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  1. OC Bus Spottings

    5049 on Route 268 Kanata, seen approaching Bayview Station at 15:51.
  2. OC Bus Spottings

    As far as I know, the run that is suppose to do the last trip on Route 283 is suppose to get an Invero. Either that run has been assigned a hybrid when it shouldn't have, or another run (that is scheduled to get a hybrid as planned) got pulled from its regular assignment to cover the trip on Route 283, or the extra was assigned a hybrid.
  3. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    There will be an update from staff on the project on Friday, December 15 at 1:30pm. https://ottawa.ca/en/news/confederation-line-light-rail-transit-project-update
  4. OC Bus Spottings

    This Booking, there are no weekday trips on Route 6 that are scheduled to get double decker buses. If you see one, it's either a Reporter or a Route 6 run at Industrial Garage that was assigned a double decker due to no artics available (last week there was one run on Route 6 that got a DD when he shouldn't have). On the other hand, next Booking will be a different story....
  5. Invero Light Rebuild Project

    4358 at Eastway.
  6. 6540 at Wajax 8106 at Eastway
  7. Double decker bus order

    As has been reported previously a few weeks ago, the remaining units of the new double decker order (8148 to 8160) are currently siting at Thomas Cavanagh Construction, located in Ashton, Ontario. I drove by there this afternoon, and managed to get a couple of (not-so-good) images of the buses that were parked there.
  8. OC Bus Spottings

    8025 on Route 6 (along with other routes that are interlined with this run), run 6-12 - seen at Greenboro lay-up at 13:10.
  9. OC Bus Spottings

    5152 on Route 272 Barrhaven, seen on Scott Street between Bayview Station and Tunney's Pasture at 15:47.
  10. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    This picture was posted by a user on Instagram
  11. Double deckers are being introduced onto Route 95 (as well as Route 91) during the middays for the Winter Booking. While I haven't personally analyzed the difference in service levels/frequency for this booking versus the next, that could be the reason why they are reducing the frequency.
  12. I've been advised that double decker buses will be assigned to the free Downtown to Lansdowne pre-Grey Cup shuttle service, which will operate from tomorrow (Thursday) to Saturday.
  13. OC Bus Spottings

    5119 on Route 95 Barrhaven Centre, left Mack Bridge at 16:36
  14. OC Bus Spottings

    8130 on Route 602 De La Salle, at Mack Bridge starting its trip at 8:15am.