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  1. My Fare Mobile Ticketing System - coming July 1, 2020 FAQ: http://www.calgarytransit.com/MyFare
  2. Thanks for the article, I was not aware of this. Even moreso than before, this makes me wish Cardinal didn't get taken over.
  3. I noticed this as well recently, but have not had the time to checkout their Main Yards. Also interesting to note that the most recent Google Streetview pictures from August 2019 show a "For Sale" sign outside their Main Yard.
  4. Spotted 7651 OFF on southbound Deerfoot just past 64th Avenue at around 11am today.
  5. 1260 involved in an accident earlier this evening on Crowchild Trail at 5th Avenue NW. Apart from the damage seen in the picture, one of the passenger windows on the right side of the bus was completely shattered. https://globalnews.ca/news/6745501/bus-crash-northwest-calgary/
  6. 7797 on the 174 tonight. Edit: 7753 on the 97/105/113/129
  7. Took a look at some updated Google Streetview imagery from Grande Prairie. Looks like the following ex-Calgary units are now based up there: 2529 2543 2767 146208 150547 201457 201517
  8. Spotted #180, a 2005-2008 IC CE 72 passenger with tinted windows and interchangeable destination signs.
  9. Just wondering, but will there be a stop at any of the garages for photos? Would be cool to take a look at Stoney CNG if possible (or Spring Gardens, since I would imagine Stoney would be off limits on a weekend).
  10. That's an FS-65 if I recall correctly, yes?
  11. https://globalnews.ca/news/6469094/nenshi-alberta-budget-calgary-transit I'll gladly accept a few more years of U2s in service!
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