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    Transit Windsor

    The creepy part is that on my website I've had a page called My Projects for the longerst time, and 2 things that I put on there are 2 things that the city wants to do/is doing. Those being making an expressway/tunnel directly from the 401 right across the border to Detroit, somehow linking directly to the highway network, and the transfer exchanges between the 3 biggest transit systems in the area(TW, DDOT, SMART). Check my site for the other stuff I put, and let's see if they come true. I think someone is using my site for reference, hehehe.
  2. Ya that is what I meant lol..thanks. So it's for 14 eh? The driver I know said he already has pictures or drawings of what they're supposed to look like.
  3. Ya that's what I was thinking. I still didn't get an email yet. I guess when VIVA was testing their van hools in york when they first got them, this driver was there driving them around!
  4. What's this about Go buying 15 double deckers? One of my drivers(one that is also a driver for various buses that get tested throughout all of Canada as a side job) was telling me that GO ordered 15 double deckers(dont know from which company) and that it was supposed to go through on last Friday(the one just before the friday that just passed). I already emailed the driver but I got no response yet. He said he was gonna call the company to see if the buses got the go ahead from GO or something, to see if it's official.
  5. I see the new Greyhounds every day in the morning in my way to school, Mostly Canadian but my 1st American today. They all have the new silver dog livery on the sides, and most of them have the red/blue stripes on the top along the length of the buses. I can start taking down fleet numbers starting tomorrow, as I also see a lot of older buses too. I usually see a new bus(2006) and an old one(70s-80s) every morning.
  6. I remember the last time I was in London there was a lot of buses use by them, mostly orion 1s and classics that I remember. I was wondering what other buses they use and how many. I've been to their site and it doesn't help because that part isn't on yet. Also is it(the bus part of aboutown) considered a 'transit' system like the LTC(same function)? I never heard of them till a few years ago i my last visit and I wanna know what they use, how many, and what routes they have. Thanks in advanced.
  7. Just added 9 photos to the site, mostly interior shots of 702(ez rider). In a couple seconds im gonna upload the rest of the videos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, I just uploaded 8 more videos to youtube. I'll do the rest tomorrow, there will be 7 tomorrow. I will have around 30 videos all together on youtube.
  8. NYC MTA borrowed an AG300 from AC Transit in 2003. Unless this is different and they did order some, but I doubt it. Look at the number...2106. If this were new it would more than likely be 2101. If they ever did order van hools, someone on here would have posted it a while ago.
  9. Just added 61 pictures to windsorpoliceandtransit that I took today. Check it out...some of the pictures are of 701 and 702 together at the Downtown bus terminal. More updates to come tomorrow on the site and also 18 videos, many of them Transit Windsor buses.
  10. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    Ok, I'm going downtown in maybe 30mins to an hour to take pictures of the buses and crowds for the World Series Game (Tigers vs. Cardinals). If anyone else is going post on here and maybe we can meet up. I made this decision at the last minute so sorry if It's a little late for anyone. If you post here and I'm already gone(and you still want to meet up), my pics are on my website(windsorpoliceandtransit) and I'll be wearing blue3 jeans and a leather jacket. I'll talk to you guys later and I'll post pics later as well.
  11. Ok I added a bunch of links on my site today and there's still a whole bunch more that I want to add. I should have pictures tonight as I'm going out tonight.
  12. That's what I'm gonna be working on today. I'm gonna be adding a whole bunch of links to my site.
  13. Hey can you add a link of my site onto your site? thanks. http://www.windsorpoliceandtransit.piczo.com
  14. Hey great work so far. Can you add a link to my site on yours? http://www.windsorpoliceandtransit.piczo.com thanks. Love the 2nd pic on the front page BTW.
  15. Ok. I just rearranged my site and now I'm FINALLY open for website links. So post your websites with the name of it and the link. But post them on here, NOT in the comment space on my site. I wanna have a HUGE list of all your great websites, cuz I love all of them..lol
  16. You can't post pics on here anymore because of space. You'll have to upload them to another site and put links to the pics on here. But can you send me the pic(s) of the artic in my email-matu02ca@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  17. I just added 7 videos to youtube, 2 of them being 2005 nova lfs(TW). Hopefully I'll be able to take more pictures and videos soon.
  18. With Calgary getting 6 artics soon, is ETS planning on getting any more soon?
  19. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    I SWEAR I saw the new flyer coming down Tecumseh road east in front of the Canadian Tire when I was on the Ottawa 4 turning onto Lauzon. It really looked like it even though I only got a split-second glance at it. I saw that bus with a yellow classic behind it. I swear I saw a bus with a big tank or something on top, and no TW bus has that so...
  20. Don't know if this is old news or not...TTC is getting 360 more Orion VII hybrids bringing the total to 510. It's on Orion's website in the news.
  21. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    I went to the garage right after you told me about it. I saw A TON of buses there but no sign of the New Flyer. If it was at the garage it was probably inside. I found a picture of the bus you were talking about on ETS photo Express. I'll post a link for ya to see if it is the same bus. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok here's the link. http://www.etspe.ca/special/hybriddemos-06...l/de40lfets.jpg
  22. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    Are you ABSOLUTELY sure??? What colour was it and did it have a number? Also what route was it on?
  23. Just added 31 pics to the Transit Windsor album on webshots. BTW all the pics on windsorpoliceandtransit are gonna be on my webshots account. I'm putting them all on webshots too so that way everyone can see the detail in the pictures that you can't see on my site.
  24. I have a question about Metro Transit. I know they have the 6 fishbowls, 3 D-30LFs and 14 classic artics. How much of the classics(regular), novas, and D40LFs do they have now? I can't find any *up to date* rosters for them. Last I heard for the D40LFs it was around 70.
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