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  1. Gilligman, thanks for the updates! I would love for you to share this info in the main MBTA thread as well. You can find it here:
  2. New STM electric buses roll out today Initiative is part of city's plan to develop 100% electric fleet by 2025 Read the article here:
  3. roamer, you've got to see this story about bus/pedestrian collisions. Left turning buses mostly. More focus is on the A pillar than on the mirror--especially the A pillar on KC Metro Orion buses. (hat tip to 'anonymous guy' who saw the story and provided the link)
  4. Day-um! That's a lot more electric buses than most are buying yet. Miami-Dade is going to be another pioneer of mass adoption then, along with Foothill Transit, KC Metro and Antelope Valley. SEPTA too, but SEPTA is only getting 25 so far. Some others, like COMO in Missouri and Seneca (South Carolina) have also gone all-in on electric, but with much smaller fleets.
  5. Joe, you sure know a lot! Thanks for your contributions to the board.
  6. How about both? New buses and more people to clean and fuel them! Public Transit creates jobs.
  7. I did not know that, thanks!
  8. ElDorado buses are rarely mentioned here in the US. I would tend to believe sales have declined here too.
  9. That bus looks fantastic!
  10. Wow, big news in the NA bus world. Sounds like the Alexander Dennis brand will become more of a player here in North America. (Not that the MiDi has been a big success here, quite the opposite.)
  11. Not yet!
  12. Proterra announces "Cold Weather Package" is now available. Which reminds me of Dulth. Duluth's Proterra's likely had something to do with the development of this package :-)
  13. Reno, Nev. Transit System Expands Services to Deal with Burgeoning Growth "the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC) has a host of new projects in the works as it deals with population growth and continues to recover from the Great Recession."
  14. Proterra Launches New Diagnostic Tool and Cold Weather Package for Improved Operational Efficiency of Battery-Electric Buses
  15. I read an article out of China, which claimed that BYD was known to copy whatever was popular, e.g. Toyota cars. 275 miles of range on that artic is pretty good for BYD. They use batteries that are less energy dense compared to Proterra. Probably that is the maximum and only available under ideal conditions: Warm but not hot temperature, skilled and smooth driver, few hills, etc.