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  1. MiWay

    0866 on 35 broke down in intersection of Eglinton W/B and Erin Mills Pkwy. Bus was blocking all N/B and 2 S/B left turn lanes for over an hour.
  2. MiWay

    My mistake. It is 30eth. Sorry and thanks.
  3. MiWay

    Yesterday there were 2 revisions to the 23 routing. Regular routing to and from Long Branch. Buses will drop off at a temp stop on Lakeshore west of Browns Line. Buses will deadhead east on Lakeshore, left on 30eth, left on Horner, left on Browns Line and right back onto Lakeshore to normal routing. Routes 5 and 23 will do transfers at Ogden and the 5 will still deadhead up and down Dixie and Lakeshore out of service to and from Ogden and Lakeshore and Dixie Mall
  4. MiWay

    Long Branch Loop Starting Monday September 18 Rt 5 will deadhead both directions from Lakeshore and Ogden to Dixie mall via Lakeshore/Dixie to layover and to turn around at. Rt 23 will service Long Branch by entering the TTC streetcar loop and drop off/pick up passengers ALL passengers at a temporary bus stop within the loop on the opposite side of the platform from our present stop. Rt 5 passengers will transfer at Ogden.
  5. MiWay

    I read a tweet that it was an electrical fire in the dash and the driver put it out with the fire extinguisher before Fire arrived. https://twitter.com/LateNightCam/status/905378485480378368
  6. MiWay

    Bunch of photos from a friend (Earl) of the new 1700's
  7. MiWay

    MiWay bus passengers hurt after hit-and-run crash at busy Mississauga intersection Peel Regional Police are trying to track down a black Honda car believed to be involved in a hit-and-run crash with a MiWay transit bus on the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug. 23 that left two passengers injured. Peel Region Paramedics responded to the crash in the area of Mavis Road and Eglinton Avenue around 1:30 p.m. and treated two injured passengers — an elderly woman and a teenaged boy — at the scene. Story - https://www.mississauga.com/news-story/7517383-miway-bus-passengers-hurt-after-hit-and-run-crash-at-busy-mississauga-intersection/
  8. MiWay

    1724 now arrived and on the fence at CP. Almost all arrived.
  9. MiWay

    They're still arriving. Newest 1 I've seen. 1723 Notices up that CCTT is closed this weekend and all buses are out on Rathburn. GO reporting that Renforth is not ready and although new sign up, Sept 4, shows Miway will be servicing it, all routes will remain on current detours using Skymark.
  10. MiWay

    The problem I have with feeding everything onto the 109 to Islington is riders loose the local drop and pickup service through Toronto. There are some riders who want off on Dundas and Burnhamthorpe. By putting all the riders from 20 & 35 onto the 109, it's now express to the subway.
  11. MiWay

    Whoops Friday afternoon. Approaching Islington subway drop off.
  12. MiWay

    Almost ready. Plates on, check. Farebox in, check. iBus in, check. Still needs Presto. Note, dufferent and bigger iBus screen.
  13. MiWay

  14. MiWay

    1038 is back on the road today. It is on the 35 this afternoon
  15. MiWay

    $2500 Didn't look back far enough. thanks