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  1. oh cool, any tips for face to face interview ? i know i can do this job well but during the interview anxiety builds up and I just get very nervous.I'm afraid that it may get in the way of me getting the job offer 5 routes minimum not maximum And I don't think they would consider hiring a person who did the minimum. Completing at least couple of more looks good on our side
  2. I do I have completed 6 job shadowing routes so far including the night ones and all the operators were very nice and helpful. I heard that it used to be that minimum of 10 routes which was changed to 5 'cus the interview responses become repetitive. I find even 5 to be a lot, not because it's hard to do but for the same reason of being repetitive responses. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the operators at all. I think there should be 3 maximum including bus, train and street car. But again this is what I feel. I am still going to do probably couple of more routes just 'cus it will look better on my side.
  3. Is the 4 digit # on the bus related to the type of bus? For example, eglinton east buses start with number 7 (7348) are Diesel Orion VIIs (7) so the buses that start with # 1 like on the yonge night route would be Diesel Orion I ?
  4. Not at all mate but i still need to do the night routes makes sense, thanks oh cool, thanks. Did you do the night routes yet?
  5. TTC job shadowing assignment instructions state that "you should speak to the Guard on the train, not the Operator" I was shadowing a Guard and the train came to an end of its route where the Guard switched to operating the same train. He invited me to join him while he is operating the train on the way back. You guys think its okay for me to mention this in the interview or just leave it alone. I did speak to the Guard to begin with though.
  6. this was probably the case in the past but now they want us to complete Yonge blue night bus, Queen St. Street car night, subway line and atleast 2 other routes but not during rush hours. Guys what type of buses are running on Eglinton East route 34 ?
  7. Since you were waiting for a call, you forgot to check your mail. That is how I received the notification to come to an information session.
  8. the new subway cars look great but there is only one problem. The handle bars that people hold onto during the ride make a lot of annoying noise and you guys should look at people's faces after hearing it, makes me laugh every time hope they get to it and fix it soon, otherwise its great way to travel
  9. isn't it obvious and this still didn't answer my question the reason I said no smartass replies because of the replies in the previous posts anyway i wasn't trying to be mean or anything will see what happens thanks guys
  10. I have also been called to an information session on November 23rd. Hoping for the best. I am assuming a phone interview would be next stage ? PS No smartass replies please
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