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  1. https://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-253955-1-.htm#253955
  2. They've said a lot of things & have actually done very few of them.
  3. Kind of hypocritical of them to apply for more service when they couldn't even do what they originally applied for & they took their own sweet time applying to reduce service while running that reduced service.
  4. Didn't Wilson's get Twawassen to the airport when they took over the cross water service from PCL?
  5. Especially with both Ebus & Wilson's on those routes as well.
  6. They've had zero luck getting any sort of financing in place that tells me nobody believes in there business plan.
  7. Ridiculous that they keep extending them.
  8. At least all the buses on that list were U.S. buses in the first place before they got sent to Canada.
  9. How well are they holding up operating in those conditions say in comparison to a more line run oriented coach like a D series?
  10. The city of Penticton has bought the former Greyhound depot in Penticton. https://www.castanet.net/news/Penticton/243653/City-buys-Greyhound-depot The building is slated for demolition though. Hopefully the large "Bus" sign on the roof gets saved by somebody.
  11. Stagecoach the company that killed Gray Coach? Sorry but companies from the British Isles & Europe haven't had a great track record in North America.
  12. They are actually up to #5418 now. Since they've never had J's #'d a in a 5300 series I'm pretty sure what you saw were 5413 & 5414..
  13. Exactly Roeco, up until the last day or two you were saying that Rider Express was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, you were even blaming Greyhound for a delay in start dates.
  14. Yet they were whining about how long it was taking to get motor carrier approval in BC. They should have planned better & decided on a start date where they were truly ready. With multiple cancellations of start dates people are going to lose faith in them before they even get started..
  15. What would Greyhound have to do with it?
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