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  1. MAX BRT

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    SF Muni commits to all electric bus fleet by 2035. "by 2035 we will be able to provide an all-electric fleet that won’t require overhead wires." http://www.greencarcongress.com/2018/05/20180516-muni.html
  2. MAX BRT


    Yes, I suspect it is more expensive up front. And don't underestimate the power of inertia. Humans tend to keep doing what they are already doing, especially if it is working for them. And in business, if the customer is satisfied, that is good enough--until suddenly the customer realizes there is something better.
  3. MAX BRT


    Cities are phasing out diesel and hybrid. Proterra is convinced that all transit buses will be electric within a few years. Heck, NFI says the same thing.
  4. MAX BRT


    I tend to think the Proterra composite body will grow in popularity from here. That would be because of its advantages of being lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and highly stiff and strong.
  5. MAX BRT

    MARTA (Atlanta)

    MARTA to showcase an electric 60 foot artic today. A New Flyer Xcelsior Charge, probably the same blue demo that was in Seattle and elsewhere? https://atlantadailyworld.com/2018/05/10/marta-to-showcase-new-electric-flyer-bus-today/