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  1. 090939 is now retired: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-rv-motorhome/calgary/2009-ihc-72-passenger-school-bus/1628934759
  2. Looks like 090975 is now retired and listed for $8,000 on Kijiji: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-heavy-trucks/calgary/2009-international-70-passenger-school-bus/1628326404
  3. First has taken delivery of 30-40 brand new 72-passenger C2s. Looks like some of the specs on these include full LED lighting, a black grill, and a color version of the company's new logo! And it also looks like they are back to 4-digit numbering... Seen below are photos of 5817, 5787, some unnumbered C2s, and two former Oregon-based units: 171113 and 17258x.
  4. Why not charter highway coaches? 3+ hours on an XD40 at highway speeds will be ROUGH on the back... even a school bus would probably be better.
  5. Took a quick drive around Greenview Industrial tonight. The Main Yard is no more, as it is now used as a storage lot for (used?) cars. North and NE Yards are still used by First, but are much emptier than in the past. Speaking of the North Yard, it now has privacy fencing all around its perimeter. One can no longer easily see/photograph any of the buses inside.
  6. Oh wow, that's quite the find! Have not seen that one before.
  7. 155109 has been retired and is for sale on Kijiji.
  8. https://livewirecalgary.com/2022/04/29/calgary-transit-operators-mechanics-and-buses-pandemic-recovery/
  9. Spotted 121224 in service this morning. Don't see too many Type D school buses in the city these days...
  10. Good catch! That must be one of the ex-Idaho IC CEs that were brought in back in 2020. Have not been able to spot one in service thus far.
  11. Spotted 202 (2005-2008 IC CE 72 passenger) and 4913 (2002 Thomas FS-65 48 passenger) running on routes in the far NW today.
  12. 7003 has been retrofitted with two side-mounted video cameras on the driver side.
  13. One of the cars made it out to a field near Acme:
  14. These schedules seem to really underestimate the likely rise in demand come September. With the majority of university students returning to in-person learning and more companies mandating their employees' return to the office, I do not see how these schedules will suffice.
  15. Here's a bit of a blast from the past: 1724 is for sale on Kijiji! Photos from listing. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-rv-motorhome/calgary/skoolie-project-bus/1579011695
  16. 1309 was recently for sale on Kijiji. Unfortunately I cannot find the link to it anymore, but here are some photos from the listing.
  17. Those must be very recent arrivals; didn't see them a couple weeks ago. Are they 72 passenger units? Those ones are former Vancouver units. Spotted 102211 at the North Yard as well a few weeks back. The IC CE would be 2551 based on the license plate. Also spotted 140176 (2014 Thomas C2, Airdrie based) retired with most of its front missing. I have recently been able to get some photos of some transferred units. Seen below are 102376 (former Idaho unit) and 103386 (former California unit). To the right of 103386, you can see part of 142266, a former California unit as well. Both photos taken from outside the fences.
  18. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/ctrain-calgary-police-pedestrian-injury-1.6097905
  19. Not sure on the numbers, but saw a 3-car U2 consist heading inbound at Dalhousie Station around 12AM tonight!
  20. Spotted a smoky 2234 active and running on Crowchild Trail near Kensington Road yesterday evening!
  21. Haven't seen 3317, but I did spot 3255 a couple months ago. Speaking of 2945, here it is at the North Yard back in January 2021:
  22. Former First #R1028 is listed for sale on Kijiji: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/calgary/2006-e-350-super-duty-school-bus/1557179461
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