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  1. Wow, Thank you so much 😀😀. Looks amazing. I can't wait to put it together.
  2. Beautifully done!!! Do you know if anyone made STO NovaBus LFS Artics? I especially love their 2013 Rapibus Livery. I remember not being able to find quality city bus toys as a kid; and therefore I would draw, colour and build paper buses by hand lol. They were misshaped, but I loved them 😍 .
  3. Great news and about time! It takes along time to load up a LFS Artic lol. Hopefully, this will speed up traffic on Wellington during the PM rush hour.
  4. In September 1, 2013 (With the Laurier to Campus Transitway re-route) the 95 between Tunney's Pasture and Blair Station in 25 and 29 minutes lol. In the morning peak, Trim and Baseline Station in 54 mins Approx. In the afternoon from Baseline to Trim Station, it took 57 mins. In December 23, 2018 ( Complete Transitway detour) Tunney's Pasture to Blair took between approx 40 min off-peak and 48 min on-peak Blair to Tunney's Pasture was approx 37 min on-peak and 35 min off-peak. Baseline to Trim on-peak was 67 mins (AM)-78 mins(PM) timings varied greatly Trim to Baseline off-peak approx 64 mins and on-peak approx 67-68 min(AM/PM) I think the LRT should be as fast or faster than the 95 (Pre-LRT construction) from Baseline to Trim, as it will travel a more direct route from Dominion to Lincoln Fields Station, even with the additional stations. The Sir John A MacDonald Parkway is curvy and its speed limit is only 60 km/h. However, if they had a built a Bus Tunnel between Lebreton and Campus the bus would likely beat the LRT. As much as I love the Confederation Line, I must admit that the crosstown Transitway system was well constructed and functioned well outside the Downtown core. Keeping major routes separate from car traffic is worth the extra money. I mean, look at the STO and their Lentibus lol.
  5. Hopefully, they'll improve the connections between Place d'Orleans and Blair Station. Perhaps the bus routes like the 35 should have their off-peak departures increased. That may increase their attractiveness to passengers. We are, after all, supposed to be encouraging people to use transit more. But it's OC Transpo. Thanks to them, I'll miss my early Sunday morning connection from the 61 to the 88 at Terry fox by 3 minutes grrrr...😒
  6. April 30, 2019 The trains were operating frequently and in two-car formation. 1112+1108 at Bayview Station 08:45 1134+1131 at Bayview Station 08:46 1122+1123 at uOttawa Station 09:04
  7. April 30, 2019 9132 93 (Masson-Angers) at Mackenzie/Rideau 15:22
  8. April 30, 2019 4612 174 near Baseline Station 08:26 4606 94 (Riverview) at Vanier PKWY and HWY 417 09:06 4621 N/A near Blair Station and HWY 417 09:08 4624 48 (Elmvale) at Hurdman Station 19:08
  9. 9137, operating route 29, spotted near the Rideau Centre on Jan 16 around 8:30 am.
  10. STO is leaving people behind... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/sto-overcrowded-bus-transit-western-quebec-outaouais-ottawa-1.4929556 The number of overcrowded buses has risen 70% compared to last year. The 200 was the most overcrowded (Shocker) 24, 59, 100, and 400 also "busy." The stop bypassed the most was in Ottawa "close to Parliament Hill near Wellington and Bank Streets." I'm assuming Wellington/bank stop. STO explains that its ridership is up 15% since January. STO will try to maximize its resources during rush hour and optimize its articulated buses. From 2020-2024, STO plans to purchase 153 new buses, some will replace older buses. Well, at least their ridership isn't decreasing.
  11. 6666 ---> 91 Baseline, 17:45 Aug 29th, at Lincoln Fields Station 😈 How many sacrifices are required for her to become operational? I'm thinking a dozen cancelled 95 trips, 6 "missing" 88's and 6 BBQ'd Inveroes.
  12. 6666 -Out of Service- Spotted at Bayshore Station around 22:30 Friday Night. 😈
  13. 1. New Flyer D60LF/Rs 2. Orion-Ikarus III 3. ADL Enviro500s 4. GM Fishbowls 5. GM/MCI/ Nova Bus Classics 6. New Flyer D40s 7. Orion Vs
  14. So now that the premium fare Express routes have transitioned into the regular fare routes, have any of you noticed changes in passenger demand? Do the routes carry more or less passengers now? Do people board or make their connections at different stops/Stations, etc?
  15. Bad luck bus indeed. More importantly, I'm glad that everyone on board got out safely. It's so sad to see a bus burned up like that, especially a double decker.
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