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  1. Happened on the 12th, but imagine waking up to this type of news. Just when Lynx can't have anymore troubles the CEO passes away. https://www.metro-magazine.com/10178933/floridas-lynx-announces-sudden-passing-of-ceo-harrison#:~:text=James Harrison was named LYNX CEO in April 2019.&text=Harrison was named LYNX CEO in April 2019.,-He formerly served
  2. A friend of mine told me Academy has more new Nova transit buses, all 40ft buses. He showed me a picture of one of the new Novas, number 2207. He told me they got 50 of them, but so far 2207 is the only bus I'm aware of. Looks like Novas are becoming the main staple of the transit fleet for Academy in Florida.
  3. It won't just be used buses, they'll be new buses thrown in that mix too. Everything I say about used equipment is assuming the sales tax does pass come November, so its speculation and take everything I say with a grain of salt as it could end up being new buses entirely. With that said, to speculate further. If the tax passes, everything in the contingency fleet becomes revenue vehicles once again. I can imagine Lynx will then purchase a large number of new buses from whoever, presuming Gillig and possibly New Flyer, Nova, or Proterra. As for used buses, you have Midwest Bus, Complete Coach Works, Coach Crafters, and likely acquisitions of retired vehicles from other agencies within the state and other areas of the country. That's basically what could happen with the fleet, this will be something that takes place within a year or two for the record, nothing happens overnight. Now Lynx will also need more staff and trust me, Lynx has been short on drivers since the day I moved to Florida in 1995, so that issue Lynx needs to get around. It's really difficult to be a bus driver these days, so it'll take some serious effort on Lynx's part to entice more people to work for them.
  4. I have no idea, buying an auctioned vehicle is like buying a used car, but on a larger scale. Whether the engine runs is beyond my knowledge, but we'll find out come the auction. Buses can sit for years before being fired up again, they may need new batteries, fresh oil, fuel, etc., but it's not impossible and has happened. If anyone is serious about getting any of the wrecked buses, well the ones with minor damage, note that most of these buses in question have been on the road for 14-16 years. Who knows when they last had their engines replaced. Also, be prepared to shell out money over it too, lots of it. I hope that I've answered your question to the best of my ability.
  5. Florida has really bad motorists that the bus drivers have to constantly interact with on the roads. So it's not a surprise these buses are getting wrecked. Although on that same token, some bus drivers as the situation surrounding 655 shows, shouldn't be behind the wheel of a bus. 655 was the bus that flipped over on I-4 a few years back due to excess speed. The driver in question use to drive for Disney Transport.
  6. Okay, per the audit committee expect more CNG articulated buses from New Flyer. There is an auction, but only 8 buses. These buses apparently were all in involved in accidents that were severe enough to warrant them to be retired. Some may have been minor accidents, but the buses in question are well over 12 years old. They include 587, 591, 620, 655, 659, 10-309, 111-412, and 129-613 (first Nova articulated bus to be retired). https://www.golynx.com/core/fileparse.php/97315/urlt/6-16-2022-Finance-Audit-Committee-Pkg.pdf
  7. Lynx had a CNG fueling station at the old South Street garage, which is now the police station. I don't know who it was that invested the money into the original fueling station in 90s. What I do know, after the last CNG buses built in the 90s were retired, they actually sold the fueling station to someone else.
  8. That's what Lynx and the media themselves have reported. 700+ buses would go a long way in making all of the hourly routes in the system more frequent. It'll also add new routes and down the road introduce late night services on several routes. Lynx's service area is already enormous currently, it serves 2,500 square miles in three counties. 2,500 square miles, to give you an idea, Manhattan island is only 22.82 square miles, which is the size of Disney Transport's service area. That's amazing itself that DT can serve that many people with the fleet of buses they have. Outside of Downtown Orlando, a lot of areas are underserved by Lynx with routes that operate every hour or no service at all, Tradeport I'm looking at you. Yup, over 1000+ according to the roster. These buses are pushing 800-900K, some are probably up to a million miles on them. Buses like 646 are 14 years old. If age, an accident, or mileage doesn't lead to a retirement, it'll be the spare ratio that'll lead to a bus being removed from service.
  9. Makes no sense. Why invest all that money constructing a CNG fueling station at Lynx Operations Center, only to stop ordering CNG buses? The last thing you want is for the public to see Lynx wasting money or to have no faith in the agency at all. Especially at a time when Lynx could be getting a huge bump in funding if that penny's tax gets voted in come November. That tax will put Lynx in a better direction compared to where it's at right now. All those buses in the contingency fleet become active buses again if that tax is voted in, plus we may see used buses being acquired at the same time. A sharp decrease in hourly routes and new routes in places Lynx hasn't gone before would be great.
  10. It means those buses are in the contingency fleet. Depending on what happens in November, they may end up being pushed back into the active fleet. If the penny tax is approved, Lynx's fleet is expected to double to more then 700 buses, but I can tell you they're not going to be able to order new buses in such a short amount of time, meaning a combo of new and used buses, as well as buses in the contingency fleet will be pressed into service, but the decision in November needs to be approved by Voters.
  11. Lynx update. 609, 614, 649, 733, 737, 805, 639, 641, 626-627, 629-630, 801, 594, 727, 729, 711 are to be retired or have already been retired. They're expected to be on the January 2022 auction. Also Lynx will be getting 25 CNG buses from Gillig. These apparently are getting ZF transmissions, per the board report on page 37. Auction details are on page 41. https://www.golynx.com/core/fileparse.php/97315/urlt/12-9-2021-Board-Report-Pkg.pdf
  12. Understood, I'm also clueless as well and I actually saw these Novas months ago, before the APTA took place, back in June I think it was. I wasn't able to get a number, but I'm glad that more eyes were on those buses then just me and a friend, who doesn't want to be known. Also thank you for that information, appreciate it. I'll focus on the retired transit buses for now in that department.
  13. Academy has a bunch of transit buses running in Orlando, specifically around areas such as Walt Disney World, US 192, and various areas around those places. They appear to be brand new, as they are Nova LFS and Gillig Advantage. 2062 is one known number for the Gilligs and 2162 is another for the Novas. Anyone knows how many they have running down here? Also, I've added a retired coach section, so that we don't have retired coaches in the same roster as the active coaches. I'll also add to the retired transit buses that I have information on, granted very little, like those Grummans Academy got with two digit numbers and former Septa Flxible New Looks.
  14. Bourne Transit on Youtube has some really cool videos of Cyride buses.
  15. Big CJ

    Metro Transit

    Thanks for the history lesson on the MTC and RTB. Speaking of RTB. Here is one of the contracted routes operated by one of the private firms, Medicine Lake Lines.
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