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  1. Well if the one lift equipped coach goes down it would be nice to have a spare or what if they have a request for more than one user on a given day?
  2. What are the chances that any of those leagues will be operating soon so PWT can get any revenue from them?
  3. Roeco you seem to have forgotten who owns Greyhound.
  4. I'm hearing that PWT in Ontario has completely shut down?
  5. Don't they in more normal times due a huge amount of tour work out of Toronto?
  6. With all the industrial contracts they have in Alberta + transit contracts they have I doubt they are about to go under unless ownership has done something stupid. More likely they have found another property in the area or they are scaling back operations in Ontario.
  7. It says exactly that in the article attached.
  8. Service resuming on June 4th https://www.castanet.net/news/Think-Local/301594/Ebus-resumes-service-on-Thursday-with-safety-as-its-No-1-priority
  9. Info I have for PWT Astrals 2P9A33401F1001992 Astral XL Pacific Western Transportation (AB) 391 1985 To Gray Line of Vancouver 300 (BC) 2P9A33406J1001522 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1006 1988 To Laidlaw Transit Inc. 1006 (AB) then Gray Line-Vancouver 304 (BC) 2P9A3340XJ1001524 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1007 1988 To Laidlaw Transit Inc. 1007 (AB) then Gray Line-Vancouver 305 (BC) 2P9A33401J1001525 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1008 1988 To Laidlaw Transit Inc. 1008 (AB) then Gray Line-Vancouver 306 (BC) 2P9A3340XJ1001541 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1009 1988 To Laidlaw Transit Inc. 1009 (AB) then Gray Line-Vancouver 307 (BC) 2P9A33401J1001542 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1010 1988 To Laidlaw Transit Inc. 1010 (AB) then Gray Line-Vancouver 308 (BC) 2P9A33406J1001544 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1011 1988 2P9A33408J1001545 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1012 1988 To Laidlaw Transit Inc. 1011 (AB) 2P9A33408J1001571 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1013 1988 2P9A33401J1001573 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1014 1988 To Laidlaw Transit Inc. 1014 (AB) lsd Pacific Coach Lines Ltd. 6761 (BC) 2P9A33407J1001495 Astral XL Pacific Western Tpn. (AB) 1015 1988 To Laidlaw Transit Inc. 1015 (AB)
  10. It reads more like a temporary suspension of service in Alberta to me then something permanent.
  11. Lay Offs are already taking place & buses have been parked & license plates cancelled. I'm sure there will be companies declaring bankruptcy
  12. Hopefully they have the revenue to pay for those brand new Prevost & don't end up having them repossessed.
  13. The area around Canada Place Pier would probably be your best bet I would think.
  14. The change was for them to go down to one trip a week for the portion of the trip from Kamloops East to the Alberta border https://www.ptboard.bc.ca/Bulletins/2019/20190731_Bulletin.pdf My point re the license to pick up in Vancouver is they have been operating all this time & still haven't acquired that license.
  15. Did you read the decision information? The passenger counts are in the toilet on the Trans Canada run. They need to concentrate on surviving, not expanding. The last I heard they were still not licensed to pick up in the city of Vancouver & the owner of Rider Express has been banned from the depot in Vancouver.
  16. https://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-253955-1-.htm#253955
  17. They've said a lot of things & have actually done very few of them.
  18. Kind of hypocritical of them to apply for more service when they couldn't even do what they originally applied for & they took their own sweet time applying to reduce service while running that reduced service.
  19. Didn't Wilson's get Twawassen to the airport when they took over the cross water service from PCL?
  20. Especially with both Ebus & Wilson's on those routes as well.
  21. They've had zero luck getting any sort of financing in place that tells me nobody believes in there business plan.
  22. Ridiculous that they keep extending them.
  23. At least all the buses on that list were U.S. buses in the first place before they got sent to Canada.
  24. How well are they holding up operating in those conditions say in comparison to a more line run oriented coach like a D series?
  25. The city of Penticton has bought the former Greyhound depot in Penticton. https://www.castanet.net/news/Penticton/243653/City-buys-Greyhound-depot The building is slated for demolition though. Hopefully the large "Bus" sign on the roof gets saved by somebody.
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