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  1. It is sitting on Eastern Ave by Leslie. Platted for Michigan and most likely here for the CUTA trade show next Tuesday.
  2. Latest in the news: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/greyhound-bus-replacements-1.4881639 "The company is laying off about 420 employees. It will move 70 or 80 of its 110 western buses to its ongoing operations in Eastern Canada and sell or scrap the rest."
  3. VCL wasn't forced to sell the Montreal-Kingston-Toronto route. CSL was divesting their bus interests in the late 80s. First went Voyageur Inc in Quebec, then VCL was broken up. First in 1993 to GCL for Ottawa-North Bay, Ottawa-Peterborough-Toronto (including express), Peterborough-Toronto, Toronto-Belleville, then in 1996 was Toronto-Kingston-Montreal, including a limited Kingston-Ottawa which essentially served for the Queen's Tricolour Express, to TWW. Finally, in 1998, under Laidlaw ownership, they purchased the remaining VCL routes and assets. Uwe
  4. Wilson has been approved for Van-Kamloops and Van-Kelowna. EBus will be operating Van-Kamloops and Van-Kelowna-Kamloops.
  5. They most likely have a good idea of what's in good shape to keep for the remaining Canadian operations. Those Prevosts and anything else in decent shape will make its way East to Toronto.
  6. Seven were on property Wednesday, 6100 is the first of the series. 6104 and 6105 had not arrived early Thursday.
  7. Hi, You can check here: http://ptboard.bc.ca/bus.htm, where all current and historic applications and decisions are kept. Look under Rider Express, the decision indicates is was approved on October 12. Uwe
  8. Considering Robert Q has been the only consistent carrier on the corridor for the past 41 years, I would say their operation makes alot of sense. Greyhound could not make it work and neither could Aboutown a few years ago. The Intercommunity Transportation Grant only requires an accessible minimum 10-seater be used. Uwe
  9. Back to the way the used to run things. Pup trailer versus a bunch of truck runs.
  10. 7-8 are parked at the Toronto facility. 646 parked in the ready line, the remainder were at back still sporting their First Canada decals.
  11. Any through service on Chicago-Montreal would have been as a pool with Voyageur Colonial / Colonial Coach Lines. Greyhound Canada over time purchased the part of the line network from VCL. They never had rights to Toronto-Montreal Hwy 401 / Hwy 20 service. When the last of the VCL lines were purchased in 1998, GCTC ran a through service from Toronto-Montreal via Ottawa. As you mentioned, connections are now required. The regulations aren't stupid... that regulatory model made a lot of money for Greyhound and other carriers over the years while ensuring smaller communities received service. The requirement for cross-subsidization has ceased over the years but still enables carriers to protect their high yielding corridors.
  12. Does anyone have the garage in and out times for Route 747?
  13. The Vicinity buses will on the scrap heap in less than five years. Just a cheap buses.
  14. TWI can't operate the service between Ottawa/Carleton Place and Toronto/Mississauga with the license based on current wording. They can apply to remove the restriction or apply for a new license to operate a service. Anyone can apply to operate a service, they just need to fulfill Public Need and Convenience:.http://www.ohtb.gov.on.ca/eng/forms/public.pdf
  15. Just saw that there is service on Leduc Transit to Royal Oaks.
  16. There is a second trip to STC/Yorkdale/Pearson operating to/from Buffalo via Hamilton. http://extranet.greyhound.com/Revsup/csked/pdf/742-041617.pdf
  17. Greyhound runs all of its Toronto-Ottawa express service via 115-7 (they used to run 401-37-7, but the reliability of the 401 keeps them on Hwy 7). It is ~50kms less per directions compared to 401/416. This translates into reduced fuel, maintenance, and labour as all are costs based on mileage. The only service that operates via 401/15/16 is the once a day Toronto-Trenton-Belleville-Kingston-SmithFalls(X24)/Brockville(24)-Ottawa, and that is purely to protect the corridor licenses. These are private businesses; costs drive everything as margins are low. Why does Greyhound use Hwy 7 for Ottawa-Toronto? Because it is 10% cheaper to operate. Why does Greyhound keep running a Toronto-Trenton-Belleville-Kingston-SmithFalls/Brockville-Ottawa and Ottawa-Cornwall services? To prevent competitors from moving in and eroding revenues on the cash cows.
  18. If you are referring to direct service between Toronto-Montreal as via the 401, then Ontario Deregulation won't permit that. Greyhound would still require a licence to run via A-20 from the CTQ to do so, something it doesn't have today. The Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC) and Metrolinx (which operates GO Transit) are public sector agencies of the Ontario government that provide bus services between communities. Both agencies are exempt from the requirement to obtain a public vehicle licence. In essence, the ONTC could start running to Thunder Bay tomorrow if they wanted to. More on how MTO is reviewing intercity bus: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/transit/intercity-bus-proposal.shtml http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/transit/intercity-bus.shtml
  19. Next step, I would think, are to have integrated fares similar to what St. Albert and Strathcona County have with Edmonton. Having service to any other Edmonton location would just be duplicating what ETS has in place.
  20. Annual ridership 2011 - 33,106 2012 - 41,603 2013 - 53,827 2014 - 58,269
  21. You are most welcome. And no idea about buses at Paterson...perhaps mobile chicken coops?!
  22. PWTransit is providing the drivers.
  23. Edmonton Transit has no say in the type of buses ordered or livery. That decision will lie with the City of Leduc and Leduc County. ETS will only be contracted to drive, maintain and house the 40 foot buses. The community buses will be housed, driven and maintained by the City of Leduc.
  24. There are 3 round-trip schedules a day between Sudbury and North Bay. Ensure you didn't select Sudbury Ont, ON as this is the Sudbury Ontario Northland terminal, seperate from the GCTU terminal. These funnel freight and passengers from Sudbury onto Ottawa/Montreal. Uwe
  25. Schedule 5281, 12:35 Toronto-London, is not an GE, but 5515, 12:30 Toronto-London-Windsor-Detroit, is. http://extranet.greyhound.com/revsup/csked/pdf/738a-122012.pdf Same information is available on www.greyhound.ca Happy Holidays! Uwe
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