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    Deleted Photos

    I deleted all of the images you requested. As for the image of 8633, you ended up saving the thumbnail instead of clicking on the thumbnail and saving the expanded image. The next time you come across a thumbnail image that you want to upload to the wiki (considering that it meets the guidelines), make sure to click on it for the expanded image and save that.
  2. Cappy

    Deleted Photos

    I deleted three of your photos because they didn't meet the photo quality guidelines. Before you upload another photo, I recommend that you take a look at the Photo Quality section, along with the Photo Name section, by clicking here. The SDMTS 401-407 page has been renamed. If you know which 5 C40LFs were renamed to 408-412, whether you're basing them on their license plate IDs or their VINs and either matches any of the info listed in the SDMTS 2701-2740 page, copy the license plate and VIN over to the correct cells in the SDMTS 401-412 page.
  3. All photos within the links you've provided are deleted, except: 7339 and 7612: these buses were retired from service and the photos of them are exempt from deletion for that reason. 7474 and 7515: these buses are on the verge of retiring from service, so those photos will remain.
  4. Done. If they're receiving 64 cutaway buses and the first bus is number 17506, then the fleet number range is 17506-17569. That page has been renamed with the range I aforementioned.
  5. Even though you cropped the photo, it turned out to be of low quality, which is the reason I didn't bother uploading it. Done. The links to the city council agenda document and the council meeting video are now referenced to this approved order.
  6. This photo is a bit on the dark side. Therefore, it won't be uploaded. Uploaded and displayed. Do you have a front-side shot of this bus?
  7. Done. I'll have to watch the city's Finance Committee video in the coming Wednesday. If it gets approved, this info will be added to the Wiki. Also, your photo of 0321 will not be used in a fleet page as I found out it's vertically long. A cropped shot of it will be acceptable.
  8. The VIN is 15GGD3013D1181441, which I've received from running the bus' plate about a year ago. The rest of the info for CTtransit, SEAT, WRTD and a couple other systems in Connecticut will be added, corrected and updated in due time.
  9. The change has been made. I've also changed the names of the fleet pages under the Active roster as Rock Region Metro since that's the transit agency's current name.
  10. The application you created was immediately rejected for two reasons: You did not put in your username as the thread topic. You did not mention what you would like to contribute in the Wiki.
  11. 1604 has already mentioned above what a member has to do if he/she wants to be a Wiki Editor: When you visit the Applications subforum, read the instructions at the top before creating an application topic.
  12. No idea on the C40LFs. The Orion VIIs went to e-tran in Elk Grove, CA, but all of them have retired up to the earlier part of this year.
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