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  1. The Chi-Cheemaun ferry ends seasonal service in October.
  2. They've been sitting at the Cruise Ship Terminal for months. Not sure why so secretive.
  3. I would certainly hope that the drivers aren't being scheduled for an out-and-back trip as part of one duty day. The Kelowna bus leaves Vancouver at 10:30am and doesn't get back until over 12 hours later. Consider time to pick up/drop off the bus from the depot & load passengers and that's an almost a 13-14 hour day!!! Now add in some time for snow storms, traffic, etc. I wouldn't want to be on that bus on the return leg, the driver would be beyond fatigued. Never mind if they had already done the same thing the day before. I doubt a driver base would be required in Kelowna, but certa
  4. Wilson's "The BC Connector" began their service to Kamloops, Kelowna & Whistler today. 1 x Daily to Kamloops & Kelowna 3x Daily to Whistler, with extra departure on Friday https://bcconnector.ca/schedules/ For some reason the Kamloops & Kelowna services have not been timed for connections with their Victoria service, as they arrive back to Vancouver late in the evening. Prices are a few dollars less than EBus.
  5. Yes, the BC PTB put a simplified/expedited process in place in wake of Greyhound's announcement: http://www.ptboard.bc.ca/documents/qa-simplified-icb-applications.pdf
  6. Why do you say that? The application from Diversified came in a few weeks after Rider's. PTB appears to conduct their reviews based on application date.
  7. They seem to be quite disorganized. I mean - they are expecting to start the route in 10 days, but haven't posted a schedule, stop locations, never mind begun taking reservations, etc. They should take the time to do it right instead of half-ass it.
  8. No, they do not have approval. Not sure this is the best way to go about it, either.
  9. They have applied - but that doesn't mean they've been approved. Wilson's also applied for these routes, as well as Rider's application to the AB border which would also serve Kamloops-Vancouver. A Merritt company also wants to offer Merritt to Kamloops/Kelowna/Prince George, among other, which will also duplicate some of the above applicants. Lots for the PTB to consider. Separately, Snowbus has also applied for year round service covering Richmond & Burnaby to Whistler. http://www.ptboard.bc.ca/bus.htm for all the current proposals.
  10. They did! Last time I took the Canadian, it was a 3 night schedule. It was extended about 10 years ago but that resulted in CN just delaying the train further.
  11. In BC, Wilson's is looking at some of the major routes: http://www.timescolonist.com/business/wilson-s-looks-at-taking-over-some-greyhound-bus-routes-1.23363924 Wilson's took over Vancouver - Victoria service from Pacific Coach a year or two ago. They also applied for Victoria - Nanaimo service when Greyhound announced they were discontinuing it, but were denied by the PTB since two other operators already service the route (and beyond).
  12. Some provinces regulate bus routes. Take the BC market. If someone bought Greyhound, that would come with all current route authorities and commitments. The ones that make money, and the ones that don't. Instead, that company can now apply to service the routes that they see a business case on. Eg Vancouver - Kelowna etc.
  13. Why would someone want to buy Greyhound, and all of it's baggage, when they can just cherry pick routes of interest?
  14. No doubt that Wilson's and others will be looking at Vancouver to Kelowna and other profitable routes.
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