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  1. 1201 has been refurbed, and is now in LFLRV livery, also has the “Hybrid Electric” logos on the roofline
  2. Just one bus?? and I believe the question still hasn't been answered.... What about the INVITE?
  3. You know... when I drove school bus, one morning, I came to find my windows broken, my radio stolen and bus graffiti sprayed.... Must have been those damn school bus foamers that found out where i parked my bus......
  4. Seriously... this ain't the place to get your post count up....
  5. 3404 is actually there for Mechanic orientation.... and was at Wilson for at least two weeks before the defect storage took place.
  6. I believe so, because I talked to the trainer, and also got him to change the sign for a picture....
  7. Also a suggestion to cancel the 33 service during this prolonged Detour, the 7 bus will be covering the entire route at this time, and would make the service redundant
  8. hmmmmm..... 9240-9999 = 760.... Plenty of space 3100-3999 = 900.... Not much space 2 + 2 = 4 - 1 = 3 Quick Maths.....
  9. Saw W501 in service at Bathurst & Neptune
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