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  1. UPDATE!!!! Added 1 pic to the Windsor Fire and Rescue page and 2 pics to the Windsor Police marked cars page.
  2. Oops!!! I don't know how I got that impression. oh well. :angry:
  3. Ok thanks, didn't see that part. And now Transit Windsor and DDOT will be accepting each others transfers(for a small fare) starting in October. If anyone remembers, that was one of the things that I put on my site under the projects page. It was one of the things that I said would benefit the traffic solution for not only Windsor, but the whole region on both sides of the border. The only thing is SMART was involved in my plan as well. It's almost like they're watching all my posts and studying my website to make improvements! :angry: Now all they need is a regional pass for TW/DDOT and DDOT buses crossing the border acting as tunnel buses.
  4. So since it's W/C accessible, where is the lift at? I've seen pics of all sides of it and I can't find a spot where the lift is.
  5. And just for the record, VIA trains didnt stop coming to Windsor at all. They still use the regular line they always did to come to the station. I see them and hear them every day. That line is a 10 minute walk from my apartment.
  6. If anyone wants o ride 912 or take pics of it, its been on the 2 and 1C all week, so I'd say that's where it'll be for a while.
  7. I just rode 426 today with an H&M wrap. So that makes 2 buses with that wrap, 439 and 426.
  8. I also forgot to mention that on county road 19(manning) maybe 5 minutes after the 401(on your right side coming from Windsor) there is a house that has an old look painted in what looked like an old yellow scheme. Kinda reminded me of HSR, it could be one of their old ones. If he/she is willing to sell it, it would make a good piece of work that would most definitely be wirth every hour spent on it. I'll try and find a pic of one just like it.
  9. I see 2-3 a week here in Windsor and we only have '5' 1st gens. LFS. They seem to be doing good here in Windsor. Once in a while you wont see them for a while, but its not long before they make a comeback. I think ours might be in better condition because we dont have as many buses at out garage as any one garage in MTL.
  10. H&M wrap? You mean the store opening up in Devonshire Mall?
  11. UPDATE!! 5 pics to the Windsor Police Trucks/SUVS page and 28 to the Transit Windsor pics page. Enjoy!
  12. ok thanks. Do you know what livery the bus(double decker) is painted in? Also if I remember correcly the grummans were with Transit Windsor for two years, numbered 601-606. Does anyone have any pics of the 600s still? Post them here if you do. I know there was some on NA transit in the Vaughn Transit section, I wish someone could post those here, I love those pics! And lots of classics on the road today BTW.
  13. Where is the transportation museum? I wouldnt mind going to see that bus and take pictures of it. Maybe put hem on my site. Do you know if they still have it, I couldnt find it on their website?
  14. I found a list of routes that Transit Windsor had in the past and has now. Here they are, and I wish we still had them all with the ones we are getting. Transway 1A Transway 1C Transway EXPRESS Crosstown 2 Crosstown EXPRESS Central 3 Ottawa 4 Dominion 5B-----\/ Dominion 5C----->>>now dominion 5 Dominion 5B/C---/\ Dougall 6A---------\/ Dougall 6B--------->>>now dougall 6 Dougall 6B/C------/\ South Windsor 7 Walkerville 8A\/ Walkerville 8B>>>> now Walkerville 8 Drouillard 9---no longer in use Lauzon 10 East Town 11---no longer in use Roseland 12----no longer in use Ojibway 13-----no longer in use Parent 14 As for where these routes operated I have no idea where. And if anyone wants to do some research, go for it. I just wish we still had all of these routes. That's 22 routes right there alone! Then we still have the tunnel bus, Central 3 west with the upcoming 2 east, 2 west, 101, 102, 103, 10A, and 11. All together that would be 34 routes including the now operating 5, 6, and 8!
  15. ADDED: 4 pics to the Windsor Police unmarked page. It just may be WPS' next unmarked super car. Dont know if it belongs to Windsor Police or not. It it does....damn... BTW it's a red ferrari.
  16. Here's my pic of the Ambassador Bridge.
  17. ADDED: 5 pics to WIndsor fire & rescue and 3 pics to Windsor-Essex EMS.
  18. It was supposed to start being built at the end of july and be ready in march, but I didn't see anything happen yet. Unless it will start pretty soon, I don't know. I can't wait for it to start.
  19. OK I'm done the update, and I got a little carried away. I made the site even easier to get around with a new layout. Here is what I added. *The updates page has the old update with the new update put together.* Windsor Police Service(Other)-2 pics Transit Windsor-8 pics Via Rail-2 pics Windsor Fire & Rescue(NEW PAGE!!)-5 pics Windsor-Essex EMS-1 pic Tell me what you think of the new(a bit different) look to the site. Also if you have any suggestions for any new additions to the site from the Windsor area, put it in this thread.
  20. I'm gonna put up a new page on Windsor Fire and Rescue. You know we do have the best Fire Department in the world, as is seen in our work in the annual firefighters combat challenge(1st place!!!!). I think they all deserve a spot on my site. Ill have pics of the stations and firetrucks that they use. I'll put it up in a couple minutes.
  21. I went downtown today and found 701 doing the shuttle for the CAW Labour Day celebrations. And I think council passed the proposal for Transit Windsor as they are getting 6 buses this year for sure and they're approved budget inlcludes a main focus for 2006 on fleet related topics. I can call Jan tomorrow and ask her. I think if they did pass it, it'll benefit the city as a whole. The better the transportation, the better the business in the city.
  22. UPDATE!!!! Windsor Police other has 2 new pics, unmarked has 3 new pics, and Transit Windsor pics has 4 new ones. BTW I found a Ferrari parked in front of the police station yesterday!! Just might be a new cop car, we already have a 911 so... Here's the pic!
  23. LMAO...Here's a sighting for ya! Here is 6025 in Windsor along Riverside Drive at the back of the Casino shuttle parking lot! It even has the wrap on the front of it still! BTW where are they being made to be coming through Windsor?
  24. 701 and 702 are low floor, they're just not classified as wheelchair accessible. I don't know if this is because of the border or if they really areen't accessible. So 528 is next on the list of refurbs eh? As I know it Transit Windsor either already refurbs 5 buses a year or wants to.
  25. That was an example remember? I'm writing all these down before I post the updates on the 1st post. Can we get from the biggest to the smallest so it's easier? I'd say TTC, OC, YRT, HSR, MT LTC, DRT, then whatever after that!
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