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  1. MrCeleb2006

    Fortress of Louisbourg Classic

    July 10, 2018 was my first trip to the Fortress of Louisbourg since late August of 1990...I took pictures of two different buses, and here they are!
  2. MrCeleb2006

    Fortress of Louisbourg Classic

    Here it is...at long last, a pic of an old Orion I transit bus at the Fortress of Louisbourg, powered by a painfully loud Detroit Diesel 6V53! http://s1103.photobucket.com/user/esbdave/media/Canadian Transit/Cape Breton/fortressoflouisbourg2929f.jpg.html
  3. How about another pic of an Orion I! This was powered by a Detroit Diesel 6V53...painfully loud! http://s1103.photobucket.com/user/esbdave/media/Canadian Transit/pictoucounty841p.jpg.html?sort=4&o=75
  4. MrCeleb2006

    Charlottetown Transit

    An Orion I from the 1980s http://s1103.photobucket.com/user/esbdave/media/Canadian Transit/charlottetowntransitp.jpg.html?sort=4&o=12
  5. MrCeleb2006

    Metrobus Transit

    I rode in a Metrobus Transit bus a few times when I was in St. John's many times...I shot a video of me riding this bus back on June 6, 2015, which is number 0857, a NovaBus LFS...enjoy!
  6. MrCeleb2006

    Metrobus Transit

    August 2010 was the last time I rode in a Metrobus Transit bus...I was once in a MCI Classic and a couple of times in a NovaBus low floor.
  7. MrCeleb2006

    Charlottetown Transit

    All but the first one are dead links. BTW, the last time I was in P.E.I. was June 2000...transit buses were very hard to find back then.
  8. MrCeleb2006

    Kings Transit

    The last time I've been to Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley was back in the summer of 1994...I've rarely seen Kings Transit buses on the road back then.
  9. MrCeleb2006

    Cape Breton Transit

    Before there was Transit Cape Breton, there were Sydney & Whitney Pier Bus Services and Glace Bay Bus Co. Ltd. Those two companies amalgamated to form that said company in the early 1980s. I used to ride in Glace Bay buses when I was a little boy back in 1979 and 1980 when I was then in daycare. Most of the Glace Bay buses, pre-amalgamation, were gas-powered Ford chassis using Thomas and Blue Bird bodies (I did ride in them). One rear-engined Glace Bay transit bus was #32, a Thomas/GMC model with a rear-mounted Detroit Diesel 6V53 which was painfully loud (I've never rode in that one). Another one I remember was bus #44, a Blue Bird front-engined transit bus that was also probably Diesel-powered (I've also never rode in that one). I've last seen them back around 1990 in Forchu, N.S., and I miss them so much.
  10. MrCeleb2006

    Fortress of Louisbourg Classic

    That was the bus I was on during my trips to the Fortress of Louisbourg...I haven't been back there since 1990. BTW, the above link is dead.
  11. I remember seeing these buses when I was in New Glasgow during the early to mid 1980s...the Orion I buses were also used in the Fortress of Louisbourg (I was actually on them a few times when I was there back in 1980, 1986 and 1990), and they were all powered by painfully loud Detroit Diesel 6V53 engines.