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  1. Closing off seats for physical distancing in bus. Beginning to look like a crime scene.
  2. This is related to the LRT construction
  3. Service changes effective April 27th sign up New route 2 will service Hurontario between the City Centre Terminal and Port Credit GO New route 17 will service Hurontario between the City Centre Terminal and Hurontario & 407 Park and Ride Route 19 will be replaced by two routes: • Route 2 servicing Hurontario between the City Centre Terminal and Port Credit GO • Route 17 servicing Hurontario between the City Centre Terminal and Hurontario & 407 Park and Ride Route 19A and 19B are cancelled
  4. Yes. It's in the works. So is closing off the seat behind driver in Novas and drivers can wear gloves and masks if they wish. Reduced service coming too.
  5. Route 108 buses affected buy passenger with COVID-19 were 1794 on Mar 2, 0822 on Mar 3 and 0811 on Mar 4. Buses were not sterilized until starting Mar 8. It will take until Mar 15 to complete the entire fleet. The Union has asked for 14 day self isolation for the affected workers (operators and maintenance) with full pay until their status in known if they were affected and Miway has said no. There is the further potential for virus spreading undetected. https://www.mississauga.com/news-story/9892615-mississauga-transit-workers-exposed-to-covid-19-untested-and-back-at-work-union-president/?fbclid=iwar22mm7cmdbu5uuhrjgx84c6ygfpemid3e_hbc4ywwuqxewav3zkjkrt4ow
  6. 0620 Was driving westbound Derry Rd when an eastbound tractor trailer turned north onto Bramalea Rd right in front of bus that was driving 60km/h. 100% truck drivers fault. Driver was banged up and bruised complaining of a sore shoulder. 3 passengers with minor injuries.
  7. Well, not replacing it but they are renovating it ----> http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/miway/city-centre-transit-terminal
  8. Who was Frank Cooke? https://www.thespec.com/news-story/5662450-former-hsr-general-manager-frank-cooke-dies-at-100/
  9. New Presto machines and readers starting to roll out on Miway and printers too
  10. Miway's sample. Probably all the same
  11. Miway to start getting those installed soon too.
  12. Contract deal accepted by drivers http://www.hamilton-today.com/transit/atu-members-approve-new-deal-between-union-and-city-of-hamilton-hamont/
  13. Back to the table 1 more time Wed Dec 18 to see if strike can be avoided before midnight deadline https://www.hamilton.ca/node/93411 and https://www.chch.com/no-hsr-service-if-deal-isnt-reached-between-city-and-union-by-thursday/
  14. Man dies, operator has minor injuries, Derry/Tomken https://www.680news.com/2019/12/10/man-dies-after-hitting-back-of-mississauga-city-bus/
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