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  1. In other words: Drivetrain, Accessibility, Environment (kind of included in drivetrain), Operating systems (as in how buses communicate with each other and operate as a fleet), Maintenance, Materials, passenger comforts. I personally think hydrogen wankel hybrids with a low floor layout with a computer which gives the exact speed drivers need to go to get to the stop in time. Also I would want it to have a stainless steel chassis and aluminum body with some carbon components.
  2. I would have a NFI D60LFR with a hybrid drivetrain. Also, when the XDE60 comes out I might have that depending on how good it is.
  3. I do not think that would be practical for Ottawa Transitway. I think though they could have made some kind of bi-articulated double decker bus to show off when Toronto hosted the G20 and when Vancouver had the olympics.
  4. Hey, R. McConnell, Do you happen to have any pictures of the Orion VII NG EPA10 MTA demo? I have a few photos of the TTC EPA10s but those are actually in service and I am curious to know what the demos look like.
  5. What reasons which are not specified in CPTDB Code of Conduct would you possibly use on this wiki to justify a ban? Or is everything already covered?
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