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  1. In other words: Drivetrain, Accessibility, Environment (kind of included in drivetrain), Operating systems (as in how buses communicate with each other and operate as a fleet), Maintenance, Materials, passenger comforts. I personally think hydrogen wankel hybrids with a low floor layout with a computer which gives the exact speed drivers need to go to get to the stop in time. Also I would want it to have a stainless steel chassis and aluminum body with some carbon components.
  2. I would have a NFI D60LFR with a hybrid drivetrain. Also, when the XDE60 comes out I might have that depending on how good it is.
  3. Hey, R. McConnell, Do you happen to have any pictures of the Orion VII NG EPA10 MTA demo? I have a few photos of the TTC EPA10s but those are actually in service and I am curious to know what the demos look like.
  4. What reasons which are not specified in CPTDB Code of Conduct would you possibly use on this wiki to justify a ban? Or is everything already covered?
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