and Moesworth via Highway 87 and County Road 28 to service Wroxeter and Gorrie. - Listowel and Palmerston via Highway 23. - Towns of Chesley and Hanover via County Road 10 - Stratford and Milverton via Highway 19. - Palmerston and Stratford via the following routes: ROUTE 1: Highway 23 from Palmerston to Listowel, Highway 86 from Listowel to the junction of Highways 86 and 19, Highway 19 between the junction of Highway 86 and Stratford; ROUTE 2: County Roads 6 and 7 between the junction of County Road 6 and Highway 19, County Road 7 between its junction with County Road 6 and Highway 19, all in the Township of Mornington. Uwe
  24. Sorry, but there are only two licenses out there for Toronto-Sudbury. Greyhound Canada has one and the other is at Ontario Northland. Today's Trentway-Wagar routes operated as Coach Canada are: - Toronto-Kingston-Montreal - Pearson-Belleville-Kingston - Toronto-St. Catharines-Niagara-Buffalo to New York (they interline with Shortline and operate the Canadian leg of the Megabus Route) - Hamilton-St. Catharines-Niagara-Buffalo - Hamilton-Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo - Hamilton-Guelph They also have licenses to operate the TriColour Express at Queen's University from Kingston to: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto. Service is extended to Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener and London before and after holidays. They also operate some Casino shuttles to Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino from Toronto and Buffalo. The shuttle to Casino Rama from Lindsay and Peterborough is operated by Century Airline Service (which also operates to Pearson Airport from Lindsay/Peterborough area) Their school bus operation out of Peterborough also operates some regional service East and North of Peterborough. TWW once operated, but now discontinued, these services: - Toronto-Uxbridge - Toronto-Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo (via QEW/8) - Toronto-Peterborough (via 401/28) - Peterborough-Belleville-Kingston Uwe
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