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  1. Lombardi

    Job Interview (need advises)

    Hey! Thanks Rob for your reply! very helpful! Julien
  2. Hi! My first post here! I would need some of the pro advises as my job interview as public bus driver approach. I've heard that they might throw 2 or 3 scenarios as ask what I would do in such situation. So I would like your advises on what you think would be the best suited answer the each of them. Please be serious! 1 - What would you do if one person would have an epileptic crisis right in the midle of rush hour? 2 - Its night, last bus of the line, 5 guys wants to get on, They all have their passes but one and no body have money for their friend. What would you do? 3 - you finnish your day, its around midnight, time to go back to garage but someone is sleeping in the bus and forgot to get off. What would you do? Thats it! If you have any other idea of questions they might ask (of that you have been asked yourself) that would do no harm to be prepared to, dont hesitate to add more! Thanks in advance for your help! J-