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  1. MAX BRT

    Duluth Transit Authority

    Proterra sighting in Duluth! https://www.wdio.com/news/umd-dta-electric-bus/5106452/
  2. MAX BRT

    New Flyer electric bus

    Whats up with STM and Laval buying New Flyers? I'm guessing for comparison purposes--to compare with their Nova brand electric buses.
  3. MAX BRT

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Hope we see the Proterra 25 electric buses on the streets very soon!
  4. MAX BRT


    Great interview with insights about the recent history of Proterra: https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/watt-it-takes-the-promise-of-electric-buses-with-proterra-ceo-ryan-popple#gs.7_NsQ0I
  5. MAX BRT

    Chicago Transit Authority

    CTA is buying 20 Proterra buses! Big news for Proterra, given the size of the CTA fleet and the fact that CTA's first electric buses were from New Flyer. http://www.metro-magazine.com/technology/news/730133/chicago-transit-awards-proterra-32m-order-for-battery-electric-buses
  6. MAX BRT

    Nova Bus LFS (all models)

    Although I think I understand where he or she is coming from, I disagree with OC Transpo/STO fan here. Its nice to get a friendly response and I feel it contributes to the feelings of good will on the board.
  7. MAX BRT

    Nova Bus LFS (all models)

    I don't know--but its a good bet that they will, since there is a serious market for long-range electric buses already.
  8. MAX BRT

    BYD "E-Bus"

    Update on the rapid transit program in Albuquerque, stuck with lemon BYD artics http://www.krqe.com/news/albuquerque-metro/mayor-details-art-project-progress/1209299111 "We ran a certain amount of buses for River of Lights. Contractually, whether we like it or not, the fact that those buses were used probably constitutes accepting them. So we're probably stuck with those buses," Mayor Keller said. The big issues with ART have been the electric buses. They're from the California company "Build Your Dreams" (BYD) and have not measured up to what the city needs in terms of battery life. So instead of ditching ART altogether or trying to stick it out with BYD, the city is going with this "divorce" option. The city will then put out a bid for another bus company to fill in the missing buses, which have to be very specific to the ART platforms. "
  9. MAX BRT

    Utah Transit Authority

    New Utah Valley Express previews future Wasatch Front transit: $1 million buses designed to act like trains in exclusive highway lanes https://www.sltrib.com/news/2018/05/30/new-utah-valley-express-previews-future-wasatch-front-transit-1-million-buses-designed-to-act-like-trains-in-exclusive-highway-lanes/ Buses are pictured at the link. Hybrid Artic Xcelsiors with covered rear wheels. Most excellent.
  10. MAX BRT

    BYD "E-Bus"

    I'm sure you already know this but there is real savings on brake pads and labor due to regenerative braking via the traction motor.
  11. MAX BRT

    BYD "E-Bus"

    Geez. Everybody make sure your local transit bus buying managers see this article that Silley Tilley posted. LA Times: Stalls, stops and breakdowns: Problems plague push for electric buses This kind of thing will come back to bite BYD eventually, but first it will bite the bus buyers.
  12. MAX BRT

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    SF Muni commits to all electric bus fleet by 2035. "by 2035 we will be able to provide an all-electric fleet that won’t require overhead wires." http://www.greencarcongress.com/2018/05/20180516-muni.html
  13. MAX BRT


    Yes, I suspect it is more expensive up front. And don't underestimate the power of inertia. Humans tend to keep doing what they are already doing, especially if it is working for them. And in business, if the customer is satisfied, that is good enough--until suddenly the customer realizes there is something better.
  14. MAX BRT


    Cities are phasing out diesel and hybrid. Proterra is convinced that all transit buses will be electric within a few years. Heck, NFI says the same thing.
  15. MAX BRT


    I tend to think the Proterra composite body will grow in popularity from here. That would be because of its advantages of being lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and highly stiff and strong.