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  1. Favorite OC Transpo Bus Models

    1. New Flyer D60LF/Rs 2. Orion-Ikarus III 3. ADL Enviro500s 4. GM Fishbowls 5. GM/MCI/ Nova Bus Classics 6. New Flyer D40s 7. Orion Vs
  2. So now that the premium fare Express routes have transitioned into the regular fare routes, have any of you noticed changes in passenger demand? Do the routes carry more or less passengers now? Do people board or make their connections at different stops/Stations, etc?
  3. GOA transit news, info etc

    Bad luck bus indeed. More importantly, I'm glad that everyone on board got out safely. It's so sad to see a bus burned up like that, especially a double decker.
  4. STO bus spottings

    On January 10 Near on Buckingham Avenue, around 4:10 PM, 1220 on route 97 towards Labrosse Station. The roads were terrible but it seems like LFS artics perform well in poor weather.
  5. STO bus spottings

    I don't think so. Although, lately I have not been following the movements of the classics.
  6. STO bus spottings

    Spotted 7901 on route 25 around 4:19 PM. The first fishbowl I've seen in 9 years!!! Not the best picture.
  7. STO bus spottings

    Yesterday, September 7, 2016 9129 on route 400 near Rideau Centre around 18:14. The first time I've seen a Classic on the 400. 1602 on route 37 Mackenzie/Rideau around 17:56
  8. STO bus spottings

    Great to see more Hybrid articulated busses on the roads. STO definitely needs the capacity, since their busses can get pretty crowded during rush hour. Rode 1310, LFS Articulated Diesel, Today on Route 44 Rideau/Elgin 16:30.
  9. OC Bus Spottings

    8074: on Route 72 Baseline Station: 6:07 PM 8072: on Route 71 Baseline Station; 6:10 PM
  10. STO bus spottings

    I went for a ride on the Rapibus 1308: N/A Boul.Maisonneuve 1318: on Route 200; Station Montcalm; 4:34PM 1301: on Route 200; Station Galeries Du Hull; 4:34 PM 1302: N/A; Station Lac-Lemay 4:37 PM 1212: on Route 100; Station Gouin; 4:52 PM 1316: on Route 300; Station Labrosse; 4:54 PM 0810: on Route 75; Station De La Cité; 5:02 PM 8906: on Route 69; Station De La Gappe 5:13 PM
  11. GOA transit news, info etc

    STO: Fall schedule: http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=568&L=en An interesting addition to the schedule: New PM direct service from Ottawa to Masson-Angers [93] and Buckingham [95] via Rapibus [until De La Gappe] and Autoroute 50.
  12. OC Bus Spottings

    6531 On Route 91 Baseline Station 13:23 6538 N/A at Tunney's Pasture Station 13:30 6413 On Route 91 Bank/Slater 16:15