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  1. Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    Those buses are long gone. They retired back in 2005.
  2. Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    Ex-Lynx Flxibles VINs and tags. Plus when they were sold. 621 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFK6HD098120 114387 Lynx 8/8/2005 EBAY 623 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFKXHD098122 114388 Lynx 5/20/2000 AUCTION 624 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFK1HD098123 114389 Lynx 6/14/2003 SOLD @ AUCTION, S-16 626 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFK5HD098125 114386 Lynx 8/8/2005 EBAY 628 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFK9HD098127 114385 Lynx 7/20/2006 UNIVERSITY 630 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFK2HD098129 114384 Lynx 8/8/2005 EBAY 729 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFK9HD098672 114382 Lynx 6/14/2003 SOLD @ AUCTION, S-16 738 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFK68D098676 114381 Lynx 6/14/2003 SOLD @ AUCTION, S-16 742 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFK1HD098679 114380 Lynx 7/20/2006 UNIVERSITY 745 1987 FLX 1GF5BAFK6HD098113 114383 Lynx 7/20/2006 UNIVERSITY
  3. Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    I'm going to address the Gillig thing. The 1995s on this production list I have were numbered 401-412, but for reasons unknown were renumbered 244-255. Speaking of the Votran Flxibles from 1983. Here are the VIN numbers as well as the tags for all seven of those buses. 401 1GF5DC6K2DD095554 203024 402 1GF5DC6K4DD095555 203026 403 1GF5DC6K6DD095556 No data 407 1GF5DC6K8DD095560 203023 408 1GF5DC6KXDD095561 203027 409 1GF5DC6K1DD095562 203025 410 1GF5DC6K3DD095563 203022 It sucks the lifts didn't work right on them, otherwise they would of retired later on in the 2000s. Also Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority sold three of their 1985 Flxibles to Gainesville on July 9th, 1999. 2204 (ex-1012) 1GF5DAAKDF096376 114199 2205 (ex-1008) 1GF5DAAK1DF096372 114200 2206 (ex-1001) 1GF5DAAK4DF096365 114198 Speaking of PSTA. Here are the RTS that went to them. RTS 2195 was 705 RTS 2196 was 701 RTS 2242 was 702 RTS 2243 was 703 RTS 2244 was 704 RTS 2245 was 706 RTS 2246 was 707 Also here is more information on the 10 RTS purchased from Midwest Buses in 1999. 4502 1982 GMC 1GOYT82J4CV820035 Dayton, OH 136323 5/28/1999 2/17/2006 2,901.00 ebay 4509 1982 GMC 1GOYT82J0CV820601 ex-445 NY 136324 5/28/1999 1/30/2006 871.00 ebay 4510 1982 GMC 1GOYT82J8CV820572 ex-416 NY 136317 5/28/1999 1/31/2006 1,276.00 ebay 4508 1982 GMC 1GOYT82J5CV820657 ex-501 NY 136322 5/28/1999 1/20/2006 1,125.00 ebay 4501 1982 GMC 1GOYT82J2CV820051 Dayton, OH 136321 5/28/1999 1/17/2006 2,247.00 ebay 4506 1982 GMC 1GOYT82J5CV820044 Dayton, OH 136320 5/28/1999 1/31/2006 1,625.00 ebay 4505 1982 GMC 1GOYT82J0CV820047 Dayton, OH 107861 5/28/1999 1/20/2006 1,030.00 ebay 4503 1982 GMC 1GOYT82JXCV820038 Dayton, OH 136319 5/28/1999 2/10/2006 2,250.00 ebay 4507 1982 GMC 1GOYT82J5CV821100 ex 8254 Cleveland 107860 5/28/1999 1/30/2006 1,025.00 ebay 4504 1982 GMC 1GOYT82J3CV820043 Dayton, OH 136318 9/30/199912/15/2005 3,000.00 eBay Thank El Guajiro for all the effort he's put in finding this information. It took a lot of time an research for this.
  4. Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    JTA retired those last year or back in 2016 I believe. 283 being used as a training bus isn't really surprising. In training service the bus doesn't really gain a lot of mileage. Lynx use to keep older buses as training buses for a a few more years. They kept 6 1985 Neoplans after retiring them from revenue service in 1997, until 2003. Two were sold off in 2000 though.
  5. Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    Thus closes the chapter of RTS buses in Florida. 1978-2018. What a run.
  6. LYNX (Central Florida Regional Transit Authority)

    Things don't always go the way they should and this is an example of that. The order has changed to a CNG artic order. Any chance Novabus could get this or am I pushing my luck?
  7. Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    I wonder if these buses will spell the end of the RTS or will supplement the existing fleet?
  8. Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    Gainesville will be getting 10 new buses. Numbered 1801-1810. ISL9/B400R.
  9. Who's buying buses?

    Lynx is purchasing 15 articulated buses from New Flyer. It's very possible these buses could be diesel buses as CNG was not mentioned.
  10. LYNX (Central Florida Regional Transit Authority)

    The 15 articulated buses will be acquired by New Flyer. I'm not sure what agency Lynx is piggybacking these buses from, but I do know these maybe diesel buses.
  11. Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    Here are serial numbers for some of the 1982 RTS. Thanks to El Guajiro for this information. 4502 1982 T80204 1GOYT82J4CV820035 4505 1982 T80204 1GOYT82JOCV820047 4507 1982 T80204 1GOYT82J5CV821100 4509 1982 T80204 1GOYT82JOCV820601 I traced these serial numbers and got matches. 4502 is formerly Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority in Dayton Ohio #379 4505 is 390 also from Dayton 4507 is former 8254 from Cleveland RTA 4509 is a NYC bus, but from the Manhattan & Bronx Surface Operating Authority division as PA2648. Here are additional serial numbers for the 1996 Bluebirds. 2096 1BAGDCSA0TF069406 2097 1BAGDCSA2TF069407 2098 4TF069408 2099 6TF069409 2100 2TF069410 2101 4TF069411
  12. Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    There are so many used buses out there, the market is full of them. That's why prices are so low for used buses. Some buses out west have gone to scrap in running condition. By the way, I've spotted 321 still running around here. It still has it's destination signs working for Gainesville routes, lol. I'll be on the look out for any Ex-Gainesville RTS around here.
  13. Disney Transport general discussion

    For Transtar, the buses they got came from California, places like Santa Monica and so forth. As for their condition, some are spotty in terms of condition from what I've seen, but they did get some brand new buses (Gilligs) a few years ago. Mears' NABIs are also former California units (AC Transit). They were bought from ABC Companies, rather then the auction and they're in really good shape from what has been said.
  14. LYNX (Central Florida Regional Transit Authority)

    We have 56 buses on order on the five year capital improvement program, 31 paratransit, 10 40ft buses, and 15 articulated buses. Finally, Lynx buses will get life extensions. Johnson had a discussion about this and the comments on companies refurbishing Lynx buses and keeping them on the road is an understatement at best. It's been going on before Lynx even became Lynx.
  15. LYNX (Central Florida Regional Transit Authority)

    Looks like Lynx is jumping on the electric bus bandwagon. Two 35ft units.