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  1. That would be a change! Windsor's never bought New Flyer before. I think the 6xx will either be new novas(if it goes that high) or a new type of bus.
  2. Ok, when did they make those routes anyway, I know they're fairly new? The 36 should have at least a decent amount of riders on it since it services the airport.
  3. There used to be a Transway 1B a long time ago when it was SW&A. I don't remember where it went though. I think it went from downtown along dougall or something. If it were still around I'm sure it would be like the 1A and 1C, the most popular routes in the city along with the 2. Not sure. I think the 4xx is staying where it is for now, because I have a feeling TW is staying with nova unless orion pulls something big out of their ass like a too good to be true warrenty(sp?). If we go with orion it'll start at 445 and if it's with nova, it'll start at 565.
  4. MaT

    Full bus

    I noticed that happen in Windsor a couple times with the pets, a dog on a leash with a muzzle. And some drivers here will have a bus(mostly 1C drivers) with every seat(not all of them even sometimes) taken and a few people standing, and he/she will pass like 10 stops and let the other buses(usually 3-4) pick them up.
  5. Ya maybe. I also saw 907 on the 2 going westbound today too. So we still have at least 1 left..lol.
  6. No no no, I was talking about the 3 new routes that they just made, I know one of them is to the airport...sorry lol. ok, I just looked and got the numbers wrong. The routes that I'm thinking of are the 36(airport industrial), 37(Sovereign Road) and 38(Stoney Creek).
  7. Here's a list of some of the buses that I saw today. I know I was at least a dozen more out there. 506 1C Express westbound(rode it downtown) 437 4 westbound 430 6 southbound 421 Extra Westbound 533 3 garage heading westbound 435 1C eastbound 541 3 westbound 413 1C eastbound 516 1C eastbound 561 6 northbound 444 1C westbound 531 1A northbound 424 3 Eastbound(rode it from downtown to school) These are all from the morning. And yes...that is 437 that was on the 4 this morning, I was as shocked as you are.
  8. Weird, no signs of any damage. I wonder what it would be doing all the way over there on such short notice. If I see any drivers that I know tomorrow I'll ask them, and I'll also keep an eye out for 437 in case it's back already.
  9. Ok thanks. How are the 26-28(routes) coming along? Is there a lot of people taking them?
  10. Ok sweet, would I be able to put the picture on my site? And I find it odd that a TW 7 would be east of Mississauga. My only guess is repairs. But east of Orion is far fetched.
  11. So did you see it twice then? You said at first it was heading eastboud on a trailer in TO then it was heading west heading towards Mississauga. Was 437 involved in a an accident or was it demo'd by a system? In another post, I'm gonna list the major transit hubs around the city and the bus routes that go there.
  12. How many D40LFs are there now anyways? Did the previous order go right to 499? And how many are in the 1xx series?
  13. Ya I think they will go with Nova again too. More than likely knowing the deals they've been giving out lately all over Canada. They probably will end up making a 30ft version one day to cope with transit demands. Hopefully we'll be getting more than the 6 that's in the master plan. 15-20 would do nicely like the 2004 orion order for 14.
  14. I didn't say if it was expensive or not...I was stating which other buses are offered as 30ft.
  15. The Orion 7 comes in 30ft too, and then there's the D30LF/D30LFR. I think that 30ft buses could also work on the Casino shuttle runs too. What was your website(Didn't know you had one)? Was it on Transit Windsor? I also agree with you on 501, 504, 506, and 508 along with 907 and 912.
  16. I don't know why you said that they are keeping it(Orion). Go to page 25(or 26) in the ets photos and discussion thread and find the red bus picture towards the top of the page. That's the new Orion 7. Doesn't look like a kleenex box to me, far from it.
  17. Ya me too, maybe 8-12 more would be good. 701 and 702 are way over-used on the tunnel. They should have never started using them on that route and kept it 40ft 24/7. Almost all of the runs are crush-loads and the buses(30ft) aren't designed to take the kind of punishment they're going through. If you listen to the engine it's REALLY working hard, more than it should. Feeder routes like the 5, 3 West, 3, and maybe some other routes at certain times of the day are perfect for them. The tunnel route is a high volume route that should be strictly 40ft. It's only gonna have more people taking it with they new International Transfer with DDOT and SMART. Even they use 40ft downtown. BTW how's the movie coming along?
  18. Sweet, that's what I need to do. My camera only has like 10-20 seconds because I have it on the highest quality, and my moms has like 3 minutes. That's the camera that I used for the Lauzon Pkwy TRAFFIC video. I was thinking of doing one going down Dougall/Ouellette on the 1C Express. Oh ya, I rode 412 and 499 today, and they definitely don't have any kind of lifts for wheelchairs, or any spots on the buses for any. One day I'll bring a camera on and take a video, maybe when it goes on EC Row too. There's hardly anything on Transit Windsor on youtube, if we all(CPTDB members from Windsor) make some videos for them there will be tons.
  19. If anyone wants good tasting fast-food, come down to Windsor. Every place is good(tasting that is), and they're EVERYWHERE. Honestly I think Windsor has the record in Canada for having the most restaurants(and maybe gas stations) per capita. For great restaurants, go to Erie street and pick any one, they're all like....6 star :angry: In fact, all of our restaurants are really good, and it's not hard to find one. You can't drive a couple blocks without hitting one.(on another note) My caf food is sooooo bad. They deep fry everything, even the chicken in the CHICKEN WRAPS! I'd say that 80% of all the stuff in my caf is deep fried, but it all tastes good. Makes me wonder why A LOT of students in my school are obese, or even in Windsor.
  20. Just curious Ashton, when and where did you take that picture of the Orion 7NG(new generation)? Also do you have any more pictures of it? Would you be able to email it(and/or them) to me?
  21. I went to where they are building the downtown bus terminal today, and they are definitely building it, as the WHOLE area is all dirt now with excavators and stuff everywhere. It's the grassy area(or was grassy) next to the parking garage for Hilton(I think) between Chatham st. and Pitt st.
  22. Funny how Windsor's Huron Church is on the list at #17 when the road itself is actually pretty good. It's all those damn trucks heading up to the bridge that put it on the list. 10-12 block traffic jams are a daily average, I KID YOU NOT.
  23. I just uploaded a video on Youtube that I took today of Lauzon Parkway from my window. It's just traffic going by between Tecumseh Road and EC ROW Expressway. I used Windows MovieMaker to have a song playing in the background(a REALLY good one I might add). So sit back, watch the traffic(3 buses there too), listen to the music and relax.
  24. That's what I'm thinking too. I'm sure they can use 2-3 more routes(3-4 routes total) in Lasalle and maybe 1 express route down Huron Church or something. I can list a lot of routes/expresses/school extras that we should have..lol. My school for the 3 has to wait 25 minutes for each bus going in each direction. They used to have extras for our school but I don't know what happened. Same goes with St.Clair and the U, they should each have a lot of buses there as extras and express/charters.
  25. That's the closest one IMO.
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