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  1. Rt 12 cancelled and Rt 30 extended - confirmed
  2. To the public it might be Tuesday to Saturday but on the crew list and to drivers, it's Mon to Fri. The new day still starts with the 4am (approx) punchins, hence the full length uncut transfer being used from the previous day for the over night, 24 hr service. Unfortunately it's not what makes sense to the passenger/general public, it what mgmt and the computer dictates. The public will think the new days starts at midnight but not so at Miway.
  3. Old style bus stop. Can't be many of these old wooden bus stop left. I remember standing at this stop back in 1974 just after Square One opened in '73. Any other sightings around? This ones on Bloor at Riverspray going west.
  4. Solution for Transfers with the upcoming 24 hour service.
  5. They're going to have to keep the 7 running to CCTT for this 24 hr service. Can't drop them at 3 & 4 am at Renforth. And word is, they haven't thought of printing transfers yet for 24 hr service. So what's the date for transfers from the Presto box?
  6. Not transit, but if you're talking about what's coming to Square One, Cheesecake Factory is looking at the mall for another location.
  7. I've always had 2 thoughts about the MiWay5 plan for 2020. Rt 20 will end at Tahoe and Rt 35 will end at Renforth. Having driven both these route, I know that there are riders who want off in Toronto (local stops). So how will Rt 20 passengers get off at stops on Burnhamthorpe going east and be picked up at stops returning west? People shop and work at Loblaws plus other stops. Only way I will see is to transfer at, and have to take Dixie to Burnhamthorpe. And then same for Rt 35 riders who want off and return back on from Dundas. Once again, last route to go north and south from Eglinton to Dundas is Dixie. Both the 20 & 35 will be dumping their passengers onto the Transitway and passengers will transfer onto the 109 and ride Express to Subway. I don't see any option for a Local service into Toronto for these passengers. So, am I missing something?
  8. Not a good day at the subway this morning (rt 1)
  9. HSR drivers credited for saving missing senior’s life Link to article ----> click here
  10. Brampton Transit is hiring Twitter post link
  11. I feel this is an excellent decision to create more room for passengers .👍
  12. In my 30 years driving for Miway, I only know of a fire suppression system being in the '92's that originally had natural gas. All others just had an extinguisher for the operator and yet, how to use one was never part of any training. Only instruction was to evacuate the bus and stand far away. It was never discussed in class.
  13. CH Morning Show was at HSR on Monday Click for Video
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