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  1. According to the upcoming September 18, 2019 Transit Commission meeting, under Item 3 titled "Capital Adjustments and Closing of Projects – Transit Commission", Document 2 (https://app05.ottawa.ca/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=7667&doctype=agenda&itemid=390094), the funding of the electric buses that was announced at the June Transit Commission meeting comes from the Bus Refurbishment Program Capital Budget.
  2. There will NOT be any free service once Line 1 opens.
  3. 8015 on Route 24 Beacon Hill, at Blair Station at 8:11am
  4. The plan is to all along retire the Orion VII after Line 1 (Confederation Line) opens. That being said, "parallel service" (i.e. existing bus route network and service criteria) will continue to operate until October 5 (unless something terribly goes wrong after Line 1 opens on September 14, and parallel service needs to operate beyond October 5). The new bus route network goes into affect on Sunday, October 6. I expect the hybrids to remain in service until October 5 at the latest.
  5. Here is the official media release: https://ottawa.ca/en/news/city-announce-public-launch-date-o-train-confederation-line
  6. Via CTV News just moments ago: There will be an announcement on LRT on Friday at 2:30pm. Apparently politicians from upper level governments will be present.
  7. Nice pictures. RE: The location of bus 9862, that would actually be Laurier Station and the bus would have been heading towards what was then Campus Station as its next stop. it's at the Laurier and Waller area. Note that the University of Ottawa has since constructed the Desmarais Building.
  8. I want to pass on my pre-delivery sightings ASAP in order to get the information out promptly for tracking purposes. I take pictures of the buses at City View as a form of note taking. I don't have time to immediately resize, adjust the contrast/brightness of the images - that takes a bit of time. When I post the sightings on the initial post, the pictures aren't even properly edited -- that is done after I'm requested by any board members who requests to see the pictures. Most board members are satisfied on my sightings on pre-deliveries based on the bus numbers I write on the initial posts. However there one or two board members are persistent on seeing pictures. If people are going to complain about unnecessary posts, then maybe I simply won't post pictures on future pre-delivery sightings (whether it's the next batch of LFS's or the 19 new double decker buses). Apologies for going off-topic.
  9. If you say so. 👍 I guess some people just aren't satisfied with the information posted until they see visual some sort of visual evidence. Just sayin'...
  10. Spotted on Saturday, August 3. At City View: 4671 At the Adjacent Property next to City View: 4670
  11. Pre-delivery sightings from yesterday, Saturday, July 27: City View: 4671 (and is plated) Adjacent Property next to City View: 4665 and 4670 -- all plated.
  12. Further to the above two posts, former Ottawa Citizen reporter/columnist Ken Gray obtained a memo and has posted it: https://bulldogottawa.com/wp-content/uploads/RTG-achieves-Substantial-Completion_ENG.pdf
  13. According to Mayor Watson, RTG has achieved Substantial Completion. They can now begin the 12-days consecutive testing.
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