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  1. MAX BRT


    10 San Jose (CA) airport buses--in a row. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/San-Jose-Unveils-10-Zero-Emission-Electric-Buses-at-Airport-509469601.html
  2. MAX BRT

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    The last RTS bus in circulation makes its final run https://www.amny.com/transit/rts-bus-mta-1.30744657
  3. MAX BRT

    BYD "E-Bus"

    I don't have any direct experience, so take what I say with that in mind. But I read everything I can find and I can say that both Proterra and New Flyer make electric buses that have avoided reports of promises broken. Proterra is especially interesting, since their bus is built from the ground up to be electric (unlike the New Flyer Xcelsior platform) and uses a composite bus body in order to be lighter and perhaps even more durable. I also like that Proterra packages the traction batteries below the floor of the bus, delivering a low center of gravity for vehicle stability. They also have the longest history and the most miles racked up here in North America. I believe that NY MTA, Toronto TTC and others will soon be testing buses from all three of these manufacturers, so I'll be watching for the results of those tests over time.
  4. MAX BRT

    BYD "E-Bus"

    As someone who follows news of electric buses closely, (I'm a big fan) I can't help but have concern over the quality of the BYD product. Too many stories of over-promising and under-delivering. As for your point a) Proterra moved its headquarters to California in 2015 (according to the timeline on Proterra's website), but I'm sure the proximity of their South Carolina factory is a selling point as they market their buses in the Southeastern US. So they have a strong presence in Cali, but also in the Southeast.
  5. MAX BRT

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    NYT article: New York City’s Quirkiest Bus: 1 Bridge, 3 Stops The B39 only goes from one side of the Williamsburg Bridge to the other. But it is a lifeline for its regulars. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/30/nyregion/mta-b39-bus.html
  6. MAX BRT

    Portland TriMet

    Video of 3801 in service available here:
  7. MAX BRT

    Alexander Dennis

    Foothill Transit ADL EV double decker revealed in Millbrook UK. This bus reportedly has batteries and battery management by US based Proterra. Foothill is a long-time Proterra customer. Hat tip and thanks to CPTDB Administrator 2044 for the link!
  8. MAX BRT

    New Flyer electric bus

    First XE40 is on the street in Portland--Line 62-Murray Blvd. Four more electric New Flyers will electrify the whole route this summer. https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/vehicles/press-release/21076819/new-flyer-trimet-welcomes-first-xcelsior-charge-electric-bus-powered-by-portland-general-electric-clean-renewable-energy
  9. MAX BRT

    Portland TriMet

    First XE40 is on the street in Portland--Line 62-Murray Blvd. Four more electric buses to electrify the route by summer. https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/vehicles/press-release/21076819/new-flyer-trimet-welcomes-first-xcelsior-charge-electric-bus-powered-by-portland-general-electric-clean-renewable-energy
  10. MAX BRT

    Spokane Transit Authority, Spokane, Washington

    Spokane Transit's Central City Line wins $53.4 million in federal money, fully funding the project https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/news/21075723/spokane-transits-central-city-line-wins-534-million-in-federal-money-fully-funding-the-project
  11. MAX BRT

    ETS Electric Bus testing

    Edmonton to boast Canada’s largest fleet of electric buses https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/edmonton-to-boast-canadas-largest-fleet-of-electric-buses/ar-BBVFKlh?li=AAggXBV
  12. MAX BRT


    Proterra shorties in Foothill Transit livery, sexy beasts! Looks like new improved taillight modules. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/duarte-becomes-first-city-in-southern-california-with-an-all-electric-bus-fleet/ar-BBVvwhG?fullscreen=true#image=4 Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/duarte-becomes-first-city-in-southern-california-with-an-all-electric-bus-fleet/ar-BBVvwhG#image=4
  13. MAX BRT

    BYD "E-Bus"

    IndyGo’s new electric buses can’t go the distance "IndyGo says the electric buses it intends to use on the Red Line are falling short of expectations in an important way: Drivers have been unable to squeeze more than 256 miles out of a fully charged vehicle, despite the 275-mile charging range promised by manufacturer BYD Ltd. And on the coldest days, the range falls well below 200 miles, IndyGo test results show. IndyGo says it’s working with BYD to resolve the problem, which will likely involve adding in-route charging stations and additional buses—at BYD’s expense." Source: https://www.ibj.com/articles/73113-indygos-new-electric-buses-cant-go-the-distance
  14. MAX BRT

    New Flyer electric bus

    New York City adds to its zero-emission fleet with an award to New Flyer for 15 low floor 60-foot Xcelsior CHARGE™ battery-electric transit buses https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/new-york-city-adds-to-its-zero-emission-fleet-with-an-award-to-new-flyer-for-15-low-floor-60-foot-xcelsior-charge-battery-electric-transit-buses-1028057098
  15. They have moved it to the Xcelsior platform and added the 60 foot articulated option. The technology has evolved and no doubt costs are falling to some degree.