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  1. School Bus 101

    1995 D40LF Fleet

    7558 returned to service on the 109 this evening according to T55!
  2. School Bus 101

    CTrain Station Renovations

    Does anyone have a picture of these convenience stores? Curious what these looked like as I do not recall seeing these in person.
  3. School Bus 101

    CTrain Station Renovations

    A bit of a minor note, but the majority of the Brentwood Station platform received a new, non-slip floor coating this past long weekend.
  4. School Bus 101

    Southland Transportation

    Spotted 72 passenger C2 #6372 this afternoon.
  5. School Bus 101

    First Student Canada

    Yep, those 150*** C2s were delivered back in 2014. One of them was used on the Cavalia shuttle, as seen in the first attached picture. Also attached is a picture of another repainted unit from last weekend.
  6. School Bus 101

    First Student Canada

    Check out the lighting retrofit on this C2!
  7. School Bus 101

    Willco Transportation Ltd.

    Spotted 1409 and an identical looking unit following it. Couldn't see the number of the second unit, but I would assume it's 1410 if they numbered these two units at the same time.
  8. School Bus 101

    General BRT discussion

    Not sure what the source of these documents is, but someone posted these screenshots on Twitter
  9. School Bus 101

    First Student Canada

    Just saw 3258 (2008 IC CE300) and 80921 (2014 IC CE) on their way to the Stampede from Calgary West campground.
  10. School Bus 101

    First Student Canada

    So that's the unit I saw operating on the shuttle a few weeks ago! There's actually another unit numbered 463941 that looks just like the unit you pictured; spotted it parked at the Main Yards a month or so ago.
  11. School Bus 101

    Calgary Transit

    What is a "FLT floater" ? This route has appeared in the Calgary Transit website's schedule section, and Transit 55 is showing 39 buses on this "route". https://transit55.ca/calgary/route?id=FLT
  12. School Bus 101

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    No pictures, but just a heads up that a "Rotel" bus operated by Das Rollende Hotel is in the Calgary/Banff area right now. Spotted the unit near the Sandman Hotel at COP thirty minutes ago... even has European plates! Here's a picture of it for reference: http://www.rvwest.com/article/rv_news/rvers_by_any_other_name_are_still_rvers
  13. School Bus 101

    Willco Transportation Ltd.

    A few days ago, I spotted #1528 parked in a storage yard at 80th Avenue and 40th St NE. It did not have the Willco Transportation decals on it, but the fleet number is still in its usual place. I also spotted what looked to be #1805 parked at Graham Auctions in SE Calgary, but I am not certain that it was this particular unit.
  14. School Bus 101

    First Student Canada

    One of the Airdrie-based units!
  15. School Bus 101

    First Student Canada

    090987 from a few days ago