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  1. That's what I want to start doing. Ride the routes that I never rode before for a larger portion of the route to see where it goes and what's along the route. The ones I want to ride the most are the 5, 6 , 7, and the 10. Transit Windsor should implement the old 5,6 and 8 As and Bs in a style like what London Transit has. After rideing on London Transit and seeing/experiencing what they have to offer, I realized how poor quality TW is. I don't mean we don't have a lot of routes or a smaller fleet than what we should have, but the routes themselves and the infastructure. Ex: every bus stop has the route #s that go there, grid-pattern routes, routes that serve certain districts from a transit hub, routes that branch off into more than one route(5-5A & 5B).
  2. I only saw that the one time and that was it. It was the grey new flyer demo that I posted a pic of in an earlier post somewhere in this thread. I remember that it was coming west down Tecumseh Road in front of the Canadian Tire(near Forest Glade) and it had a yellow classic behind it. As has been mentioned before, new flyer could have been Windsor's order for 2004 but it went to Orion. So we still might be able to get some NFIs later on this year. Whatever we get, I bet it will be around Christmas. And I saw 912 on the 10 and 907 on the 4 at TMT a couple days ago, so they're still with us for a bit.
  3. Hey hows that site coming along? And is it gonna have pics of Transit Windsor that you took?
  4. I added a bunch of pics to a new album on my webshots account called others. These include the pictures that I took in London. Hope you like them.
  5. There was a BNSF train that went through London this weekend heading towards Toronto.
  6. Ok I'm back from London. I loved the city and LT! here are my sighting during my trip. Didn't get to ride any D60LFs though. I'll have photos and some videos on my site, webshots and youtube later on. CLA=classics 40L=D40LFs 40I=D40Is Or6=Orion 6s O2=Orion 2s Or5=Orion 5s 60L=D60LFs CLA/40L/40I/Or6/O2/Or5/60L 222/480/442/345/08/345/602 295/466/405/320/10 229/482/410/318/12 225/455/436/322 236/463/444/329 242/481/448/316 230/107/447/ 231/103/414/ 197/112/420 195/114/409 223/101/432 203/108/403 239/105/443 248/478/401 148/462/4423 182/102/402 281/453/422 293/490/ 282/464/ 202/485/ 244/465/ 192/460/ 235/479/ 204/450/ 296/111/ 180/467/ 193/468/ 283/ 250/ 233/
  7. MaT

    Mini vacation

    Hey guys, I'll be in London today through to Saturday, so all you guys in London can say hi or something if you see me or wanna talk or something. I'll be staying at the executive suites. I'm not gonna post till I get back with pictures and stuff, cya later.
  8. "Imagine waiting on Dufferin and a TW VII comes and picks you up" I would be like WTF???? "That because TW is the only system who have the 04 VII in Ontario to have different rear configurations." So is Windsor the only system in Ontario with that configuration on our 04s? Or is there others? I doubt the TTC ones are like that, cuz why would they want ours to test it then... I think it's the best configuration for the VIIs.(our 04s) On a side note... I saw an Orion VII today with the ad racks on the sides of the bus removed and I have to say...man does it stand out, it looks soooo out of place.
  9. MaT

    The Big 3

    Well hey..we are the oldest european city west of the quebec border. And ya, it is mostly Americans. and BTW, for anyone that doesnt know, here in Windsor, you have to head north to reach the US!
  10. MaT

    The Big 3

    Best nightlife eh??? I guess you've never been to Windsor! We are known across Canada for being the ULTIMATE party city with a CRAZY nightlife. At least 62 bars in like a 10 block radius. We are also known as the sin city of Canada. You should come and try our nightlife for a weekend. Word of advice...Stay away from intersections when bar hopping in Windsor, 40-50 person fights are common in Windsor's downtown with many happening at once!
  11. I bet TTC chose TW because it's Canadian, and we have 2 different years with 2 different seating layouts at the back. That's an awesome picture too. Did anyone here ride the TW buses in TO by any chance?
  12. Sweet, I noticed(and man was I surprised) to see that 426, the other H&M bus, had its wrap ripped almost half off from the wind. Bad job on the wrapping if you ask me... It was on the right side of the bus at the front and the back. Also the other day dispatched told all the drivers to park their buses inside the garage that night after their shifts, so I guess that all 99 buses(maybe even the starcrafts too) can be stored inside the garage.
  13. They took the wrap off? That was quick!
  14. Hey I have a question. Where is the downtown bus terminal? I'm leaving for London on Wednesday morning(to take pics of buses, cop cars and scenery) and I wanted to take pics there and catch a bus there(preferably a D60LF) and ride around London and get back off at the terminal.
  15. My total additions to windsorpoliceandtransit between today and yesterday are 18 pics for transit windsor and 15 for windsor police marked. I also added a video of 3 2005 novas and 4 firetrucks on a call at toshiba on youtube. Enjoy!
  16. Ya I remember seeing pics of that! lol. On page 27 of the TW Master Plan, they made mistakes with the retirement of the VIs. It says they're gonna retire 2 98s in 2014 and 5 in 2015, when there is only 6! I guess we might be getting 6 buses this year and 10 next year. 6 for replacement(both years) and 4 for expansion(next year). It also says more route improvements in 2007 and 2008, with Lasalle and Tecumseh routes in 2008, even though the 7 already serves a portion of Lasalle. Got some pics of some 2005 novas today downtown in the layover area of Goyeau. I'm gonna put a video on youtube in a bit of them too.
  17. Here's all the major transit hubs in Windsor with the routes that go there. Tecumseh Mall=1C,2,4,10.1cX,2X go near there. Devonshire Mall=1A,7,14. College Avenue Community Center=1C,2,3,3west, 7. University of WIndsor=1C,1CX,2,2X. St Clair College=5,6,6X,7. Windsor Crossing=5,6. Downtown Terminal=1A,2X,3west,4,5,6,6X,8,14,tunnel. University Mall=3 goes near there. Legacy Park=7,8. Via Rail Station=2,2X(both go by) Central Mall=1C,3(both go by there) Windsor Airport=8.
  18. I just added a bunch of links to my site. If anyone wants a link to their site throw it on here.
  19. Ok, I just uploaded the last video of the 1C Express ride. Hope you like it. Also I added 2 pics of a one way ticket for seniors/students an d2 pics of 2 different transfers.
  20. MT0603- Actually Transit Windsor is, not me. If you go on Transit Windsor's site and go to ride guide, then transit terminals, it will have the downtown terminal with the 10 routes listed that go there, and right under that it will talk about the new city centre being built on the old Canadian Tire grounds furthur west of the current downtown terminal. Nick-Transit Windsor has 99 transit buses(all 40ft except for 2 buses-30ft ez rider IIs) plus 20 buses(starcraft) IIRC for the lowest ridership routes/non peak times. They want to expand that to 109 buses and expand services into Lasalle and Tecumseh, 2 towns that border Windsor(literally) with 30,000 and 24,000 people respectively. The EZ Riders are low floor, so I don't understand that either. I've been in 702 to take pics and videos, and there is a wheelchair ramp at the front. Just curious, how many people on here live in Windsor? So far that I know of it's just me, girardin_71, and I think Paco, your from Windsor too IIRC. Anybody else?
  21. Ya, I take the 1C express everyday and I saw 2 VIIs and a bunch of classics(4-5) sitting on the east side of the garage maybe waiting for parts.
  22. Also in that case, it wouldn't be in the regular TW livery either. It would be for BRT(if its artics) and it would have it's own livery for BRT. It says in their(TW) that the BRT would be artics and not 40ft buses. That would be neat to have D40LFs. I can ride D40LFs right now in Detroit for 3.50 from Windsor, but I would need a damn good reason to get over the border. Even then, I'd more than likely get an RTS. I would just have to transfer from TW to DDOT and ride some D40LFs around. And I'm thinking of going to the new CCT(city centre terminal/new downtown bus terminal) this weekend to get some pics of how its doing so far. I got pics not too long ago of it, don't know if I posted them on here.Oh ya...for all the terminals in Windsor, we can call them these for short. Downtown Bus Terminal=DBT Tecumseh Mall Bus Terminal=TMT Devonshire Mall Bus Terminal=DMT New Downtown Bus Terminal=CCT(city centre terminal) College Ave Terminal=CAT
  23. Ya more than likely, I ride them almost everyday and see them everywhere I go, same with the 7s and 6s though, the workhorses of the fleet with the classics.
  24. Ya I remember you saying that earlier. It just might be New Flyer this time, I guess we won't know till we get the new buses, whenever that's gonna happen. Maybe around Christmas like last year.
  25. Didn't update this thread in a bit, I added some more videos to youtube in the past week(3 maybe) with more to come tomorrow.
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