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  1. * Mr. Black *

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    I believe so, because I talked to the trainer, and also got him to change the sign for a picture....
  2. * Mr. Black *

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    It was there for new driver training...
  3. * Mr. Black *

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Also a suggestion to cancel the 33 service during this prolonged Detour, the 7 bus will be covering the entire route at this time, and would make the service redundant
  4. * Mr. Black *

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    you'd never get away with that on my bus....
  5. * Mr. Black *

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    I would assume, until all the vehicles are converted.....
  6. hmmmmm..... 9240-9999 = 760.... Plenty of space 3100-3999 = 900.... Not much space 2 + 2 = 4 - 1 = 3 Quick Maths.....
  7. * Mr. Black *


    Saw W501 in service at Bathurst & Neptune
  8. * Mr. Black *

    Current TTC Wraps

    1257 for Metro West Queen West at Wilson Garage
  9. * Mr. Black *

    Transit Model Thread

    Check out this new Streetcar model kit..... Berkshire Car Shop O Scale CLRV Kit
  10. * Mr. Black *

    Transit Model Thread

    Don't feel too bad.... Ive been waiting over 10 years for him to finish 2 Fishbowls for me.... Also, Watch out for "Star City Customs" been waiting 3 years for an orion V model..... Did you produce any Novabus Articulated buses? I would love to do an O scale one....
  11. * Mr. Black *

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    Re: 800 Pan AM signage All the shuttle services for Pan Am have been given the same route number, 800. Angus Glen is the only advertised shuttle for the games. But there are shuttles that (when needed) go Between MAR and Finch Terminal via 407, or Finch Term to MAR via RHC.... they are meant more for the volunteers, and game day event tickets, although anyone can ride. There will also be regular YRT buses used with the same 800 signage.... these will be seen more when the events pick up....
  12. * Mr. Black *

    Today's Special Sightings

    it was a charter...... Maarkham Seinors Assn. or something like that
  13. * Mr. Black *

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    Congrats to CMC12!!! Its truly a case of the Student, becoming the Teacher.... then winning the roadeo!! (inside joke)
  14. * Mr. Black *

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    502 is also wrapped for 760