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  1. Looks good. Thanks for the help. Just needs a few pictures and we are good.
  2. List of changes to buses. Information on wiki is correct unless noted below 3404 and 3405 Model CD-52-TC (stated on build plate) Engine: AEC AH-690 Transmission: Spicer Torque converter 678 Engine Detroit: Diesel 6-71 Transmission: Allison VH 4612 Transmission: Originally Allison VH9. Changed to Allison VS2-6 when restored for TRAMS Missing pictures for the wiki will be submitted.
  3. I will be setting up the changes to that wiki for you to add. Thanks
  4. Looking for who is editing the Transit Museum Society of B.C. As one of the volunteers that works on the buses I am hoping to correct some entries about the vehicles. Some is incorrect info came from me that I wish to set straight. Matthew Walker
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