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  1. I've ridden all 3 orion 5s over the years a lot of times and not once do I remember seeing any kind of lift equipment anywhere in/outside the bus. I think 554 has the kneeling feature as well but I'm not 100% positive on that one. We can expect some more classics on the road soon as the temperature is getting cooler lately.
  2. Ok. I'll add my 2 cents. Transit Windsor has 99 transit buses and Leamington Transit has at least 1 bus(an orion I).
  3. Can everyone list the transit systems in ontario by size of their fleets. And I don't mean only the top ten, let's try and cover all of the systems. INCLUDING LEAMINGTON TRANSIT!!! EX. 1-TTC-xxxx buses/xxx streetcars/etc 2-OC-xxx buses/xxx LRT 3-MT-xxx buses 4-LTC-xxx buses 5-blah 6-blah 7-blah 8-blah 9-blah 10-blah You get the idea, it would be better instead of me posting one for each to see how many buses/etc every one has. I'll keep the updated number on this first page.
  4. A bus was involved in an accident this morning at University and Crawford. The driver said that the bus and the other vehicle involved weren't damaged. I don't know who was at fault. EDIT EMS was there taking care of someone on the bus that hit her knee and head.
  5. What's with all the arrows and diamonds on the front of some STM buses anyway? I never could figure that out when I went back to Montreal.
  6. Just because it was with NYCMTA for a while doesnt mean it had a lift after Windsor bought it. Explain why it wasn't classified by Transit Windsor as fully accessible until august 2006? As are the rest of the Vs?
  7. Forgot to tell you I updated my site with pics in Windsor police other, Trucks/SUVs, Transit Windsor pics, and a new page for ya as well. I finally got the orion 7 with the edge nutrition ad wrap!
  8. Im just assuming they have lifts now as they weren't classified as fully accessible before we saw them in the back of the garage. None of the buses on the roster had wheelchair lifts until now if the 5s have them. I dont think the 5s will all be retired until 2012.
  9. I don't know if you all noticed...All the orion 5s(411,412 and 499) are ALL FULLY ACCESSIBLE!!!!!! They must have put lifts(im guessing) on the buses because it says they're accessible on Transit Windsor's NEW and UPDATED fleet roster. I think that's awesome, the first high floor buses with lifts.
  10. MaT


    I remember reading on Bombardier's website that the ACELA coaches were updated LRC coaches. Oh well. There's another project that will never get off the ground-JETTRAIN! Windsor-Quebec corridor jet on rails proposal that flew right into the ground never to rise again...at least with the money VIA is getting.
  11. MaT


    They don't build LRCs???? What do you think the passenger cars for the ACELA program with Amtrak are? The JetTrain program is the jettrain engine and an updated version of the LRC passenger coaches.
  12. I just got back from Sandwich and Mill with...(drumroll)... Pictures of the remaining streetcar rails from when Windsor had Streetcars in the 30s! I also got the pictures of the Edge nutrition wrapped orion 7. Quite the bus to look at. Here are the rails pics. I will put all the pictures on my site as well.
  13. Hey, they can open the plant up here in Windsor. We have too many people and not enough jobs. We can sure use a backup to the automotive jobs. That would be ironic though. Automotive capital of Canada opens transit assembly plant!
  14. Hey, I forgot to put the updates page back on.. My newest update was that the My DRTP Plan was changed to the My projects plan and I also put more info in that section. Enjoy.
  15. Can you please give us a link to where you read this? I am only asking because it does not show that in the Transit Master Plan on the Transit Windsor website. And I'm curious to find out any more information that I don't already know! I know the 103X is going between the malls using the side roads south of EC ROW and following EC ROW. EDIT Also Ive been talking to a transportation planner for the city-Steve Kapuska- and we got talking about transit in Windsor and he told me these key points about when we had streetcars. They ran along Sandwich, University, Giles, Ouellette, Tecumseh, and some sections of Wyandotte. He said that "Some remnants of that railway service can be seen in the imbedded rails at the intersection of Sandwich and Mill." So...this is what I have to go see soon, I could have done it today but I didn't know where they were. When I go see the rails still in the road intersection, I'll get pics of it and throw them on here ASAP!
  16. MaT


    Bombardier has demo units though dont they? If not, then I'll send an email to Via, GO, and maybe CN or CP if I can't get any engine demos from Via or GO.
  17. Yep. We got 10 of them for Christmas! And they're 2005.
  18. Yep, it's in service, I saw it a couple weeks ago. Are a lot of the classics/new looks in the shop or what? I used to see around 7-8 classics/2-3 new looks a day. Now I see 1-2 classics a day and no new look! It's all VIs,VIIs, ez riders and LFS'.
  19. I called Transit WIndsor yesterday and I was told that the proposal with the BRT and the rest of the stuff is going to council on September 5th. If not that day then the next week. Also I figured out the bus numbers for the new buses if they are all novas. Our newest novas are 555-564. The new ones would be from 565-604 if its all 40 buses(replacements and expansion buses). If it includes the buses for Tecumseh and Lasalle, then that would go up to 613. Thats 49 buses if all goes well and if they are all ordered as novas. The BRT buses I think would be from 801-831. I noticed that the bus numbers are starting in the higher numbers as they are ordered year after year. 4xx for the orions. late 5xx for the novas(6xx if it continues to be novas im guessing). 7xx for the ez riders. So I say that the BRT buses will be in the 8xx.
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