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  1. Bourne Transit on Youtube has some really cool videos of Cyride buses.
  2. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    Thanks for the history lesson on the MTC and RTB. Speaking of RTB. Here is one of the contracted routes operated by one of the private firms, Medicine Lake Lines.
  3. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    First I hope everyone including all transit operators, passengers, and fans are safe and not in any harms way with the ongoing situation with the riots. Second, awesome photos of 1142, it still has the RTB logos on it too, indicating it operated for contract routes. I've seen MAN Americanas along with the SG220s and SG310s with those logos along with the Scanias. The Holters have also taken ownership of 198, which is still in all red. It was once on Metro's property at the Snelling garage. Another fishbowl numbered 1138, I saw a FB video of that bus not too long ago and it operates. Not sure who owns it, but so far three fishbowls from MTC exist. Not sure if any Flxibles exist, but stay tuned if I ever find out.
  4. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    The MLL buses, including the New Looks, I'm still trying to find out where they came from. They had New Looks numbered in the 400s too in use along with the RTS. Medicine ran services for Plymouth Metrolink, MVTA, as well as the University, and in areas like Medicine Lake. The roster for MLL needs more work too. Oh yes, I've seen those shots too and they are amazing.
  5. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    Check out my gallery here. I got two MAN articulated bus shots both take by Jim Shepard. https://www.flickr.com/photos/75396729@N05/albums/72157714384213346
  6. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    Now I did say I have something on Metro Transit's bus fleet. Here is 994 on January 1995. This bus was purchased used, it was original to AC Transit. Several AC Transit MAN articulated buses that were not bought by TSI in California, were purchased by a dealership called Power Services International. I was told by a former driver that the commission had about eight or so of these buses.
  7. I've added all the serial numbers for the Orion Vs, including the cancelled Orion Vs from this order that New Orleans had. Several of these cancelled buses went to Green Bus Lines, Queens Surface, Gray Line, and Red & Tan.
  8. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    Sometime in the mid 90s. I believe the Holter family has one GM preserved in their collection. A little more information, when the GMs and Flxibles went for rehabbing in the 80s, they decided not to add AC to the units. The GMs weren't built new with AC, but the Flxibles were. However I was told somebody in management back then stated that Minnesota wasn't hot enough to have buses with AC, so all the Flxibles had their AC equipment disabled, removed, and sold off. Also, the rehabbed buses got power assist (not power steering). The AMGs not sure if they had the same fate as the Flxibles with losing their AC, but that's the story. The first buses with AC and that kept them were the MANs. Even though the rehabbed GM and Flxibles got the new paint scheme, a number of non rehabbed GM, Flxible, and even AMGs (both the Metropolitans and SG220s) did get the new paint, although some buses retired still wearing all red.
  9. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    Thank you guys, I figured the contract with MVTA had ended, as I've never seen those D60s in that livery before. Also fully aware those buses are retired, since I edit the retired section of Metro Transit. Got some interesting information about past buses, but I'm waiting on something before I bring it up. Here is a thank you for that, 1971 rehabbed Flxible at the garage on June 12, 1991.
  10. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    This is 2135 in a blizzard in March 2007. I assume this bus and the others in that series were being returned to Metro from MVTA?
  11. I don't really care much for whatever new bus is rolling around or coming. However the Proterras are coming sometime in the Spring. With that said, here is the original 210 on May 6, 1995 taken by AJ Reinschmidt.
  12. While these shots were taken in Orlando, 3917 here is a former BCT Phantom operating for Escot. Escot has several New Flyer D40LFs and Gillig Phantoms that once operated for BCT and are still running around to this day. These buses were originally survivors from the American Coach Lines and Horizon Coach Lines operations, who bought the buses from BCT originally.
  13. This was on sale https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gillig-/323796670130?oid=192476317375&nma=true&si=3Xcvo9k5Cqdj0w8ztIc2soBG1VQ%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Gillig and Nova are both overdue for a facelift, but glad they still offer these old style low floors.
  14. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    I added information on buses that were retired and auctioned off by MTC in 1985 and 1988. Yeah I do have sources to support what I posted via Google links (for the 1985 auction) and a magazine that I have which has an ad for buses going up for auction on February 3, 1988. I also added the renumbered buses that were rebuilt by Midwest Bus (which I found out the rebuilder was originally suppose to be Dickenson Lines and it was for 175 buses; 82 GMCs and 93 Flxible New Looks). Several AMGs and 1974 Flxibles were painted in the new paint scheme in the 80s, but were not rebuilt. Just painted to look good and same story for the 1966 TDH-5303s, which were not part of the rebuild, just 82 1963-1965 TDH-5303s and 58 1971 Flxibles (15 D6-1s and 43 D5-1s). Red colored buses were still running into the early 90s, with the remaining red buses being mostly AMGs, 1974 Flxibles, and some 1971-72 Flxibles that weren't replaced between 1985-1989. Also found out the 1971 Flxibles that had 6v71s used VH-9s. The rebuilt buses had power steering, what I assume are Vultron destination signs, body work done on them, overhauled or new power packs, and working AC (for the Flxibles only). All of these buses retired between 1994-1995 by the Gillig Phantoms, but I have a feeling some were still running as late as 1996 wearing RTB logos on them for contract services. Also the 1994 New Flyer D60s replaced all 20 1978 AMG/MAN artics.
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