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  1. It can still be done, but definitely not as convenient: 1) Go to Account Settings 2) On the left hand navigation menu, select "Security and Privacy". You may be asked to enter your password and click "Reauthenticate". From there you can enable/disable your online visibility.
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/greyhound-bus-terminal-ottawa-central-station-no-more-1.5746701?cmp=rss
  3. OC Transpo closed down O-Train Line 1 (Confederation Line) for planned maintenance on May 2 and 3, 2020; May 9 to 13, 2020. Replacement buses were implemented during the planned closure, Route R1. Buses 8133 and 8026 at Hurdman Station on May 12, 2020.
  4. I can't speak for the moderators. But I suspect they may have changed the settings to make the National Capital Region forum visible only when members are logged in. If so, I have no issues with that. I have noticed that there is one particular Ottawa board member (who regularly gets suspended) re-posting information that originated from this discussion board onto another discussion board without crediting the original poster or even asking the original poster for permission to re-post the information. I won't identify that board member by name, but some may know who I'm referring to.
  5. JCL

    Air Canada

    Assignment for the new Boeing 737 MAX 8: https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/275698/air-canada-outlines-boeing-737-max-dec-2017jan-2018-schedules/
  6. JCL

    Air Canada

    I would call it an "unplanned" upgrade to the Ottawa-Toronto flight. There was a Boeing 777-300 on ACA460/465 on October 3.
  7. JCL

    Air Canada

    Yes, they've been sending Boeing 787-9 as of late on the Toronto to Ottawa/Ottawa to Toronto flights as of late. Supposedly because they are doing maintenance work on the Embraer 190s and as a result, they are short on those aircraft type (I am by no means confirming that's the case, however that is what another plane spotter told me who has a contact with an employee from Air Canada). These are the days that the Dreamliners visited Ottawa: - September 18 on ACA454 and 459 by C-FNOI - September 19 on ACA460 and 465 by C-FGDX - September 28 on ACA454 and 459 by C-FNOI - September 29 o
  8. The earlier departure times for the Ottawa-Iqaluit route (flights 436/437) that are in affect now was actually the original times that Canadian North operated prior to the codeshare agreement with First Air. What strikes me is that First Air 860 and Canadian North 436 are both scheduled to depart at the exactly same time, and 10 minutes apart from each other on the return flight back to Ottawa (to me this type of scheduling arrangement never made any sense, but then again I've never flown up north before).
  9. Nice pic! That aircraft was diverted to Ottawa on April 6 because it couldn't land in North Bay due to weather: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/RA76951/history/20170406/2030Z/CMR2/CYOW
  10. Grade 9, Core French class. Someone from the office made the announcement on the PA.
  11. It's in Ottawa, Eastway (spotted on Sunday).
  12. Is there an ability for a user to customize the board homepage by moving the right-hand column to the bottom? (Consisting of Member Statistics, Who's Online, Who's Chatting, Today's Birthday, and Upcoming Events)
  13. JCL

    Gas Prices

    I can't remember if I mentioned this, but there is a gas price war going on in Orleans (an east Ottawa suburb, for anybody who don't where Orleans is). The big guys trying to push the Stinson (one of the last independent gas stations) on Innes out of business. As for that Mr. Gas out on Trim Road/Taylor Creek near Trim Park and Ride (also an independent), it was an ESSO gas station for a brief period before it was recently changed back to Mr. Gas. If you go to the web site Tomorrow's Gas Prices Today, run by former Liberal MP Dan McTeague, you'll note that Orleans is the second cheapest gas
  14. JCL

    Gas Prices

    Costco is now reporting 92.9!
  15. Canadian North only ran between Ottawa and Miami once for that charter, as flights 9752/9753, which was on the weekend of February 14-15. First Air ran the weekend before and after that weekend. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/MPE9752/history http://flightaware.com/live/flight/MPE9753/history http://flightaware.com/live/flight/FAB9752/history http://flightaware.com/live/flight/FAB9753/history
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