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  1. because that is the policy. That is what TTC management wants....
  2. They are still Promasters. quick snap of w701
  3. well... can't disagree with you there... Hopefully, this isn't the case though, word is, diver of the vehicle was drunk, and trying to flee the scene of another accident they caused, when they hit the bus... probably why there has been no mention of it in the news. TTC not to blame, is not news worthy
  4. You mean, the video you already had access to..... The same video that you were protecting due to "privacy reasons" And, what 'Help" were you providing? Seems more like bragging.... Its very interesting to me, that you made your account right after this topic was started, and this is the only topic you have participated in. If you weren't a member before, then how did you know of this board, and this topic?
  5. Yeah…. I’m gonna have to call BS on that…. There is no way you could look at where those buses were parked, and not know they are on private property. And even if they were parked on the street, the buses, themselves are private property. If I parked my car In my driveway, and there are no signs that say private property, or a fence, does that give you permission to go Carte Blanche on my car?? once this individual began to try to enter either bus, wouldn’t that would be a giant red flag as to why you shouldn’t be there… ? also 2 buses were vandalized… after the first one, you still didn’t realize that you being there was probably not a wise idea?? Understand that because of these actions that you willingly “witnessed” the Orion CNG is being scrapped, and private owners are now scrambling to find more secluded spots for their buses, and are now more weary of bringing them out into the public….
  6. IF you were there, YOU were also TRESSPASSING..... Why would you think that is OK? Also if you witnessed this individual Steal, and vandalize, and did nothing to stop it,that would make you an accessory to the crime.... :slow clap:
  7. Yes, part of the training, is in service
  8. It was a Training car, doing In-Service training
  9. Honestly, it has been said before that we have a surplus of T1 cars, a CLRV work car in the subway, wouldn't make much sense... That being said, a Streetcar system work car, could be more likely....
  10. It’s been here for a little while actually... here it is at Davisville/Head office in January...
  11. 1201 has been refurbed, and is now in LFLRV livery, also has the “Hybrid Electric” logos on the roofline
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