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  1. Well I've told you my honest truth and my side of the story, but it appears that you have already made up your mind about my fate here on this board, I understand how there are people who just like to make multiple accounts after being banned to be alive but this is my first account here on this board. Im disappointed that my story is not credible but if you wish to show you picture of who I am versus my friend I can gladly supply that for you. I just wish to be apart of this board community as it has shown me so much of what I've never known before.
  2. Funny you mention that , it's a friend's account that he opened and didn't want anymore, he introduced it to me because of how it doesn't scale down photos and compress them. Since he lost interest in photography, i deleted all the old photo's and now i use it. He saw me on this few weeks back and told me he got banned lololol
  3. http://www.majhost.com/gallery/joyfulsoul/Phoneshots/imag0254.jpg one of these things is not like the other one of these things just doesn't belong
  4. Another way is that , i'm not sure of the Orion VII's have this but i know for a fact that for YRT/Viva, the D40LF's and all the VanHool's have a speaker on the outside of the bus that is wired into the mic and is controlled by a switch, so instead of having the door open and a flood of passengers come in then being told to leave due a full bus, the driver can tell the waiting passengers outside about the situation on the bus. Sidenote: Does anyone know what the "Mode" Button does on Allison Transmissions do? Like on Coach Canada's H3-45's that have an Allison Transmission it enables for more
  5. SInce your talking about a 1xxx series those are hybrid buses, i believe that whistling sound you are hearing is the electric motor starting up during acceleration and recharging the battery during braking. Someone can correct me on this iif i'm not right
  6. My definition follows the guiness book of world record definition, i don't necessarily have to get off at the station, i just need adequate proof that i was there, so location, time and signature or picture to prove i was there.. I'm aiming to start at Kipling at the start of service so i can maximize the potential.
  7. alright challenge accepted, i'm gonna go do this next week 8D
  8. has there been a record set on fastest travel time to all TTC subway Stations?
  9. if you guys look at the map behind on the website where it says services changed july 1st, you'll notice that it's the old map because the 86 doesn't run to RHC and goes to bathurst instead Just thought i'd share that...
  10. I see the TTC is trying to be hipsters by using hash tags in everything
  11. 925 dead at Majoy Mackenzie and Yonge this afternoon, spoke with the supervisor, it had a hose come lose and spill coolant everywhere towed away at 3pm
  12. just a curious question, how does the interlining work? o.O
  13. Look like the July 1st 2012 Service changes are out! changes include: 87 operating to Vaughan Mills during non-rush, Teston during Rush 86 to Richmond Hill Center 15 discontinued and merged with Route 9 11 discontinues and merged with route 10 53 is discontinued, North of Davis is merged with 44 and south of Davis drive merged 57/A and many many more http://www.yrt.ca/en/serviceupdates/futureservicechanges.asp
  14. 3 things from riding around the region today 1. 1086's AC unit is either half asleep or the freon is dead... my god it was so warm in that bus with the AC on... 2. Do the DIWA 864.5's not have an automatic neutral function when they're at standstill? and lastly 3. why do the Nova's constantly keep supplying air pressure to the doors when the bus comes to a stop? (or is it not the doors...) i prob shoulda have raised these questions earlier since i'm a daily user or YRT/Viva.. but they keep escaping me...
  15. There was an unknown A330 this morning at leslie and highway 7 signed up as Viva Blue - Finch Station around 9am
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