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    Palm Tran update

    The roster needs a bit of an update, so here is what I got. The Flxibles Palm Tran bought new, including the 1982 Grummans all made it into the Palm Tran era. The TMC Citycrusiers were built between 1979-1980. 800-805 were built in December of 1979, while 806-814 were built in January of 1980, 815-828 were built in February of 1980, and finally 829-839 March of 1980. http://www.oocities.org/~buslist/TMC_TC30/TMC_T30.html These buses used 6v53T engines and Allison MT-643s. The City Birds were built in 1982 and had the same engine and transmission set up as the TMC Citycrusiers. Both the TMCs and City Birds made it into the Palm Tran era, but were fully retired in 1996 by the Gillig Phantoms.