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  1. So far I believe 6001-6015 are in Pearl City right now, I have seen some XD60 2022 Modules at Pearl City Facility, I couldn’t see the rest, I only saw units 6002, 6004, 6005, 6013 and 6007.
  2. atlast the only one 6022
  3. 6001-6015 Besides 6012 is on Pearl City Facility
  4. Update: Fleet of the 6000s 6001-6015 Also update on bus 348 Bus 6004 and 6013 are in the picture.
  5. I have informed that 6001-6015 are gonna come soon and 3502-3505 as for now. 3501 is not running due to the AC being broken, more information will be explained.
  6. Some busses will go on hele-on and some are on sale for scrap, same with 101 and 919
  7. @Williamv @Alika.valdez1234 Before I make any changes, is this statement true or false?? 300s retired from service.
  8. I would like to share some pictures enjoy: Credits to: @Pink_91119 and JetBlueMech.
  9. Ayy thank you for telling me Those busses were running good to, and #142 got an upgrade.
  10. going to be out in a while


  11. I saw this video and I am not sure if this video is based on true or false?? The detail is that #139 is gonna be sold for scrap, is this true or someone give me details??
  12. NSX

    Barrie Transit

    That looks nice!
  13. Im back after a long break, sorry, just have to change my profile later.

  14. I also have issues with St. George: Regardless, it's a really neat app!
  15. NSX

    MTA style shirt

    Saw these @ Markville Winners a few weeks ago: You can view in larger 2MP form @ my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aznrocket/ But anyways, what do you guys think of the shirt? I don't know how accurate that is, but I thought it'd be so awesome if TTC or YRT created their own version like that. Can you imagine the TTC Ride Guide as a shirt? I'm thinking of e-mailing it as a suggestion to TTC and YRT too.
  16. haha, exactly! Well, I took the lucky 408 - not sure if it was you YRT-Guy? There were reports that it was you The driver was extremely helpful though, talking to passengers, announcing most, if not all, of the stops! [edit] It was you! Wow, can I commend you for an award or something?
  17. lol, thanks Some good coverage on the ongoing strike too: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/t...iday-night.aspx
  18. 2 blurbs: 680news has reporters around the stations, and one (ex)-rider spoke of how people were angry with the situation. As a result, there are "broken pipes" at Yonge & Bloor, as well as a TTC staff being "roughed up". It was my last day of classes today (Huzzah!), but I had no idea of the TTC strike. I boarded a northbound T1 train around 11:40pm, which apparently was the last run of the night. The announcements on the P/A were so weird - e.g. "last train from Downsview to St. Clair would be at 12am, from Donlands eastbound to ... would be at 12am"; however, there was nothing at all about a strike! When I got to Finch, the driver announced that this would be the last train to arrive at Finch. So my friend and I get to the bus platform at Finch, and the people were quite disheveled. It was especially fishy because there were no buses laying over, and there were much more people than usual at this time. I wait for the 53A bus for about 5 minutes, then my brother calls me and tells me that there's no TTC service! Luckily, I see a YRT 2 Milliken bus on the other side, and wanting to be a helpful commuter, yell out to the people at the station that the 2 Milliken routing is essentially parallel to the Steeles Service. The YRT driver was also nice enough to stop along Yonge Street and not require paying a fare. So a hoard of would-be TTC riders goes on the 2 Milliken. What a way to end off my 5 years of university eh? Also, WTF is with Bob Kinnear and the ATU? I realize that they're looking out for their staff and all, but people are getting screwed here. People are reasonable if you tell them what to expect. They're not reasonable if you decide to screw them without telling them anything. Also, the 48 hours notice just went out the window. Damn Kinnear.
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