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  1. You lose flexibility when you create a subfleet of busses. The racks would take up space on other routes that isn't necessary, so it wouldn't make sense to add them fleet-wide. But separating the DD fleet into "70" and "other" means that interlining runs with other routes can't occur and busses can't cycle through maintenance, etc. easily.
  2. VIA Rail Canada

  3. VIA Rail Canada

    For anyone keeping track, this morning something that hasn't happened in a long time - months at least - occurred. Both #1 and #2 arrived on time at Vancouver and Toronto, respectively. In fact, #2 arrived over an hour early. http://reservia.viarail.ca/tsi/GetTrainStatus.aspx?l=en&TsiCCode=VIA&TsiTrainNumber=1-&TrainInstanceDate=2017-10-17 http://reservia.viarail.ca/tsi/GetTrainStatus.aspx?l=en&TsiCCode=VIA&TsiTrainNumber=2-&TrainInstanceDate=2017-10-17
  4. VIA Rail Canada

    If it was the train that arrived the day before the photo was posted, approx. 10 hours late. http://reservia.viarail.ca/tsi/GetTrainStatus.aspx?l=en&TsiCCode=VIA&TsiTrainNumber=1-&TrainInstanceDate=2017-09-30
  5. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    The Times Colonist quoted today that Greyhound's average ridership on the Victoria - Nanaimo run is 9 passengers. I don't think you'll see Wilsons (or anyone else) eager to start this service once Greyhound is given approval to stop. Between Islandlink & Tofino Bus I'm sure there is enough capacity on their existing runs. Tofino Bus may also be able to apply for approval to service Victoria - Duncan using their existing runs. Currently only Greyhound can sell a ticket between these two communities.
  6. Pacific Coach Lines

    Believe they still offer YVR-Tsawwassen service to connect to Wilson's Vancouver - Victoria bus.
  7. Wilson's Transportation

    The bus will drive on the ferry just as PCL does http://www.timescolonist.com/business/new-operator-takes-wheel-of-cross-waterbus-service-1.2159461