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  1. OC Transpo closed down O-Train Line 1 (Confederation Line) for planned maintenance on May 2 and 3, 2020; May 9 to 13, 2020. Replacement buses were implemented during the planned closure, Route R1. Buses 8133 and 8026 at Hurdman Station on May 12, 2020.
  2. I can't speak for the moderators. But I suspect they may have changed the settings to make the National Capital Region forum visible only when members are logged in. If so, I have no issues with that. I have noticed that there is one particular Ottawa board member (who regularly gets suspended) re-posting information that originated from this discussion board onto another discussion board without crediting the original poster or even asking the original poster for permission to re-post the information. I won't identify that board member by name, but some may know who I'm referring to. I don't know if that is the reason why the Forum is hidden, but I do think it would be a good reason to make it hidden to prevent information from being plagiarized elsewhere.
  3. Today (Apr 27), 5011 on Route 131 Fallingbrook, 15:40 trip, spotted at Charlemagne and Tenth Line at 15:50 As of Saturday, Apr 25, the only units at Thermo King are: 5004 5087 (decommissioned) 5171
  4. 5142 on Route 131 Fallingbrook today, run 131-1, doing the :40 trips every hour for the day until 18:40, spotted this morning at 8:50 on Charlemagne and Tenth Line
  5. The following spotted at Thermo King on Saturday, Apr 11: 5040 5045 5046 5087 (decommissioned) 5059 5143 5159 5171 5176
  6. I now know the story behind why that double decker (you saw) was on Route 164 Hope Side. There was a scheduling error on Route 64 when the runs were being created. Route 64 going westbound when leaving Tunney's Pasture is usually suppose to have an immediate return trip back to Tunney's Pasture from Innovation Park and Ride. What happened was that some runs on Route 64 westbound to Kanata after completing the "Morgan's Grant community loop" (i.e. from Innovation Park and Ride to Innovation Park and Ride) did NOT get scheduled to do a return trip on Route 64 Tunney's Pasture. However, there would have been a different run (i.e. another bus) doing the Route 64 Tunney's Pasture from Innovation. The consequence is that customers boarding a Route 64 in the "Morgan's Grant community loop" would have been forced to exit the bus at Innovation, then board another Route 64 to continue further towards Tunney's Pasture. The implication was that the Route 64 Tunney's Pasture at Innovation Park and Ride could possibly depart before the previous Route 64 from the "Morgan's Grant community loop" arriving. An adjustment had to be made on a number of affected runs to correct that error. This double decker run was affected because originally that run after completing.Route 64 going to Kanata was scheduled to do a return trip to Tunney's Pasture on a different route (Route 66), and then another one-way trip on Route 64 to Kanata without doing a return trip to Tunney's Pasture. With the correction/adjustment made, this run would do a trip westbound on Route 64 to Kanata (as originally scheduled), a return trip on Route 64 Tunney's Pasture (revised/corrected), and then a trip on Route 164 Hope Side (revised to make up whatever run that was originally scheduled to do that specific trip on Route 164). Therefore, expect to see a double decker on that Route 164 until the special COVID-19 service levels (special booking) are no longer needed. I'm not sure whether or not there was an error with Route 63.
  7. The following spotted at Thermo King this morning (April 4, 2020): 5029 5040 5045 5046 5059 5087 (decommissioned but still with licence plate) 5114 5143 5176 Furthermore, I did see a Hybrid bus at St. Laurent Station close to 9am laying up between Stops C and D, while I was driving westbound on Hwy 417 -- I took a quick glance and want to say it was bus 5142, however as per Enviro_1203's post from Feb 4 (https://cptdb.ca/topic/19258-oc-transpo-orion-vii-hybrid-retirement-watch/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-886072), bus 5142 is not one of the remaining active unit left in service.
  8. 5011 on Training yesterday (Mar 28, 2020), turning right from Coventry to northbound Vanier Parkway The following seen at City View yesterday (Mar 28, 2020) 5013 5019 5027 5029 5087 (decommissioned but plated) 5114 5143 5145
  9. 5099 on Route 138 Innes, run 138-2, on Tenth Line southbound turning right onto Vanguard at 1:30pm
  10. The following at City View this morning: 5013 5019 5029 5039 5063 (decommissioned, but still plated with licence plate set to expire March 31, 2020) 5087 (decommissioned, but still plated with licence plate set to expire March 31, 2020) 5109 5114 5133 5140 (decommissioned, but still plated with licence plate set to expire March 31, 2020)
  11. The following sightings are from yesterday (Mar 16), in order by fleet number: 5012 on Route 56 King Edward, departing Tunney's Pasture at 15:44 5014 on Route 258 Grandview, departing Tunney's Pasture at 15:25 5059 arriving Tunney's Pasture at 1528 5100 at Tunney's Pasture lay-up at 1510 5114 arriving Tunney's Pasture at 15:13 5117 arriving Tunney's Pasture at 15:40 5121 on Route 284 Knoxdale, departing Tunney's Pasture at 15:22 5125 at Blair Station lay-up at 810am 5134 on Route 38 Trim, departing Blair Station at 8:08 5143 on Route 58 Moodie, run 53-6, departing Tunney's Pasture at 15:23 5150 arriving Tunney's Pastur at 15:20 5163 on 81 Tunney's Pasture, arriving Tunney's Pasture at 15:40 5177 on run 109-2 (extra), doing a trip on Route 278 Riverside South departing Tunney's Pasture at 15:18
  12. The following at City View this morning: 5013, 5019, 5099, and 5109.
  13. Yesterday (Mar 13): 5052 arriving Blair at 7:56am 5100 arriving Blair at 16:56 5176 on Route 7 Brittany, at Rideau Centre at 16:30 Today (Mar 14): 5001 on Route 34 Renaud, on RR174 eastbound between Montreal Road and Jeanne d'Arc at 10:55am
  14. 5009 on Route 37 Queenswood Heights, starting its trip at 17:15 at Blair Station 5125 arriving Blair Station at 7:51am 5162 on Route 34 Renaud, starting its trip at 17:10 at Blair Station
  15. Today's sightings, in order by fleet number: 5005 on Route 26 Pineview, at Blair Station at 7:49am 5012 at Hurdman Station lay-up, with its engines off and four way flashers on 5013 on run 901-606 -- starting a trip on Route 54 Tunney's Pasture at 15:00 Tunney's Pasture, and later on Route 51 Britannia at 15:12 Tunney's Pasture 5019 on Route 83 Viewmount, starting its trip at 14:57 Tunney's Pasture 5022 on 267 Glen Cairn, starting its trip at 15:34 Tunney's Pasture (rode) 5023 is an Extra (run 109-14) covering a trip on Route 84 Centrepointe, starting at 14:56 Tunney's Pasture 5024 seen deadheading along the Southwest Transitway between Queensway Station and Lincoln Frields at 1543 5025 on 284 Knoxdale, starting its trip at 15:22 Tunney's Pasture 5039 arriving at Tunney's Pasture at 14:58 5040 arriving at Tunney's Pasture at 15:32 5042 arriving at Tunney's Pasture at 15:19 5058 at St. Laurent Station at 7:56am 5097 on Route 251 Bells Corners, starting its trip at 15:25 Tunney's Pasture 5102 arriving at Tunney's Pasture at 14:59 5105 arriving at Tunney's Pasture at 15:18 5113 on Route 236 Esprit, starting its trip at 17:06 Blair 5116 on Route 271 Stoneway, starting its trip at 15:25 Tunney's Pasture 5117 on run 53-1, starting its trip on Route 53 Carlington at 15:06 Tunney's Pasture 5118 arriving at Tunney's Pasture at 15:23 5143 on Route 11 Parliament, 15:03 Tunney's Pasture 5150 at Tunney's Pasture at 14:57 5159 on 266 Maxwell Bridge, just past Lincoln Fields Station at 16:18 5162 on 34 Renaud, starting its trip at 17:07 Blair 5170 on Route 82 Bayshore, starting its trip at 15:26 Tunney's Pasture 5173 on Route 16 Tunney's Pasture, arriving at Tunney's Pasture at 14:57
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