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  1. Double decker bus order

    8159 is supposedly in Halifax, enroute to Ottawa.
  2. Double decker bus order

    This may not be the right topic to post this, but I'll do it anyways: Bus 8001 has the operator display monitor relocated, and the operator's interior rear-view mirror replaced to a smaller size (similar to the 8100s). This is the only bus in the 8000 series I've seen modified. It was on Route 233 Orleans this afternoon.
  3. Double decker bus order

    The new order has the display monitor already relocated to the new position upon delivery. Some of the existing 8100s are in the process of having the display monitor moved. 8117, 8119, 8123, and 8140 comes to mind.
  4. GOA transit news, info etc

    That would be the Walk and Ride program. During the summer months, they are (or should be) on bikes. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/oc-transpo-special-constables-to-spend-more-time-walking-beats-1.2434107
  5. Double decker bus order

    I haven't followed the deliveries as close as I use to. But I would say all of the new units have arrived in Ottawa. Only 8144 to 47 have entered service.
  6. Yes, it's still damaged. I did take a picture of 5129, however I'm hesitant in posting it. Here's what I describe: Significant damage to the front-right part of the bus. The front windshield has been removed, as well as the advertisement rack (driver's side). But, the licence plate is still there.
  7. Cummins: 5052 Wajax: 4441 City View: 4468, 5016, 5027, 5129 (bus involved in fatal accident in Orleans on the night of December 15/early morning December 16, 2016), and 5177.
  8. Double decker bus order

    8145 (already in service), 8148, 8155, 8156, 8158, and 8160 are at Thermo King. 8149, 8151, 8152, 8154, and 8157 are at Wajax.
  9. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    There is a tender posting out to install fare gates at Tunney's Pasture Station: http://www.oca.ca/tenders/ For the purpose of record keeping, I've taken a screenshot of the posting from their web site.
  10. As I'm looking through Twitter right now, La Machine (Long Ma the Dragon) is on MacKenzie King Bridge right now. Service delays are now expected for all routes that would be travelling through there.
  11. Double decker bus order

    Thanks. I did not look at the driver's area as I exited the bus, so I was unaware that the door control handle was different compared to 8101 to 8143.
  12. Double decker bus order

    I had a chance to ride bus 8145 on Route 235 Esprit this afternoon, the only thing that is different is the location of video display monitor for the bus operator - it is located to the left of the operator's interior mirror. An important note on the video display monitor, the existing 8100s are having the monitor being relocated as well. From the passenger's perspective, I did not notice anything different. At this point yes. All new buses being purchased will have CCTV security cameras.
  13. Invero Light Rebuild Project

    4343 at Eastway in the process of being rebuilt, the bus was parked outside stripped.
  14. Double decker bus order

    In addition, 8152-54 are at Thermo King as of this morning.
  15. OC Bus Spottings

    5092 on Route 64 Morgans Grant, starting its trip at Mack Bridge at 16:14