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  1. MrCeleb2006

    Halifax (metro) Transit.

    First time since 1983 I ever rode in a Halifax Transit bus...this one's articulated (numbered 727) and took me to downtown Halifax, where we stopped on Barrington Street! (During my unexpectedly long stay in Halifax between May and July of 1983, I rode in a GMC "Fishbowl" transit bus, then known as Metro Transit, a few times, notably bus 817.) Today, all two-stroke Detroit Diesel-powered transit buses are gone, replaced by four-stroke Diesel-powered buses.
  2. MrCeleb2006

    Fortress of Louisbourg Classic

    July 10, 2018 was my first trip to the Fortress of Louisbourg since late August of 1990...I took pictures of two different buses, and here they are!