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  1. What I was wondering is if they also contact everyone that fails the interview whether it be by letter or what have you.. or do they just leave you hanging like this.....I would love to contact them but they have no phone number for HR.
  2. well its been 5 months since my interview and no contact so I guess the owl got lost.
  3. Does anyone know if HR contacts you whether you are successful or not after the interview for the operator position??
  4. well it has now been 3 months since my interview and still no letter or phone call.......anyone else have to wait this long for a response??
  5. "However they did say during the interview that they would get in touch regardless of whether i got the job or not" Yes that is what they told me also but I cant imagine why they would wait this long to say no......I just hoping they are waiting to see how many operators they will need in the new year????maybe wishfull thinking on my part.
  6. Well it has been 8 weeks since m interview and still no word....starting to lose hope....the interview I thought went well....I would have thought if they were going to say no they would have sent the letter right away?? Anyone else have to wait this long for a response?
  7. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to hear back after an operator interview...I had my interview 3 weeks ago and havent heard a yes or a no yet.
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