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  1. Spotted a smoky 2234 active and running on Crowchild Trail near Kensington Road yesterday evening!
  2. Haven't seen 3317, but I did spot 3255 a couple months ago. Speaking of 2945, here it is at the North Yard back in January 2021:
  3. Former First #R1028 is listed for sale on Kijiji: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/calgary/2006-e-350-super-duty-school-bus/1557179461
  4. Spotted Scout heading North near Brentwood Station yesterday (January 21, 2021) at around 12PM!
  5. 8423 was also still stranded on Rocky Ridge Road just near Tuscany Station as of yesterday evening.
  6. 2075 is listed on the City's Surplus Sales and Auction page. If only they'd auction off specific parts of it like the destination sign... https://surplus.calgary.ca/Public/Default.aspx?category=28
  7. Someone made a post about this consist on the Calgary subreddit.
  8. Looks like this one may be former Willco #1800. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/grande-prairie/1986-gmc-school-bus/1527003637
  9. Former Cardinal/First Student #2742 is for sale on Kijiji. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-rv-motorhome/edmonton/ihc-diesel-pusher/1522727197 Photos for when the listing goes down.
  10. Former Willco #515 is on the selling block once again. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-rv-motorhome/edmonton/skoolie-school-bus/1525438012 Photos attached are from the listing.
  11. I would prefer it be a Saturday. On a different train of thought - how come these charters are always planned for March? I feel like it'd be much nicer to have one in May or June when the Calgary scenery looks much more appealing, roads are cleaner, and the weather is much warmer. Just my opinion.
  12. Spotted 3458 (2003-04 BlueBird International) deadheading on Stoney Trail the other day.
  13. Great to hear it's still active! That one, being a 2003 year, might very well be the oldest unit still active in their fleet...
  14. First has brought in some 72 passenger IC CEs from Idaho. Spotted 15-20 units at the Main Yard, including the following: 100182 (pictured below) 102377 110575 (pictured below) 110578 110583 All units have an emergency exit door on the left side, and at least one of them (could not see the fleet number) had an exterior camera on the driver's side. Other observations: First still occupies the Main Yard, despite there having been a "For Sale" sign outside of it last year; 2580 is in the process of being parted out and has been sitting in the same spot
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