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  1. So far I believe 6001-6015 are in Pearl City right now, I have seen some XD60 2022 Modules at Pearl City Facility, I couldn’t see the rest, I only saw units 6002, 6004, 6005, 6013 and 6007.
  2. atlast the only one 6022
  3. 6001-6015 Besides 6012 is on Pearl City Facility
  4. Update: Fleet of the 6000s 6001-6015 Also update on bus 348 Bus 6004 and 6013 are in the picture.
  5. I have informed that 6001-6015 are gonna come soon and 3502-3505 as for now. 3501 is not running due to the AC being broken, more information will be explained.
  6. Some busses will go on hele-on and some are on sale for scrap, same with 101 and 919
  7. @Williamv @Alika.valdez1234 Before I make any changes, is this statement true or false?? 300s retired from service.
  8. I would like to share some pictures enjoy: Credits to: @Pink_91119 and JetBlueMech.
  9. Ayy thank you for telling me Those busses were running good to, and #142 got an upgrade.
  10. going to be out in a while


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