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  1. Proterra

    Medic is right. Proterra buses generally have a single permanent magnet drive motor paired with a special 2-speed transmission. More info here: https://www.proterra.com/technology/drivetrain/
  2. Proterra

    2 Proterra buses will be on the street in Baltimore, running as shuttles for BGE https://patch.com/maryland/baltimore/bge-unveils-first-electric-bus
  3. Maryland Transit Administration

    This post is not about the MTA but it is about buses in Baltimore 2 Proterra buses will soon be on the streets, running as shuttles for BGE employees to downtown Baltimore. https://patch.com/maryland/baltimore/bge-unveils-first-electric-bus
  4. San Mateo County Transit District - SamTrans

    10 Proterras will be coming to Samtrans, they say they are expected by early 2019! 40 footers. https://patch.com/california/sanbruno/10-electric-busses-samtrans
  5. BYD "E-Bus"

    Albuquerque Journal has an update regarding the unproven BYD 60 footers that were to be delivered to Albuquerque by last October: (The below quotes are from the article by Maddy Hayden) “We are left with little choice but to start exploring other options regarding the bus provider and the size and type of buses that will work best for Albuquerque riders on the new system,” Albuquerque Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Rael said in a news release. 20 fully electric, 60-foot articulated buses worth nearly $23 million were originally to be delivered by Oct. 4 of last year. That deadline was extended to Feb. 22. “Here we sit, Feb. 23, and we’re still short buses,” he said in an interview. BYD spokesman Joshua Hernandez said in a statement that the current delays are due to the company’s external supply chain. Of the 16 buses received, the city has identified multiple problems, including panels that have cracked and axle hubs that are leaking. Rael said a letter of liquidated damages was sent to BYD on Friday. According to the contract, a $275-a-day fee would be assessed to BYD for each bus not delivered “in substantially good condition” by the stipulated deadline. Rael said BYD owes $801,000 in damages. “BYD continues to provide moving targets and has not addressed significant quality concerns,” Keller said in a statement. “We will formally put the company on notice about the lack of compliance and the potential for compensatory damages.” https://www.abqjournal.com/1137578/city-looks-into-other-options-for-art-buses.html

    Six more ART buses arrive in Albuquerque; four still to come Six Albuquerque Rapid Transit buses traveling in a convoy made the nearly 800-mile drive from Lancaster, Calif., to their new home in Albuquerque this weekend, arriving late Sunday night. Source: https://www.abqjournal.com/1135818/six-more-art-buses-arrive-in-albuquerque-four-still-to-come-ex-city-still-working-on-resolving-issues-uncovered-on-buses-already-here.html
  7. Metro Transit

    More rapid-bus lines planned for Twin Cities In the coming years, 10 more rapid-bus lines will snake throughout the metro's busiest transit corridors — and last week, the network's build-out reached two milestones. Advocates say rapid-bus service offers passengers a light-rail-like experience but is far cheaper to build and maintain. ". . . Metro Transit says the A-line corridor has seen 5 percent month-over-month increases in ridership during its second year. The A-line is well situated, because it serves the Blue Line 46th Street LRT station on one end and Rosedale mall on the other. In between, there’s the Snelling Avenue Green Line LRT stop, the State Fairgrounds and several colleges, including Macalester and Hamline." Source: http://www.startribune.com/more-rapid-bus-lines-planned-for-twin-cities/474438883/
  8. St. Albert Sightings

    Electric buses shine in St. Albert Four more on the way as city reaps provincial award By April Hudson Feb 20, 2018 https://www.stalbertgazette.com/article/electric-buses-shine-st-albert-20180220
  9. Proterra

    Proterra electric buses experience surge of interest as cities invest in clean transit https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/money/2018/02/17/proterra-electric-buses-experience-surge-interest-cities-invest-clean-transit/1025854001/ Bus fans won't want to miss clicking the link for this article. It includes photos and video of buses in production in South Carolina.
  10. ABQ RIDE

    Update on the delayed BRT project in Albuquerque: http://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/more-traffic-headaches-expected-with-art-reconstruction/4788104/ "ART reconstruction is underway and today the actual slope of some of the bus stops is going to be corrected. The stop at Coors and Atrisco is expected to have intermittent right lane closures for the next three weeks as corrective work is done on the north side of the station. KOB has also learned that five more ART buses will arrive in the city shortly. Right now, ten of 20 of the electric buses are in Albuquerque. The bus manufacturer has taken responsibility for the delay and has promised the city will get its entire fleet with no additional cost to taxpayers."
  11. The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    Nova seems to be way behind on development. I'm not even sure that they have their pilot project buses in Montreal on the street yet.
  12. Long Beach Transit (California)

    Hey Shakey, do you know how well the BYD buses are doing, especially in terms of reliability?
  13. Santa Barbara MTD

    According to BYD, the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District will soon be rolling out 14 BYD K7 electric buses --30 footers. They have already received 11 of the 14. The buses have a range of more than 140 miles and a capacity of up to 42 passengers. http://www.masstransitmag.com/press_release/12395322/byd-announces-new-electric-bus-deliveries-to-santa-barbara-uc-san-francisco
  14. BYD "E-Bus"

    Good question. I didn't realize its actually a coach bus. http://www.metro-magazine.com/sustainability/product/411053/23-ft-battery-electric-bus
  15. Proterra

    Very cool, thanks for spreading the word!