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  1. You can still purchase "regular" tickets for the TO-King-Corn-MTL service, even though it is operated as Megabus (still operated by TWW). Uwe
  2. I don't think they make righthand drive units of the Astromega.(?) Last I checked, they had purchased 50-foot Plaxton single-deck coaches for the Megabus service. In general they seem to have a wide variery of coaches in the UK, from standard, to artics to DDs. Uwe
  3. There are no luggage compartments on the AlexanderDennis DDs, adding some would reduce seating capacity below the VanHool. Also, the VanHool is an inter-city coach, where the AD is better taylored to commuter/transit operations. Uwe
  4. The single deck coaches were initially there when no DDs were around. On some services, they were require to operate the single deck as the DDs would not fit everywhere. This was the case when they started running Boston-NY, the DDs can't fit in South Station and the location has since been moved. With 15 buses assigned to TO-Mtl, same number as the 534XXs, they have plenty of DDs for service and some for use during scheduled maintenance. Anything else that is required for extra sections will most likely come out of the regular fleet (read branded Coach Canada). Uwe
  5. Back to the garage for servicing before its next assignment? The buses were signed up Coach Canada and ran the Toronto-Montreal schedule. Look at the legals on the bottom of the bus, all the ones with Ontario plates are registered to Trentway-Wagar Inc, just like the Coach Canada buses. You can book tickets on it at http://sales2.coachcanada.com/, just not via the megabus website. Uwe
  6. They've been running TO-Niagara-Buffalo-NY for a while now, so nothing new. DDs on TO-MTL most likely due to the VIA strike. Seriously doubt they will make it to the runs out of Hamilton. Uwe
  7. They seem to be on the road now. DD45240 was operating the 1330 to Montreal with 53474 as a second section today. Good thing they are there for added capacity as Via strikes. Uwe
  8. They've started to be decalled as megabus. Uwe
  9. DDs are arriving on the property (Malton Yard) in "Mega" blue. Revised schedule, with some departures hourly, was dropped. It was to have 2 departures and arrivals from Mississauga, via downtown Toronto daily. Initially scheduled for late June. Kingston has been added as a point of service, although this had been advertised outside of Toronto Coach Terminal, but is now offered on website. Mississauga Fri/Sun departures seem to have been dropped. Canada's intercity bus industry remains a regulated market, where routes require licensing. TWW will have to continue to service intermediate points. Uwe
  10. M24 is the route number for Toronto-New York City. Trentway-Wagar does not have operating authority through Ottawa for line-run service, so most likely not. Uwe
  11. Best bet is to call the Toronto Coach Terminal. They should be able to quote you a price from Toronto to Tremblant. Uwe
  12. Try Galland from the Central Station: http://www.galland-bus.com/AGL-EN/trans_in...n_parcours.shtm, http://www.galland-bus.com/docs/Horaire_interurbain_an.htm Trentway-Wagar/Coach Canada does not stop at the Trudeau Airport, see: http://www.coachcanada.com/CoachUsaAssets/...MOKIMay2008.pdf Uwe
  13. Actually, they sport OTG (orange) garage decals. They might want to keep the Prevosts all in the same place Uwe
  14. From my understanding the interior was completely gutted and replaced (all new). As for the exterior, that's up for debate, as it wouldn't have made much difference. Maybe the should have replaced the front panel, one without the additional turn signals (the last unit being 1182 with those). Uwe Actually, that isn't quite true. If a vehicle is equipped with seatbelts, you are supposed to wear it. For individuals under 16, the driver/operator of the vehicle is responsible for them. See: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/safety/seatbelt.shtml, it only applies when vehicles were manufactured whitout seatbelts. If they are there, you are supposed to legally wear it. Uwe
  15. I thought I might apply to work with you James.... oh wait, no more trolleys so I guess standing on the street corner taking pictures of the damn things is a no go. City Manager....sounds like an interesting job. Perhaps I will put my name into the hat....thanks for the tip. Why are solutions needed. For my purposes the transit system works just fine thank you very much.
  16. Somebody really blew that one. It was a stupid design to begin with and I guess they didn't take into account the humidity in the pool would pull those things down from the rafters. Since it is apparent you have all the answers apply to transit as a planner.
  17. You must be from Calgary. Universiade would have been a huge boost to Edmonton. Venues such as the veledrome, Commonwealth Stadium, Kinsmen Pool, Butterdome, Kinsmen Fieldhouse etc would have been update. There was even talk of building a 10,000 person capacity residence on South Campus. All that gone to a bunch of conniving and judge bribing Koreans. Guess it will be another Universiade where the world say "who cares". And how is it inadequate? Just because the trolleys are gone makes it inadequate??? Perhaps transit has tons of ideas and plans to "fix" the system but City Council would rather put the money elsewhere, such as useless outdoor pools.
  18. Try: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greyhound_bus Uwe Orleans Express / Acadian tow the pup trailers from Montreal to Moncton (not allowed in Nova Scotia as of yet). From my understanding the hitches are factory installed on the H an X coaches. Uwe
  19. The last the the 102DL3s are the 3368s-3373s. They'll be retired once this year's order of J4500s and TD925s are in. Uwe
  20. It's been reported as 3390. This is a Connaisseur unit (nee Trentway-Wagar), so out of Montreal. BTW, there are no Prevosts in the 3500s, only MCI EL3s. UWE
  21. They wouldn't meet minimum Canadian content requirements in Ontario and Quebec anyway. http://ogov.newswire.ca/ontario/GPOE/2008/...mp;lang=_e.html Uwe
  22. There are only 2-3 passengers on board. Uwe
  23. No step treddle. Activating the rear door would release it only. Purposely ordered that way to retrofit the MacKay gates. Uwe
  24. Actually, 9601-9603 and 9701-9705 were delivered without MacKay gates. They were retrofitted internally before being put into service. Uwe
  25. In answer to your inevitable comeback--no, a few trolleys won't save the world and single-handedly make Edmonton a sustainable city. But let's get with the picture here--the world is changing. Oil supplies are going down, and prices are going to shock back up. How many oil sands projects have been canned in the last few months? The time to move away from oil is now. The attitude in your post--which, frankly, I've also seen among city management--that the price of oil coming down again means we're all home free is appalling for its short-sightedness. It's very strange to me that the City of Edmonton is so committed to running uphill when it comes to this issue. I totally agree that the price of oil will shoot back up. Oil companies shut down or slow down production once price per barrel drops below $70. And yes I agree that the time to move away from oil, coal and natural gas is now. The technology is out there to produce energy via other means...solar, hydro, wind, geothermal and like it or not nuclear. As an environmental biologist and an environmentalist I do as much as I can to help the planet. Not only do I recycle but I also Reduce and Reuse...Recycle is the third R...not the first as most people think. I have reinsulated my house to reduce heating bills, I am looking at retrofitting to have solar panels and a wind turbine installed. I do not use a car but take transit, or I walk. I do what I can to lower my dependency on oil and gas. How many on this group can say the same? Time and time again I keep seeing posts that blasts Edmonton Transit or the City for some or all of the energy woes of the world. "Bad diesel buses driving around killing us all with their exhaust and using up the precious oil reserves, we should have kept trolleys". Last number I saw was that 9 or 10% of Edmontonians use transit, so that equates to 90% using other means (walking, biking or private automobile). Now walking and biking add zero to the carbon footprint but the private automobile, built to carry 5-6 people, usually carries only 1 maybe 2 people. Wouldn't it be nice to have ETS have a much higher modal split. And before you jump all over me, yes, ETS would need to significantly increase service to handle that many more people. I for one would love to see an extensive transit system that operates throughout the city on a 5 or 10 minute frequency, in all times, and hopefully ending Edmontons title of Car Capital of Canada. Perhaps even bring back the trolley in a bigger and better way. Yes, once upon a time I thought that trolleys were the way for ETS to go but sorry to say but you people, with your narrow minded thinking and trolley fanaticism turned me totally against the trolley. Have a very Merry Christmas one and all. I look forward to more discussions in 2009.
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