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  1. Not my pics. These were sent to me. I have no other details. IMG_0574.MOV IMG_0571.MOV
  2. Another Brampton Operator, Atif Khalil, has passed away after contracting Covid. Please pray for his wife and young children.
  3. Unfortunately Brampton Driver has passed away Go Fund Me
  4. What hasn't been released to the media and public but made this whole situation urgent to cancel part of the route, test operators and shut down Amazon is 1 Brampton Operator is in hospital in a coma. I know their name and have verified that 1 Operator is in a Coma. Prayers are with them and their family.
  5. No benches to sit on and rest for those with trouble walking long distances in the tunnel
  6. The new hybrid articulated buses will start hitting the road December 21 -New Recaro operator seat with 3-point seat belt -New self-leveling accessibility ramp -Fuel efficient with Logon Start/Stop, Ride & Go and Geofencing technology -New IBus MDT
  7. Sept 7 service changes The following routes are running with changed service (due to COVID‐19): 8 Cawthra – Reduced weekday service 9 Rathburn‐Thomas – Reduced weekday service 23 Lakeshore – Reduced weekday service 44 Mississauga Road – Reduced weekday service 46 Tenth Line‐Osprey– Reduced weekday service 48 Erin Mills – Reduced weekday service 100 Airport Express – Full cancellation 101 Dundas Express – Reduced service on weekdays (Service to UTM via Route 101; 101A will bypass UTM). Cancelled on Sunday. 107 Malton Express – Cancelled on weekends 109 Meadowvale Express – Reduced weekday service 110 University Express – Reduced weekday service and cancelled on weekends 185 Dixie Express – Full cancellation All 300 school routes – Service dependent on decisions related to COVID‐19 GO shuttle routes – Full cancellation: 32 Lisgar GO 37 Creditview‐Erindale GO 64 Meadowvale GO 67 Streetsville GO Also MiWay will move into Stage 3 on July 31 and remove all passenger loading restrictions, effective August 4, 2020.
  8. 1738 being used for training found on Twitter
  9. 7 Airport - Weekday - Southbound trip from Westwood Square will change from 1:34 pm to 1:31 pm 30 Rexdale Revised - Weekday Saturday - Revised routing will no longer service Hull St between Derry Rd and Airport Rd Two stops will be missed 45 Winston Churchill - Weekday - Southbound trip from Meadowvale Town Centre at 7:11 am will change to 7:13 am to provide a connection with route 109‐Meadowvale Express 103 Hurontario Express Revised - Weekday Saturday Sunday - Revised routing will end at Trillium Health Centre, (no longer providing service on Hurontario south of Queensway, to Port Credit GO Station) Service frequency: Weekdays: 10 minutes Saturday: 19 minutes Sunday: 24 minutes
  10. Service Changes August 3, 2020 The following routes continue to be affected by COVID‐19: Reduced schedules Weekday – 3, 8, 9, 11, 29, 44, 46, 48, 68, 91, 109, 110 Saturday – 3, 26, 109 Sunday – 109 Routes temporarily cancelled Weekday – 32, 37, 64, 67, 100, 107, 185 Saturday – 107, 110 Sunday – 101, 107, 110 Remove from COVID communication list for August 61, all 300 school routes (not operating in summer)
  11. Google map --> https://bit.ly/2ARNuiA
  12. Being released by MiWay to social media starting tomorrow
  13. New construction coming to Meadowvale TC
  14. Effective: May 11, 2020 To increase passenger capacity on the Derry Corridor, larger buses have been added. These buses must load passengers at the on-street stop located at Platform K. Westwood Square Terminal: Routes 42 and 104 will move to the on-street bus bay on Morning Star Dr, servicing platform K. Deadhead routing required to return to regular westbound routing. Deadhead Routing: Service stop 7100 on Morning Star Dr, left on Darcel Ave, right on Brandon Gate Dr, right on Teeswater Rd, left on Corliss Cres, right on Morning Star Dr, left on Goreway Dr continue regular westbound routing.
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