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  1. https://globalnews.ca/news/6469094/nenshi-alberta-budget-calgary-transit I'll gladly accept a few more years of U2s in service!
  2. Wow, great find! I haven't seen that unit before. I think that one was transferred from Oregon as well, as it shares some similarities with these units - notice the same black decal on the rear exit door, and similar placement of the emergency side door: https://flic.kr/p/zK1f1N & https://flic.kr/p/rpboBu Thanks for the picture, looks like I'll have to checkout the Main Yard sometime to see what else they may have acquired recently.
  3. VisualEditor is not able to launch, and is giving the same error message noted above by other users.
  4. Spotted it again today and got a pic - it's 8402! Unlike the other propane Visions, looks like this one is a 66 passenger.
  5. Spotted a propane Vision with short tinted windows (similar to some of Willco's units). Unfortunately I could not get a good look at the fleet number, but it looked to start with an 8, so keep an eye out for this unit.
  6. There are 3 or 4 ElDorados parked in "The Storage Depot" near Deerfoot and Stoney Trail. All still have their CT colors.
  7. Sometime last week, I spotted what appeared to be 1404 still running near Brentwood!
  8. Here are some pics of the 2011 BlueBird Vision I found awhile back on their Facebook page when they first started up:
  9. The Calgary Transit page has a main header that says "Calgary transit". Lack of capitalization on Transit makes the page look unprofessional and should be changed if possible.
  10. Spotted what appeared to be a brand new propane Thomas Minotour with tinted windows and the American style "First Student" logo. Couldn't get a fleet number, but it looked to be 6-digits starting with a 2.
  11. According to Transit 55, 8395 made its debut today on the 3/62/796 and is out until 12:28 tonight.
  12. Nice find! Never seen that one before. Attached pictures for when the listing goes down.
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