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  1. Various media reporters have been tweeting that there is a construction-related incident at the eastern portal of the LRT Tunnel (Waller/Laurier area). Apparently a crane flipped over around 9:35am.
  2. Correct, the majority of the double deckers are assigned to Route 1. On Saturdays, DDs are assigned to Routes 1, 11, 12, and Route 94 - some of those runs will interline with Route 95 on some Saturday morning trips. On Sundays, they are assigned to Routes 1, 11, 94 and 95 - none on Route 12. From my count, a maximum of 25 double deckers will be out on weekends. Have you tried riding a hybrid bus westbound on Hwy 417 between Moodie and Eagleson? They can't go faster than just over 60 km/h when climbing up that hill, on a 100 km/h road. I have no doubt that they will continue to assign double deckers out on weekends this Summer (as well as Canada Day). The question is, will they continue to put them out this Fall or Winter.
  3. I saw 5014 on Route 62 Kanata, at Bayview Station at 16:26
  4. Yesterday was the last day Route 2 operated under that route number, and apparently there were free t-shirts being handed out to passengers who were riding Bus 5141, run 2-9. The t-shirts were created by Andrew King and OC Transpo gave him permission to distribute the shirts. And, someone has taken a picture of Bus 8130 doing Route 11 (renumber Route 2):
  5. 5023 on Route 95 Barrhaven Centre, at Mack Bridge at 15:59
  6. Nice pic! That aircraft was diverted to Ottawa on April 6 because it couldn't land in North Bay due to weather: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/RA76951/history/20170406/2030Z/CMR2/CYOW
  7. http://ottawa.ca/en/news/oc-transpo-spring-service-starts-april-23 In addition to the service change announcement, there are a few items of interest: 1) Introduction of exterior bus announcement 2) New barcode for paper-transfers 3) Discontinuation of paper bus passes and paper tickets
  8. Here is a staff report to be discussed next Wednesday on the upcoming promotion/marketing initiatives: http://app05.ottawa.ca/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=6996&doctype=agenda&itemid=360984
  9. Admitting, I have not visited the Stage 2 LRT web site (http://www.stage2lrt.ca) as regularly as I should be. It's been brought to my attention from another discussion board (SkyscraperPage Forum) that the City has posted display board/PowerPoint presentation slides from recent public open house sessions. Below are links that obtained from the Stage 2 LRT, Resources section of the web page (http://www.stage2lrt.ca/resources/): ****** Presentations: Scott Street Detour between Tunney’s Pasture and Dominion Station Information Session Scott Street Detour between Tunney’s Pasture and Dominion Station – Presentation and Boards – April 4, 2017 Belfast Yard Expansion Information Session (Avenues O and P) Belfast Yard Expansion Information Session – Presentation and Boards- March 30, 2017 Belfast Yard Expansion Information Session – Frequently Asked Questions – March 30, 2017 Woodpark Community Information Session Lincoln Fields Station Improved Alignment (Woodpark Community) – Presentation and Boards – March 27. 2017 Bayshore to Moodie Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Conversion to Light Rail Transit (LRT) Environmental Assessment – Public Consultation Bayshore Station to Moodie Drive LRT Extension – Presentation – March 22, 2017 Bayshore Station to Moodie Drive LRT Extension -Boards – March 22, 2017 Kanata Light Rail Transit planning and Environmental Assessment Study – Boards – March 22, 2017
  10. Further to my previous post, here is the Facebook Live video that the Councillor posted, along with the PowerPoint slide: https://kitchissippiward.ca/content/lrt-detour-presentation-and-boards
  11. Councillor Jeff Leiper is hosting an open house session concerning the Transitway closure between Tunney's Pasture and Dominion Station during the Stage 2 LRT Project, and the associated impact along Scott Street: http://www.kitchissippiward.ca/content/public-information-session-april-4-lrt-scott-street-detours
  12. 8139 on Route 261 Stittsville, at Bayview Station at 15:37
  13. There is a Request For Expression Of Interest (RFEOI) for additional DMU trains for the Trillium Line Extension Project between South Keys and Bowesville/Airport: https://www.merx4.merx.com/public/solicitations/411176864/abstract
  14. 5066 on Route 264 Kanata, at Albert/Metcalfe at 15:47
  15. For Routes 2 (renumber to Route 11), 12, 94, and 95: you'll note on the web page the phrase "larger buses" be used - that is a code word for double decker bus being assigned to some trips on those routes on weekends. There will be 25 double decker runs on the weekends.