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  1. I heard it will be called Shift Metro but unconfirmed.
  2. The commission has to appease Edmonton or the whole thing falls apart.
  3. Leduc's Arbocs are 2014s, same as the New Flyer Xcelsiors.
  4. Looking at start up by March 2023. In the meantime have contracted WSP to do a network and bottom up costing analysis building on the work that EY did in 2019/2020. The WSP report will then feed an ETS analysis of what it means to them in terms on routes, assets and most importantly costs. Edmonton Council is having trepidations on the true costs of the EMTSC service, and rightly so. The EY report had Edmonton subsidizing many of the commuter services as the regional municipalities were informed that they would receive the same or more service for no additional costs. Nothing is free so not sure how a municipality, like Beaumont, could get more service without additional costs, unless Edmonton is footing the bill.
  5. Not sure about that… those express trips were 5 hrs vs the 6 to 7hrs long local trips. First bus out is not always best. Locals were always integrated into the Toronto-Peterborough service. The local portion of the trips between Peterborough and Ottawa kept running for two reasons: protecting the operating authority and freight. Running hwys 7-37-401 when you pay mileage makes sense.
  6. Can you share some insight here? Based on historical scheduling from Greyhound and Voyageur Colonial, the express services have always been the bread and butter.
  7. Yes. From their website: https://riderexpress.ca/locations/ Select Kingston.
  8. https://mybreakride.ca/ - associated with the Ebus/RedArrow Betterez tickering portal.
  9. That’s some great writing. How do you explain the departure from their recently approved service strategy?
  10. PWT is operating Spruce Grove's on-demand service.
  11. The Beaumont buses were stored at the PWTransit site around Roper Road since January. PWT will store and maintain the buses. ETS took their fareboxes out.
  12. Heard there were four sections that failed and it will be 18 months before fixed.
  13. https://www.edmonton.ca/documents/PDF/Accelerating_Transit_in_Edmonton_Metropolitan_Region.pdf Thoughts on this?
  14. Looks like those could be converted deadhead movements. Unsure about the Win-Lon trip though. https://atu1415.ca/system/files/london-windsor_feb_3_2019.pdf Uwe
  15. What is the seating capacity of the buses used for Route 747? With the luggage racks I am sure it is not the typical 37.
  16. Too little too late. They didn't know the market they were getting into and now seeing how others are thriving on the same corridors and want in. They won't get the accelerated application for the proposed Merritt-Kelowna and Kelowna-Vernon-Kamloops routes and at least three carriers will oppose. Their track record in BC will hopefully speak to what to expect if they are granted more operating authorities. Uwe
  17. On charter? They dual brand their coaches and usually dispatch whatever is available for runs. Uwe
  18. Eastbound on Kingston Road this afternoon: - 6080 being towed. All its windows removed and no tag axle. - 6007 on a flatbed. All be its windows removed.
  19. Yep. As an effective date, so no changes since then.
  20. TriTag, in Waterloo Region, pulled the PV license for Greyhound. An interesting read: http://www.tritag.ca/static/uploads/PV-5290-15.pdf
  21. The Kelowna service is more coming soon. Vancouver-Kamloops is now daily. Go through the schedule and you will notice that the stations are different for the same location. Uwe
  22. Not much of a schedule for Kelowna or Kamloops. Looks like they are trying to siphon trffic from Ebus with departures 15 minutes before or after. They'll have to compete on price to keep it going. Uwe
  23. Uwe

    Safeway Tours

    Yeah... putting operator, customer, and other road user's safety by taking steps to limit fatigue and excessive speeding is a real bad move.
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