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  1. I have a question about Metro Transit. I know they have the 6 fishbowls, 3 D-30LFs and 14 classic artics. How much of the classics(regular), novas, and D40LFs do they have now? I can't find any *up to date* rosters for them. Last I heard for the D40LFs it was around 70.
  2. Just take your camera and take pics of the your favourite pics in the book, then throw them on here. That's what I'm doing right now with my mom's year book showing some pics of SW&A. They will be in the TW thread. Can you do that for the artic(orion 3 I believe??)?
  3. Hey guys, I just put up 9 videos on youtube that I made since the summer. The videos I can take on my camera end randomly so on average the videos are gonna be around 15-20 seconds. Check them out here or in my sig. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=motorcity2006
  4. I don't know if I said this yet. I made a webshots account with photos from around Windsor, Stratford, Toronto along with pics of Windsor Police and Transit Windsor. If you wanna look them up my name on webshots is matu02ca.
  5. Made a new background for all the pages on the site. Hope you like it. No new pics this time around. Hopefully I'll have some pics later on.
  6. Thanks a lot guys. I'm already talking to CKD about it and if I need nything else I'll let you know too! We'll it looks like because of the special(it ends in November), it looks like were going november 15, 16, and 17. My mom found a hotel like a block away from the capitol building thats like $69 a night. So all we really need right now is the reservations along with some othe stuff. lol.
  7. Hey guys/gals.. Is there anyone on here from Washington DC? Me and my mom are supposed to be going there sometime between Christmas and New Years and the only was we would be able to get around is by transit and/or cabs. We don't even know what hotel we're gonna be staying IF we go. So I'm gonna need some info early one before we go. I would also need a list of things to see/do for while we're there. If anyone there has msn it would be soooo much easier. Thanks.
  8. I found the quickest way to get downtown...period...-take the 1C Express! From my place on Lauzon pkwy it only takes 10 minutes! I take it everyday to get to school. And I saw 907 at Tecumseh Mall out of service heading back to the garage. I also emailed the planning department in Kingsville to get all the info on Transit Windsor going to Kingsville.
  9. I just have a question about AMT. I know that GO's trains are usually 10 cars long(soon to be 12), how long are AMT's trains usually? Cuz I don't think their fleet is anything in size compared to GO's. Same goes with ridership.
  10. Hey I have SimCity 4 and Rushhour. How do you guys make a BRT? I only know of the regular buses from using the bus stops. Also, how do you build up your cities so fast? Once mine get to around 60-80,000(which takes a while still), it like.....stops dead.
  11. Just thought I'd let you know that the google local and windows live local areas in windsor are updated now. The areas I mean are the Transit Windsor garage and the Downtown, Tecumseh Mall, Devonshire Mall, and College Ave. terminals. Had one hell of a time trying to transfer today at Tecumseh and Central going from the 3 to the 1C(heading east). Because of all the construction, me and a friend had gotten off on the other side in front of the gas station(instead of the transfer stop across from the tire place(again heading east). So we see 3 buses(one-3 and two-1Cs) in front of ours before we get off at the gas station. We get off and turn around to look for the next 1C, and we see another 3 and like 5-6 1Cs right behind us in both lanes! And the best part is that NONE of the drivers could take us on(they were all REALLY packed)! So out of around 10 buses, not one could pick us up. Even the other students that got off the 3 before us back at Tecumseh and Drouillard couldn't get on.
  12. (2nd) post from this morning. Just heard on the news that Kingsville's master plan is for the next 20 years and that they want Transit Windsor routes in Kingsville. So it's not gonna be a new transit system, just more routes into Kingsville. This is sometime in the next 20 years. Hopefully Transit Windsor can expand into Essex as well, and that they have success in all 4 towns!
  13. Here's more good news for the region! Kingsville is making a new Transportation Master Plan and wants to include"public Transit!". The move is being inspired by Transit Windsor's success in Lasalle with the South Windsor 7. I guess the 7 is pretty popular now, but I can't tell because my commute doesn't go anywhere near the route, I read it in the paper a while back-maybe 2 months ago. I can ask my gf how packed it is since she uses it everyday to go to Sandwich High in Lasalle. SO...if Kingsville is successful in making a public transit system, it will be the 3rd in the county. I wonder if (a) 30ft or 40ft bus(s) will be more effective for Kingsville?
  14. Since my site went up on August 7th, my site now has over 5000 hits! That's pretty quick if you ask me.
  15. Ok. I have made a list of all the vlassics in service with what paint scheme they're all in, but there's still a group of buses that I don't know about. This is what I have so far: White-yellow 505-504 513-506 515-510 516-522 517-525 519-532 520-533 521-535 523-536 524-537 526-538 528-540 529-546 530 534 541 543 544 547 548 554 The only ones that I need are 501, 507, 508, 509, 512, 514, 518, 527, 531, 539, 542, 545. If there's any mistakes let me know.
  16. I just made a number of improvements to some pages. Check the site for details!
  17. Hi all. Just updated the site with the following: 2 pics in Windsor Police other. 5 pics in Windsor Police Trucks/SUVs. 1 Pic in Windsor Police unmarked.
  18. Hey..No one mentioned Windsor and London! My favourite cities other than the big 2(TO and MTL).
  19. Hey does anyone know what happened to 907? I haven't seen it in over a month. Also do you think that Transit Windsor's route system would be better if it were more a grid system going the entire length of the streets? Almost all of the routes go all over the place! Im getting the inspiration of this from LTC. Like how about this for routes, following these streets. Ouellette/Dougall Howard Wyandotte Tecumseh Walker Campbell/Dominion Lauzon Pillette/Central University Riverside/Sandwich Matchette Malden Provincial Cabana Erie Ottawa Lincoln McDougall Lesperance Banwell Manning If all our routes followed the bigger streets, we would have over 20 routes! Does anyone have any ideas on how to make Transit Windsor's service better?
  20. Windsor-NovaLFS', Orion7s, Orion6s(not as much but still common), and Classics. And the rare sight of a fishbowl, EZ Rider or an Orion 5.
  21. UPDATE!!! ADDED: DID YOU KNOW(2) on the main page for Windsor Police Service.
  22. OK, good news..The new downtown bus terminal just got the go ahead, and the city just signed the deal. I'm gonna email Jan O'neil in a minute to get all the specifics. I know for sure that Grayhound will get 4 bus bays and Transit Windsor(according to their plan that hasn't gone to the board or the council yet) will get maybe up to 16 bays. They showed a concept drawing on the news of what it is supposed to look like, and it's pretty big. I'll see if Jan can email that picture to me. If I get it I'll put it on here.
  23. I read somewhere on the old board that Mississauga wanted nothing to do with the subway and wanted to continue pushing toward their own solution, which is probably the BRT/LRT that I keep hearing about. I don't know anything about it though.
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