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  1. That's the Terminal Warehouse Building (207 Queen's Quay - Queen's Quay Terminal now), former head offices for En-Ar-CO and White Rose Gasoline.
  2. https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/ltc-braces-for-backlash-against-route-changes https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/ltc-stalls-old-north-bus-route-change-others-get-ok
  3. https://www.bradfordtoday.ca/local-news/transit-services-harmonize-with-linx-launch-11-photos-1008155
  4. The open data still appears available http://www.londontransit.ca/open-data/ Might just need the third party developers to re-link their aps.
  5. It is a permanent change as the City wants to create a barrier free, flex street and believes buses are an 'issue'. Also, the infrastructure underneath is in need of replacement/upgrades. 'Dundas Place' and 'Shift' are two separate projects, but will quite the impact on conventional services during construction.
  6. Haven't seen much on it since the service plan. Maybe an update at next week's meeting. I don't think there's initially as much construction as you're thinking, just moving post and signage infrastructure. I'm sure a list has been put together for the canopy shelters that are now in use and where they may fit within the pedestrian right of ways. I think a lot of it has to do with where and when the City is looking at doing roadway construction and relation to doing BRT construction in the near future. Doesn't make sense to move buses and then be stuck when they close King to accommodate BRT construction. Not sure how much has to change on the schedules in terms of running times, layover changes, bathroom locations, etc, but there's the trickle down to make sure everything is printed, updated digitally, signup for the Operators is ready which means they should be starting soon if not already. The live arrival signs are getting up there in age, curious to see what they do with them as the cost to move them might be prohibitive with new technology offerings available. Edit: Meeting is Nov 1, not next week.
  7. Most likely used for or will be used on another route at some point. That is unless the 24 is wildly popular now.
  8. I was rereading my post two above and the comment around development was meant to be totally facetious, all the mentioned systems have spurred development and intensification. I would place a bet that those on Richmond Row do not yet realize that with their 'victory' on the tunnel front, there will still be construction and the loss of two travelled lanes. drum118, one of Londons biggest issues is the low growth rate, approximately 1% per year. Even with an approximate 20 year horizon, growth with more centralized development would still now warrant the ridership required for LRT.
  9. No tunnel and yes to Richmond. Happy to hear it's at least moving forward.
  10. Last I remember it was Wonderland/Oxford as the west terminus, east along Oxford to Wharncliffe, to Riverside, to Ridout, to King (meeting the 'L' route at Clarence), to Wellington and south to White Oaks. Believe going back was reverse of mentioned. For the eastern leg Mansonville, down Richmond, to Western, through campus by Alumni, out to Richmond to the tunnel. Down to King and this is where it gets hazy because I know when LRT was being discussed they had WB on King and EB on Dundas, they merge back together to Highbury and up to Oxford into/out front of Fanshawe College, reverse via same routing. So happy I'm out of London. Down Shift keeps spewing facts that are twisted to suit their needs, the the Downtown BIA and Covent Garden got what they wanted in buses off Dundas (now Covent Gardens is not happy with the plan....where did they expect the buses to go?), realtors who suggest properties being devalued because of Rapid Transit, have they looked any where else? York Region sure seems to be suffering from a lack of development along Viva routes, ZUM, Pulse, Ion.........zero development, etc, etc, autonomous vehicle lovers who think the technology is coming out and therefore nothing will be the same (as if the technology will be adopted immediately......by everyone), those who complain that it's a waste of tax payer dollars and that it's all coming out of the same wallet, here's a 'shocker' the infrastructure money is there, already a line item, if London doesn't want it I'm sure the GTA can make use of it. And, I know.....I know monorails have put Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook on the map, but it is not a flippin' solution for London. Sorry for the rant. Reading LFP comments section and stories gives me nose bleeds.
  11. http://www.thebarrieexaminer.com/2017/03/16/uber-has-eyes-on-innisfil
  12. So Council has forced buses off Dundas and now Administration is putting a 'cycle track' on Queens. https://www.london.ca/residents/Roads-Transportation/Transportation-Choices/Pages/Cycle-Track.aspx That should mix well with the thousands of boardings and de-boardings that will now take place for the 10+ routes that serve between Wellington and Ridout. Wonder how they'll deal with accessibility features from the proposed raised platforms? curb cuts for everyone! How will visually impaired transit riders deal with the crossing? Are cyclists expected to stop when pedestrians are moving between the platform and sidewalk? People have a habit of only looking one way when walking out to cross King. There's lots of cars that make the right turn off Queens to Richmond, especially during the PM peak and now they have to deal with elevated levels of pedestrians, bus traffic and two-way cycle lane as well.
  13. Looks like a few changes to what was proposed before. Going before the Commission this Wednesday. http://www.ltconline.ca/agendas/012517vii3.pdf
  14. ^^^Think that is a sentiment that many agree with! Sorry should have added, it's the final recommendations that will be presented to the Commission.
  15. ^^^The final recommendations for the 2017 Service Plan should be posted on the LTC website at some point tomorrow. Curious to see what they'll be doing.
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