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  1. Proterra Catalyst bus for Foothill Transit being built in City of Industry, CA
  2. Informative article quotes Metro’s director of vehicle technology and bus procurements. Says Metro is planning to buy 200 electric buses! And 800 CNG buses.
  3. Photos of Proterra Catalyst being built at the new plant in Southern California: The bus is for Foothill Transit!
  4. The ‘Tesla of bus makers’ arrives in Southern California, as Metro considers buying electric buses Source: "Popple said Metro’s offer to buy new buses is one of 38 “requests for proposals” Proterra is bidding on in North America. It already does business in 36 U.S. cities, he said. The company recently shipped its 100th electric bus." . . . "The Union of Concerned Scientists study says a CNG bus with renewable fuel releases 1.8 grams of total emissions per mile. An electric bus releases 0.9 grams per mile. The study looks at tailpipe emissions and upstream pollution that comes from making and delivering the fuel. “Overall, the upstream emissions are still the major component but for electric buses, the grid is getting cleaner,” O’Dea said. Twenty-five percent of California’s electricity grid is from renewable energy. The state is committed to 50 percent renewables by 2030, with zero energy from carbon by 2026, O’Dea said."
  5. First sale of this magnitude in the US? I'm curious about the quality and reliability over time.
  6. C35 is a rare bus! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Lexington has their Catalyst buses on the street, on the 13 South Broadway route. Source:
  8. "Greater Cleveland’s RTA is now adding bus services to Edgewater Park every Saturday. The services at this stop began on Saturday at the eastern section of the park. RTA says the buses will pull off the West Shoreway at the main entrance to the park on West 73rd Street then continue along the entrance ramp. The Cleveland State line already makes trips to the western part of the park Monday through Saturday. RTA is testing this service and says it may either be increased or discontinued, depending on how many people ride the bus on this new route. This new service at Edgewater Park’s eastern section is part of the change of services that began on March 12 when a total of 21 route timetables were set for the Cleveland State Line. " Source:
  9. MARTA going green by trying an electric bus for 30 days Article includes photos of the Proterra demo (festooned with balloons) bus. And I learned that Proterra brings in portable fast chargers for this kind of testing by the TA.
  10. Hat tip to fellow member OCTD 2039, who posted this informative piece in another thread here: Orange County’s Bus Program Faces Grim Future
  11. Thanks for keeping us up to date! This is a big deal for transit in the Detroit Metro area.
  12. CATA will be hosting the Xcelsior Electric — a specially designed no-emissions vehicle. CATA public relations manager Jackie Sheader announced that the bus will be active as either a White or Blue Loop March 13-17. Each day, CATA will announce on Twitter and Facebook which route the bus will take. Source:
  13. The University of Georgia is committed to procuring electric buses. According to this article ( ) they recently tested a New Flyer bus that ran the Milledge route. "Walter said with the heater running and a constant load of students, the bus ran a seven-hour day and had 25 percent charge left. “It was a lower-line bus,” Walter said. “It wasn’t even an extended-range bus, so we know it’s going to work.” "Walter said there will be a 70 percent reduction in maintenance on the electric buses because of there is no engine, exhaust, fuel costs or oil changes. The diesel buses usually must be replaced approximately every 12 years because of engine or transmission problems, while electric buses could last upward of 20 to 30 years, Walter said."
  14. Way to go SEPTA! Making sustainability a 'core principle' helps transit's bottom line by Heather Redfern Source:
  15. I wonder why not? They unveiled the bus in LA last month. Maybe they unveiled it before they got the fare machine in place, etc.